Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 399 - Cultivation Examination(17)

“I’m, I’m fine.”

Su Wan answered while pulling her finger back.

Ye Cheng smiled silently. “Then that’s good. When I came over, I saw that you were quite off. That’s why...I took the liberty of doing that. Miss Xiao Qing, please don’t mind me.”


Su Wan looked down.

She felt really imbalanced right now. That figure, that pair of eyes, that voice, just...who was he?

That person clearly wasn’t in her memory but her heart was telling that she should remember and shouldn’t have forgotten about him. Even if she died, she shouldn’t have forgotten. She mustn't.

Could I…

Have my memory sealed?!

Su Wan’s gaze flickered. That’s right. It wasn’t unusual for things like this to happen because many mission enforcers in the lost time-space were separated in many different departments.

So...the person in her memory must be a mission enforcer too? He must’ve attended this examination too!

Otherwise, her memory wouldn’t have been sealed.

Then, was his memory sealed too? Was he still alive?

Su Wan had thought of a lot.  She noticed Ye Cheng standing in front of her still when she snapped out of her trance. “Why don’t we walk together?”

He exclaimed faintly and calmly, but his tone refused rejection.


Su Wan nodded and the two walked shoulder to shoulder. Su Wan didn’t enter another illusion when she walked the 3000th step. Ye Cheng’s expression remained unchanged too.

It seemed like in the last test, she and his heart had no weak points.

Affection, love, and friendship. The three major illusions. Su Wan only entered the first and second one because she hadn’t experienced the third one.

She had never been betrayed by her friends.

She didn’t have friends in the past. Now...Su Wan couldn’t help but smile. No matter whether in the lost time-space or the mission world, she had friends.

She wasn’t the Miss Su who treated everything unfriendly and lived in her own world…

Who changed her?

Who was also willing to change for her?

Su Wan looked down and took the last step. I’ll find you. I must.

Su Wan and Ye Cheng basically took the last step together. They were both third places. The two that arrived a bit earlier than them were Ziye and a man with a tall figure.


Ziye nodded at Ye Cheng. She only wasted some time during the second major illusion but everything else was successful. Ziye had been secretly observing Ye Cheng as well. From her memory, he was cold-blooded and ruthless. He didn’t know what love was so he had no weak points.


Ye Cheng stopped during the second major illusion. Although it was for a really short period of time, she still noticed.

Could it be?

He was also a mission enforcer?

Ziye didn’t dare to make conclusions that soon or any moves. She knew that Ye Cheng had a higher cultivation than her so before she was certain, she mustn’t startle him.

“Welcome to Ziyang Sect!”

Two hours later, only thirty-seven people reached the peak of the mountain.

According to the past years’ rules, the top five would become people in charge of trivial matters while the rest were ordinary disciples.

They all lived within the courtyards. Although their residence couldn’t compare to the true disciples, it was still a pretty good place for them to live. At least, the courtyard had plenty of spiritual qi and flowers and plants. It was a great spot to cultivate as it was really quiet.

It could be said that Ziyang Sect was the most lenient sect on solo cultivators.

Su Wan grabbed her clothes and her token, following the senior disciples to where the disciples lived, Wuxiao Peak. She lived within the center of the rooms which was a pretty good location. To the left of her was where Ziye lived and to her right was naturally Ye Cheng.

Su Wan had no words regarding her two new neighbors.

These people weren’t easy to deal with. Was she going to have to live under their surveillance now?

Fine, after all, we’re here to cultivate!

After she entered the sect, Su Wan truly began her cultivation journey. Every night, she would cultivate at a fixed time and in the morning, after finishing her work, she would go to the teaching spots to listen to the great cultivator masters teach class.

Time unknowingly slipped by and Su Wan’s cultivation grew too.

Right now, under the Flaming Mountain of Ziyang Sect, there were two figures. One big and one small.

“Brother, we’re really not going to look for my sister-in-law?”

Qian’er lifted her head and looke confused at Master Mo with her clear eyes.

Master Mo: …

“Qian’er, be good. Didn’t brother tell you before? She’s not your sister-in-law. She’s a greedy little snake.”

“Not little snake. She’s my sister-in-law, sister-in-law.”

Clearly, Qian’er had a great time with Su Wan and had treated her closely.

“She’s clearly my sister-in-law. Why won’t you admit it? Did you guys fight? Is there someone between you guys? Are you guys breaking up?”

Master Mo: …

“What’s all this? Who taught you this?”

“Sister Jiu.”

Seeing that Master Mo was a bit angry, Qian’er lowered her head and tugged on her sleeves, revealing a pitiful expression. “I asked Sister Jiu why sister-in-law left without saying goodbye and she told me that she liked someone else!”


Master Mo narrowed his eyes at his sister’s response. Jiu has been more and more unreliable. He must imprison her for a bit after they return to the Medicinal Valley. He’d forbid her from eating meat and drinking blood, letting her thirst!

What did she mean that the little snake liked someone else? My wife…


Master Mo froze. That wasn’t right. He didn’t like the little snake. Why did he need to care about this?

Right, he didn’t care. He didn’t care at all! He’d kill her the next time he saw her!

“Go, we’re returned to the Medicinal Valley.”

Master Mo turned and pulled on Qian’er’s hands. At this time, her gaze brightened however and she jumped!

“Brother, brother, look quickly! Sister-in-law came out! Sister-in-law is leaving the mountain.”

Master Mo froze hearing her words. He turned and as expected, he saw the familiar slender figure.

She looked rosier and brighter. Even more, she had reached the perfect foundation realm stage and seemed like she was going to achieve the golden core realm anytime.

Who knew that this little snake was living quite a life.

“Brother, look. The man clad in black keeps on smiling at sister-in-law. Does he like her?”


Master Mo swept his gaze over.

“Eh? Why is it suddenly so cold?”

A disciple from Ziyang Sect, Dong Xiaoyang, looked around but couldn’t detect the source of the coldness. He then turned and smiled at Su Wan. “Dean Qing, you have to take care of this disciple during this mission!”

Saying this, he smiled and shoved a spiritual stone in Su Wan’s hands.

Su Wan: …

Weren’t they just going to collect some items from Taiyi Sect? It’s a simple mission and you want me to take care of you how?

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