Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 395 - Cultivation Examination(13)

Ziyang Sect was to the north of Kunlun paradise and a large cultivation sect that has been passed down for millennia. The head of the sect was Ziyang spiritual master.

He was a century or so old right now and his cultivation was unpredictable. The outside world was spreading rumors that he had already surpassed the profound realm and he would be able to reach the celestial realm after passing through the tribulation period. But because there wasn’t a single person within the young generation in Ziyang Sect that could shoulder the responsibility, the spiritual master had been forcing himself to suppress his power. He wanted to stay in Cangyue Mainland for a while and work to meticulously train an outstanding heir for his sect.

By the time Su Wan and little plum blossom arrived at Flaming Mountain where Ziyang Sect resided, it was the last day of recruitment.

There were many rules to recruitment of disciples amongst the sects in Kunlun paradise. Every three to five years, they would open their doors to the sects but these were usually smaller sects and those that lacked disciples. For the bigger sects, they only recruited every five to ten years. Of course, the so-called disciples were sixteen and under with talented abilities. They were youngsters that could be trained into elites.

Because there were lots of matters to attend to in bigger sects and the people couldn’t handle them, they would open their sects to pick some solo cultivators to join the sect every year at set dates. They were taken in as logistics.

Of course, these solo cultivators could only be disciples that were barely trained but still taken under the sect or attendants for trivial duties. Only after many years of examination or they had done a great sacrifice for the sect did they have the chance to advance in rank and become a key disciple that masters focused on training or even higher.

This was Su Wan’s only way to get into Ziyang Sect.After all, she looked like she was seventeen or eighteen right now. There was no way she’d wait another six or seven years and wait for the next time the big sects recruited people.

“Transfer your spiritual qi into this stone.”

When it was Su Wan’s turn, an examiner delivered a spiritual stone to Su Wan. This type of stone didn’t have spiritual power in it itself. It was just like a little storage area. It can store someone’s spiritual power for a long time. According to their cultivation level, it would emit different glows.

Su Wan held the spiritual stone and not long later, it turned from white an into yellow before into a slight orange.

“Medium foundation realm.”

The examiner seemed to be really satisfied with Su Wan’s cultivation. That’s right. The disciples they were recruiting didn’t need to be that talented but they needed to hold a certain cultivation level. Medium, final, and perfect foundation realms were accepted.

“Here, this is your number plate. After you enter the relay station, you can grab a room using your number and attend the second round of testing tomorrow.”

The examiner gave Su Wan her number and then yelled, “Next person!”

Su Wan looked at her number. “Ninety-nine” was a pretty good number. After entering the mountain door, in front of Su Wan was a wide street. This was the Ziyang City that Ziyang Sect was in charge of and the path one had to walk past to enter and leave Ziyang Sect. Most of the people in the city were cultivators and people in charge of the trivial duties. Of course, there were a minority of common people living here. They usually took care of the businesses. Because their ancestors had worked for the sect all these years, they were then given the opportunity to enter the plentiful spiritual-energy based Flaming Mountain.

Su Wan arrived at the relay station where all the candidates were to live under a disciple’s guidance. She took out her number plate and the boy servant within the station respectfully led her up the second floor.

“Daoist friend, this is your room. Our Ziyang City has strict rules so please don’t walk around at night. Tomorrow, the examiner will take everyone to the examination location of the second round.”

He reminded Su Wan in a formal tone before leaving quickly.

Su Wan played with her number plate and was about to enter her room when the room next to her opened. Number ninety-eight. A young man wearing a black robe appeared in front of her. “Hello, you’re also here, trying to get into the sect?”

The man’s voice was extremely deep and alluring. Seeing his handsome face, she softly nodded. “Mn, yes.”

“I’m Ye Cheng, what about you?

While saying this, he lifted his brows and smiled slightly at Su Wan.

His faint smile grew and it made him look more gentle and less stern.

“I’m Xiao Qing.”

Su Wan kept using the stupid name Master Mo came up for her. Fine. She refused to admit that she was used to this and was too lazy to change her name.

“Xiao Qing?”

Ye Cheng lifted his brows. He wanted to say something when a purple silhouette dashed over. “Master, I ordered all the dishes you asked for. It’s time to eat.”


Ye Cheng nodded and then smiled at Su Wan. “I’m going to eat. Good luck.”


Su Wan answered before going inside her room.


Ziye looked at Ye Cheng after sensing that Su Wan entered the room. “Master, is there something wrong with that female cultivator?”

“Nothing, I just think she’s cute and wanted to greet her.”

Ye Cheng said to himself, his lips curled up signaling that he was happy. Ziye said nothing else after hearing his words but he disagreed on the inside.

Ye Cheng was usually indifferent and afraid of trouble. Why would he suddenly greet someone?

It seemed like he needed to pay attention to Ye Cheng’s changes…

In the middle of the night.

Su Wan and little plum blossom were deep asleep within Ziyang City’s relay station. At this time, they didn’t know that Qian’er and Jiu were being chased after at a really far valley from Flaming Mountain.

“Sister Jiu, I’m tired.”

Qian’er face was pale and she panted hard, sitting on the grass.

“My ancestor!”

Seeing that Qian’er gave up running, Jiu transformed into her true self. At night, a huge man-eating beast curled Qian’er’s skinny body up as they both ran off.

Damn, what have I done!

While running, Jiu was crying inside.

After Su Wan left with little plum blossom, Qian’er was deep asleep. It seemed like it’d be a while before she would wake up. Jiu finally got to leave the Medicinal Valley for once so she decided to fool around. She placed Qian’er in a tavern near the dock and then went shopping on the streets. Who knew that when she returned to the tavern and the sun had set, Qian’er was gone!

Because they had to wait until the second day to leave on the boat back to Medicinal Valley, Jiu was sure that Qian’er didn’t go back. Therefore, where did she go? Did she go back to chase after little snake and little plum blossom?

Needless to say, Jiu did guess right. Although Qian’er wanted to look for them, she didn’t know the direction so she ran in the direction of Taiyi Sect…

Jiu had been seeking out Qian’er. Thankfully, the loli was quite easy to distinguish. Jiu walked for three days and then found her.

The loli had fallen unconscious by the road and Jiu was anxious to get her to a tavern so that she could rest. But before they could leave the forest, they encountered a group of disciples from Taiyi Sect fighting with another group of men in black. The tragic part was that the disciples were all killed on their own territories.

As the only witness, Jiu was then being chased after. Of course, she needed to take Qian’er, who was half asleep and half awake, along with her.

Jiu: …

In short, she wanted to cry the more she talked about this. Little snake, master, who’s here to save us? The human world is too scary. I want to return to the Medicinal Valley.

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