Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 4- Selling cats (Part 1)

Chapter 4- Selling cats

March 16, West City Temple Fair.

There was a Bodhi Temple in the western suburbs, and the scent of incense was strong.

The path leading to the temple had been for a long time a good place for hawkers to set up their stalls.

The market was held on both days, it was before dawn, the sound of the donkey carts and the creaking of wooden wheels filled this peaceful path.

Su Yu got up at four in the morning because the squid needed to be marinated an hour and a half in advance, and the kitten was very dissatisfied with the behavior of the ‘mattress’ leaving him behind and running away by himself.

“Sauce, come set the stall with me today.”

Su Yu loaded the things into the donkey cart, and then dragged away the cat whose paws were clinging to the sheets and wouldn’t let go.

When An Hongche heard that name, he was infuriated.

No matter how much Su Yu laughed and tried to curry favor with him, he ignored him all the way.


It was already late when he rushed from the East City to the western suburbs and the good booths had already been occupied.

Su Yu found a fairly conspicuous place, this place was next to a big tree, which would block some of the sights, but can’t be helped, it was already good to have such a place.

The kitten squatted on the table, scratched its ears with its hind leg, and leisurely watched Su Yu as he went about his business.

As the sun rose, there were more and more people.

The booths selling wontons and jujube cakes were having very good business, Su Yu looked at the ugly squid ring in his hand, and then looked at the jujube cakes that were kneaded into flowers, there was more than one and a half star difference in terms of selling appearance.

He shrugged, then got up and went to the next stall to buy a bowl of wontons.

“Sauce, if I can’t sell it today, this will be our last meal.”

Su Yu gave the kitten two wontons.

Hearing him call that name again, the kitten turned around and pointed its ass at him, continuing to eat the wontons.

Laying a layer of iron mesh over the iron box, he then brushed a thin layer of rapeseed oil, and after that placed the squid skewers on it.

Under the charcoal fire, the aroma of the squid gradually came out, Su Yu controlled the heat with one hand and with the other continued to spread the sauce with a wool brush.

Many people were attracted by that fragrance, they couldn’t help but stop and looked at it for a while but didn’t know what it was, then they turned around and left.

It was close to noon, but Su Yu still didn’t sell a bunch of them, and in his heart couldn’t help but feel a little apprehensive.

He still overestimated the receptivity of the ancients, to sell this kind of food that no one had eaten was tantamount to opening a completely blank market, the risk was very high.


An Hongche looked at his depressed look, pouted, shook his fur, grabbed Su Yu’s hand holding the squid skewer and looked at it again and again with disgust, and finally he lazily opened his mouth and pulled off a piece.

He was not hungry, he was just bored out of his mind.

The squid meat itself had a sweet flavor, which was fully released after roasting, but the calamari itself had the fishy smell of the deep sea, so cumin was the first choice to get rid of the fishy smell.

He brushed it with a thick layer of sauce, the raw cumin powder was also roasted by the charcoal fire until it exploded, with clear particles.

After taking a bite, An Hongche narrowed his eyes in satisfaction and took a few more bites.

“Huh?” A low cry came from the crowd, and soon, a chubby figure squeezed over.

“Sir, how about having a skewer of grilled squid, just three copper coins.”

Su Yu presented with a smile, looking at this person in splendid clothes, he must be rich, besides, he had a chubby baby face, so he should be a food lover.

The chubby young man looked at the squid skewers in Su Yu’s hands.

To be precise, he stared blankly at the golden kitten at Su Yu’s hand eating squid.

“That…Give me a skewer.”


Su Yu immediately and happily heated the half-baked skewer on the fire, brushing it with another layer of sauce, and handed it to the man to receive today’s first income- three copper coins.

“Oh…oh, delicious!”

The little fatty looked like he was only 16 or 17 years old. He immediately forgot about his business after eating the delicious food.

While chewing the last squid ring, he pointed at the grill.

"Give me ten more bunches of this!"


Su Yu swiftly turned around and took out ten skewers of squid rings, then he took out a whole squid and cut it with a flower knife:

“Sir, there’s also this kind of whole squid, would you like to try it?”

“Okay, give me one of those.”

The little fatty agreed quickly, but then he glanced at the kitten beside him, blinking at it.

As a result, he was coldly glared at by those amber eyes, he immediately swallowed and scratched his head a little bewildered.

The people around who had been observing for a long time saw that person repeatedly saying that it was delicious, so some of them got the courage to come up and buy two skewers.

That kind of food was something that the people in the capital have never tried before, but it was unexpectedly delicious, so the small stall was soon crowded with people.

There were even female relatives sitting on sedan chairs, and seeing the liveliness there, they asked their servants to go and buy ten or twenty skewers.

A bucket full of squid was sold out just after noon.

Su Yu was sweating profusely from exhaustion, but his mouth was wide open.

Both the squid ring and the squid whiskers were worth three copper coins per skewer and a whole squid cost ten coppers.

He bought a hundred squids yesterday, and so selling them all meant that Su Yu made nearly five hundred copper coins! And he bought those squids for only thirty copper coins!


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