Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 397 - Cultivation Examination(15)

Clues from mission worlds…

Yu Wenxiao heard Master Mo’s words and knew that he really encountered trouble. If such a strong person wasn’t Su Rui then he must be…

“Su Rui?”

Yu Wenxiao smiled at Master Mo and said, “You’re Su Rui! Don’t mess around. We’re friends.”

Yu Wenxiao made a gesture, a really subtle one but it was the secret gesture Xu Ce’s department would make. Only the people there knew.

Well, that was the principle.

Master Mo’s gaze coldened seeing Yu Wenxiao’s gesture however. “You want to die huh?”

Saying this, he lifted the powerless Yu Wenxiao into the air.

Yu Weixiao, who had been poisoned, couldn't do anything. Compared to Dong Qingxiu, he looked even worse. Plus...he hadn’t reached the primary core realm. He couldn’t even escape through his primary core.


“Fine, you win. I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you okay?”

Yu Wenxiao glanced gloomily at the person in front of him. “Look, the young handsome man lying there is the male lead in this world. He has an incredible magic weapon on him but I don’t know what it is. But I’m sure that he had achieved unity with the weapon. That’s why others can’t covet after it. He has a friend from childhood who is from Taiyi Sect. We were planning to go to Taiyi Sect to see his childhood sweetheart, Li Ruoxue. Who knew that we encountered this instead.”

Trouble really followed the male lead. They couldn’t even take a break!

Yu Wenxiao regretted his decision. He shouldn’t have made this incomparably stupid decision. Now, look. The male lead was fine and he was about to die.

Male lead, Han Yu?

Master Mo glanced at the unconscious Han Yu who was skinny like a stick. His spiritual energy was also mottled and chaotic. People like him weren’t too talented. Since he was chosen as the male lead, then that meant he was extremely lucky right?

But so what?

“Heh, male lead.”

Master Mo sneered. “This is useless because I can just change the male lead in this world as easy as pie.”

Yu Wenxiao: …

You’re too ruthless! The male lead didn’t even do anything to you and you’re going to ruin their life at the peak of their career!

Uh. Speaking of, why didn’t he think of this in the past?

Changing a male lead didn’t seem so hard either.

Yu Wenxiao felt sad for his IQ.

“Okay, if that’s the case, you can die in peace!”

Yu Wenxiao said, “Wait, what’s going on now?... You’re not keeping your word!”

Before he could react, he felt a tint of coldness on his chest and then fresh blood splashed everywhere. The man across from him wore an expressionless and ruthless expression.

Su Rui: …

Just you wait!

“Ding! Gentle notification. There are only eighteen mission enforcers alive in this world. Please continue to work hard!”

A certain man left from the connection cabin when they heard the notification within the lost time-space headquarters.

“I want to make a complaint against Su Rui!”

“Cough. Master Ye, you got eliminated that quickly?”

Qi Yue laughed at Ye Kanhuan.

“Uh, why are you here?”

Ye Kanhuan glared at Qi Yue who was surprised. I thought Xu Ce didn’t bring him here for the competition?

“Boss and the others aren’t here so I came to the headquarters to deliver some information.”

Qi Yue smiled and waved the files. “Ah, everyone in my department is still alive. Plus, half of the mission enforcers that were eliminated were taken out by my department’s people. Sigh. Being invincible sometimes makes us lonely.”

Invincible my butt!

Your department has three candidates and two of them were instant. The other one was an experienced and knowledgeable trusted advisor. How can we play happily with you guys?

Ye Kanhuan decided to eat two bags of spicy sticks to calm down at the headquarters’ lounge room.

Mission world, Ziyang City, relay station.

Su Wan suddenly opened her eyes when she heard the notification. Eighteen more people. She remembered that there were still thirty or so mission enforcers when she was at Wanyao Mountain. A month had passed and only eighteen people were left. What does that mean?

Someone fierce was doing their job.

That’s right. They come with unfriendly intentions.

Su Wan immediately calmed down and adjusted her breathing. Eighteen people. Besides herself, there were seventeen more. She hadn’t encountered that many people yet. She didn’t dare to make conclusions on people who seemed to be mission enforcers. In this cultivation world where the strong bullied the weak, one must have absolute power in order to kill everyone.

Cultivation and her origin were Su Wan’s shortcomings.

How could she increase her cultivation quickly without leading to people’s suspicion as well?

There must be a way. There must be a shortcut.

Su Wan told herself to calm down. This wasn’t the first time she experienced being in this situation. She must have a way to counterattack.

Room 99 of the relay station.

When Su Wan opened her eyes, Ye Cheng from Room 99 also opened his eyes.

There were seventeen. No, fifteen more after excluding his companions.

It was quicker than what he expected. But...the fewer mission enforcers there were, the harder it was to spot them. Ye Cheng expected this already. He knew that mission enforcers who truly know patience would lie low in wait. After all, cultivation has no time limit. Sometimes, decades or centuries were just in the blink of an eye.

The road in the future was still really long. The people who made it to the end would face their true enemies.

How many people were unable to sleep tonight?

A certain person within Ziyang Sect looked up at the sky and continued to meditate and cultivate. In Tianyun Sect, a certain disciple wearing a gray robe grabbed his magic item to make some divinations. The north was dangerous. He planned on returning to ask his master for some resources before going off into seclusion. He planned on coming out after another decade or so. Great decision.

Within the Daqi Sect, because he took his eyes off for a moment, this caused the magic weapon he had been refining for a whole week to be ruined. However, that person didn’t feel bad. He became lost in thought as he stared at a place, his gaze conflicted…

There were lots of similar situations. Dozens of people were separated at different parts of Cangyue Mainland. They all had different feelings but they had the same thought. From now on, they might have to just fight on their own.

Will there be companions amongst the mission enforcers remaining?

Although each department’s secret signal was difficult, they could still mimic them. Therefore, even if you encountered a companion, do you dare say they’re genuine?

Don’t trust anyone and don’t slip up. Don’t be found or be suspected.

The person who slipped up first or was found would die first.

Now was the time to test everyone’s actual strength. Didn’t come from a good background? That was fine. As long as you could avoid everyone, you had lots of time to cultivate.

Didn’t come from a good sect? Don’t worry. As long as you can demonstrate incredible talent, you’d be accepted by first-rank sects in seconds! Didn’t come from a good background or a good sect? It’s fine too. The mission world was organic. Besides the dozens of mission enforcers, the countless cultivators weren’t just pretty faces in the mainland.

As long as you have the ability to get countless cultivators to be loyal and serve you, even if you’re just a scholar who can’t cultivate, you can still change the world!

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