Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 4- Selling cats (Part 2)

Chapter 4- Selling cats

Five hundred coins! A thousand coins were one tael of silver, and if he went like this, he could earn hundreds of taels of silver a year!

For a while, Su Yu’s eyes were full of white silvers with small wings fluttering to him.

Seeing Su Yu’s silly smile with his droll almost falling, the kitten’s amber eyes were full of disgust.

What a shame it was to stay with such a stupid guy.

Just at that moment, the little fatty in fancy clothes went and returned, and An Hongche raised one paw to cover his face.

“Sorry sir, it’s all sold out.”

The smile at the corner of Su Yu’s mouth had not yet gone down.

“I don’t want food,” The little fatty stretched out his white and tender hand and pointed to the golden kitten sitting beside the money jar, “Sell me your cat.”

Su Yu shook his head:

“This cat is not for sale.”

“I’ll trade this for it.”

The little fatty said, and took out a small piece of silver from his sleeve.

Looking at the head, it was three taels!

As a poor fish seller, it was the first time Su Yu had seen so much money, and his eyes widened, but his reason finally prevailed.

No matter how good-looking a cat was, it wasn’t worth three taels of silver.

He couldn’t help frowning and said:

“What does the gentleman need this cat for?”

“This cat is fat and strong…cough, the fur is bright, it’s really good-looking, I think… ouch!”

He stretched out his hand to grab the kitten, only to be scratched neatly.

Fat and strong? In Su Yu’s heart he suddenly rang alarm bells, he knew that the ancients also liked to eat “Dragon Tiger Fight”.

This kitten’s fur is peculiar, maybe it was some kind of particularly delicious breed, which would attract this kind of person who loves to eat like his life and spends money like dirt.

Seeing that the kitten resisted his touch, he immediately hugged the little hairball that was about to explode into his arms.

With a cold face, he said: “Not for sale.”

After speaking, without waiting for the man to react, he loaded the equipment into the donkey cart, cracked the whip, and left.

The kitten nestled quietly in Su Yu’s arms, slowly sticking its head from the front, and looked up at his beautiful defined jaw.

His chest was not wide, but at the moment it looked warm and reliable.

A cat was usually worth only a few pennies, and someone offered him three taels of silver, but he still didn’t sell it.

Well, stupid is stupid, but he was still a loyal minister. This was the conclusion of His Majesty the Cat.

Back at home, Su Yu was still distressed by the windfall of three taels of silver, but a gentleman likes to make money the righteous way, so he naturally couldn't earn such ill-gotten gains…But, it was still three taels of silver!

Before the sun went down it was still warm, so Su Yu got a basin of warm water by the stove, ready to bathe the smoky kitten after a long day.

To prevent being scratched, he also deliberately found a cloth to wrap around his hands:

“Come on Sauce, let’s wash up.”

Hmph, you finally know to serve me a bath!

The kitten trembled and jumped into the wooden basin arrogantly.

Then he masterly grabbed the edge of the basin like an old man, with his tail leisurely paddling slowly in the water.

Su Yu was stunned for a full three seconds, this cat was definitely a freak!

The weather was still cold, so he didn’t dare to wash him for too long.

After rubbing it hastily for a while, Su Yu quickly wrapped the kitten in a dry towel, put it in his arms, and swiftly ran back to his room and tucked it into the quilt.

When Su Yu’s bought a new squid and came back, he found that the little guy’s fur was dry, and he was sleeping on his back in the middle of his bed.

He amusingly squeezed his little paw while he was sleeping softly, then turned around and went out to clean up the squid and make dinner.


There were many fishing boats returning from fishing at dusk, and the price was cheaper than that in the morning, but the fish they caught were not as big as those from the morning.

After some haggling Su Yu bought 200 squids for fifty copper coins and bought a few small yellow croakers.

Today he had made some money, so he could make some splurges.


An Hongche was awakened by the smell of the grilled fish.

When he turned over, he saw that his stupid slave was carrying a plate of small yellow croakers that had been grilled to a golden brown.

There was also a large bowl of milky white fish soup next to it. He was about to run to the table, but when he got to the bedside he hesitated to jump.

He didn’t want to get dust on his fleshly washed paws.

“Sauce, come here.”

Seeing that the kitten refused to get out of the bed, Su Yu thought that it was afraid of heights, so he reached out and carried the cat to the table.

This move obviously won the cat’s heart, which stretched out his paw and patted his arm rewardingly to show his encouragement.

Delicious charcoal-grilled small yellow croakers with tender crucian carp soup, this was enough for a cat’s life!

The well-fed kitten laid on the bed, belly up, slowly wagging its tail in a wonderful mood.

The royal chef in the palace couldn’t make such delicious food.

When he returns to the palace in the future, he must definitely take this little slave back with him, and make him cook fish for himself every day.

After taking a bath, Su Yu was shivering from the cold, so he jumped on the bed, lifted the quilt, and burrowed in.

The small hairball that was digesting the food on the quilt was suddenly thrown into the bed.

“Meow!” An Hongche thrashed, then got up in dissatisfaction and jumped to Su Yu’s chest, looking down at him condescendingly from above.

Stupid slave, how dare you steal my bed!

The author has something to say:

Cat Gong: Zhen’s bed is not something a mortal can use!

Little Fatty: That’s right, that’s right

Yellow Croaker: That’s right, that’s right

Crucian Carp: That’s right, that’s right

Little Fish: …This is obviously my bed


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