End of World Businessman

Chapter 40.2: Desperate Situation in Qingmin County [2]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 40.2: Desperate Situation in Qingmin County [2]

The small supermarket’s size was only 30 to 40 square meters. The foods and valuable things in it had long been looted by some people, leaving the shelves scattered all over the place. But this didn’t mean that there were no good things left in the supermarket.

In the beginning, almost no one had looted the cosmetics counter. Therefore, they could take it with them to be resold. Not only that, besides salt, there were also many other seasonings hidden in some corner of the supermarket. Aside from those, there were also toilet papers, sanitary napkins, diapers, low-grade tobacco, wine, tea, washing powder, detergent, shampoo, shower gels, and other things. Small things like these weren’t considered valuable in the beginning of the apocalypse, but right now, its value was very high.

Wu Ye was distracted when he heard the report from the zombie hunter, who was wild with joy, before he focused. He decided that, whatever the case might be, this operation ought to be free from problems. As such, they continued with their scavenging effort.

Time had always passed in the blink of an eye whenever people were in fierce battle. Thus, five to six minutes passed by just like that. At this time, a sudden change abruptly occurred when the zombie hunters in charge of material collection threw their loots into the truck.

System: 【Random task: Hunt and kill fourth-level zombies.】

At that, Wu Ye’s expression instantaneously changed. 【WHAT?! There are fourth-level zombies in Qingmin County?】

Between third level and fourth level, there existed a huge dividing line. Trying to surmount this dividing line was very difficult. Once a third-level zombie had crossed this line and became a fourth-level zombie, their combat effectiveness increased 50 times higher than their previous capability!

F*ck you! That was something they couldn’t handle right now, okay?

Although it wasn’t allowed, the system tried its best to avoid the operating guidelines and reminded its stupid host.【A moment ago, some was born.】

According to the operating guidelines of the system, the more tasks the host completed, the more things were available to be exchanged. And the more frequent the host used the system to exchange for goods, the energy it could call upon increased as well. Through this virtuous cycle, the system’s level would naturally rise.

One of the benefits of a higher level system was that it could help its host monitor a wide range of areas. However, this monitoring and early warning function of the system wasn’t free. The host is required to spend a certain amount of energy with each use of this function as remuneration.

That aside, the system was secretly complaining to itself.

It must be the damn virus causing a problem with my chips! If not, why would I use a large amount of my computing power to issue a random task that was obviously circumventing the operating rules for the stupid host?! Stupid host may not even do the task too. Damn, I lost a lot of energy in vain.

In the future, I must let my stupid host to supply me with more energy!

For the time being, Wu Ye didn’t realize the system’s good will for him. But he did realize from its words that some third-level zombies had successfully completed their evolution, becoming fourth-level zombies.

From what he knew, only three things could make zombies evolve rapidly. That was human flesh, blood, and crystal nuclei. However, the battle on Cao Nan Street should be carried out in an orderly way, and the four teams should manage to contain the zombies in this street. So, how could this happen?

Since there were no problems from their end, this disaster must have been caused by the people Zhou Sheng sent out when they had just arrived here.

Wu Ye was the type of person whose mind worked best under the pressure. As such, the more critical the situation was, the clearer Wu Ye’s thinking became. Therefore, as soon as the system finished talking, he had already determined the location of the fourth-level zombie. Dong Shi Street was located opposite of Yu Xi Street, where Zhou Sheng had sent his group of people to just now. However, the two streets were connected in a straight way from east to west.

The original retreat route can no longer be used! Wu Ye thought to himself, expression incomparably grave.

“The situation has changed. Everyone immediately returns to the truck, we’re retreating from Qingmin County right this second using the route we used to come here!” Wu Ye informed the whole team using his walkie-talkie with a firm voice.

Xu Yan’s team was on the periphery of the route when he came here. And after a conflict with Chen Baoguan’s people, Xu Yan finally entered a pharmacy. He was just starting to load up the medicine, so how could he be willing to go back?

It wasn’t only him who was unwilling. Chen Baoguan, who had failed to seize the pharmacy from Xu Yan’s group, had just sent his men to go to the cosmetic store not far ahead. He had only had the time to enter the door, so how could he be willing to leave this place?

However, despite their unwillingness, they still wouldn't neglect their safety.

“What happened?”

Thus, the two asked on the walkie-talkie at the same time.

Before Wu Ye managed to reply, though, a disturbance occurred on Zhou Sheng’s side.

Zhou Sheng’s team didn’t even want their people or things as they returned back to their truck like a tide. When they returned to their truck, they immediately turned on the vehicle, ready to evacuate.

At this, Xu Yan and Chen Baoguan also found something was wrong. So, they also ordered their men to go back to the truck and prepared to leave.

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