Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 394 - Cultivation Examination(12)

“This is Golden Flame Crystal.”

While Su Wan and Jiu were in a daze looking at the kitchen knife, little plum blossom’s childish voice rang, “This is a peerless material used for refinement. Ever since the Flame Immortal detonated himself, it’s really rare to see such peerless materials for refinement on Cangyue Mainland.”

Peerless refinement materials!

Su Wan was shocked. If she heard right, little plum blossom mentioned Flame Immortal! Detonate? Could...this be that world?

That world…

Su Wan seemed to have recalled the legend she saw from the documentary building. A certain female mission enforcer fell in love with a man from a mission world and disregarded the punishment from heaven, insisting upon giving birth to a child for the man she loved. In the end, she did give birth to a child for the man but the child didn’t escape heaven’s punishment. The man lost his wife and his child. Under an impulsive decision, he detonated himself.

That man was the Flame Immortal!

So now she came to the Flame Immortal’s world five thousand years into the future?

But why this world? What was the meaning behind this?

Su Wan looked up and asked softly, “Little plum blossom, how do you know all of this? What else do you know about the Flame Immortal?”


The little plum blossom changed into her true self. She softly floated on top of the kitchen knife. This Golden Flame Crystal gave her a really familiar feeling.

Just before, some scenes appeared inside her mind.

“I don’t know how I know this but I think I saw some things and remembered some scenes. There is a complete Golden Flame Crystal hidden inside this knife. The Flame Immortal originally planned on giving this crystal to Graceful Immortal to refine a magic weapon. Mn…”

Saying this, she suddenly trembled. “I think I saw it. A man was standing under the plum tree. She...she was wearing a red outfit. She had a golden bracelet on her wrist.”


Su Wan froze and subconsciously touched her wrist. The golden tattoo was still there.

“Unfortunately, I only saw her back. I can’t see her face.”

Little plum blossom suddenly felt sad.

The red plum tree gave her a really familiar, really intimate feeling. Could mother?

Little plum blossom wasn’t sure but she knew that she must have some sort of connections with the woman under the tree.

Red plum, red clothes, golden bracelet.

Su Wan sunk into deep thought. Jiu lifted her brows carelessly. “What are you guys talking about? Little plum blossom, aren’t you the plum? I’m wearing red clothes. If little snake has a golden bracelet, then we’ve collected everything! Don’t tell me that I’m the reincarnation of the Flame Immortal!”


Su Wan’s gaze brightened. “Reincarnation? Inheritance? Refinement? Cauldron?”

“Little plum blossom, was that Flame Immortal also an alchemist?”

“Mn, yes.”

She nodded. From the constantly changing scenes, although she only saw the Flame Immortal’s back, he was indeed an alchemist. There was also a very strong cauldron!

As expected!

Su Wan couldn’t help but curl her lips.

Han Yu was the male lead and the tattoo on his wrist was of the Flame Immortal’s top magic weapon from five thousand years ago.

From the current plot, the little plum blossom had a mysterious origin and seemed to have a lot of connections with the Flame Immortal. After activating the inheritance left by the Flame Immortal five thousand years ago, Han Yu was able to exercise his magic powers and go on his journey as the male lead.


Su Wan suddenly heard a robot voice.

“Congratulations to mission enforcer, Su Wan. You’ve guessed this mission world's main plot. You have a chance to pose a question now. I will give you an answer according to the current situation. Remember, you only have one chance. Hint: to keep everything fair, you can’t ask about the other mission enforcers’ identities and locations. Thank you for your cooperation.”

The examination could be like this?

Su Wan froze before asking in her mind, “I’m going to formally become an apprentice to a master within Kunlun paradise. What’s the safest sect?”

“Delightful Sect.”

The voice then became silent.

Delightful Sect?

Su Wan furrowed her brows. She asked this really tactfully because there were still around thirty ro so mission enforcers. According to the habits of the headquarters, each sect would have at least one or more mission enforcers. Where would Ye Xin and Ding Jiajia be then?

To Su Wan, the place where they’re at was the safest place for her. That’s why Su Wan asked this. The headquarters's response made Su Wan speechless.

Delightful Sect, the most famous double cultivation sect.

Fine. This was basically for Ding Jiajia. All the handsome guys were over there.

However, if the person at Delightful Sect was Ye Xin and not Ding Jiajia...uh.

Su Wan sighed inside. Delightful Sect was really not to her taste. It seemed like she needed to rely on herself and not on this damned headquarters's hint.

Golden Flame Crystal was a great thing but treasuring a valuable thing will then become a crime as a result.

With Su Wan and Jiu’s cultivation, they weren’t able to protect such an important thing. They might as well sell the male lead a favor.

The chefs didn’t mind a missing kitchen knife because they were spiritual chefs, meaning they had their own chefs. No one paid attention to the public kitchen knife.

Han Yu, who accidentally lost the kitchen knife, now felt incredibly vexed. Who knew that at night, Su Wan returned the knife to him.

“This is a good thing. Daoist friend Han, you should carefully take care of it in the future.”

Su Wan exclaimed this in a mysterious tone. She didn’t want Han Yu to treat her as a fool who didn’t recognize treasures. She wanted to rope in the male lead and make him feel like he owed her.


Han Yu glanced at Su Wan and revealed his signature awkward smile. “Miss Xiao Qing, this…”

‘This what? Daoist friend Han, you know and I know. Didn’t you say that it’s fate we encountered each other? I hope that Daoist friend Han won’t be so formal with me if we meet each other again next time. You can use that thing to help me refine a weapon. Of course, you just needed to add a little. I’m not greedy at all.”

Su Wan smiled and then left.

She knew everything?

Han Yu stared stunned at Su Wan’s silhouette. She was a really experienced and intelligent person.

It was just a weapon. I will remember your favor…

Three days later, Ziyang Sect’s boat finally reached the shore of Kunlun paradise.

While Qian’er was asleep, Su Wan left with little plum blossom. They were at the border of Kunlun paradise. It was going to take a long time until they reached the center. Su Wan spent some spiritual coins to buy a map of the mainland. It highlighted all of the sects as well as when the sects would recruit and accept disciples. Counting the days, Su Wan found out that she made it in time for Ziyang Sect and Tianxian Sect’s recruitment.

Tianxian Sect was one of the three major sects within Cangyue Mainland and Ziyang Sect wasn’t to be underestimated as well.

Su Wan thought that Ziyang Sect was a bit better after consideration. Tianxian Sect’s foundation was too deep. There were lots of monsters within the sect. They’d be in trouble if little plum blossom’s identity was discovered.

Right, to Ziyang Sect!

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