Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 40.3: Hand the money over to me, Qin Shi Huang!

Chapter 40 Part 3

On the other side, after Xi Jia returned to the hotel and gave Song Song some medicine, he went out on a stroll with Ye Jingzhi in the afternoon.

S City was located in the plains, and the highest mountain was just over 300 meters. The water town had the beauty of a water town, and a mountain town had the magnificence of a mountain town. When traveling in C Province, the most important thing to do in C Province that nothing could surpass was to eat their specialty foods. With Ye Jingzhi’s little candy pill, Xi Jia started to eat all kinds of delicacies without restraint and finally experienced why this place was called “The Land of Abundance.”1

Xi Jia happily ate everywhere. Master Ye also happily watched him eat all sorts of things.

When they went back to the hotel, Song Song was already awake. The little rascal was once again like the devil incarnate. Ye Jingzhi had left Wu Xiang Qing Li at the hotel to take care of Song Song. When they came back, Song Song was playing with Wu Xiang Qing Li. Wu Xiang Qing Li was rolling back and forth on Song Song’s round belly. Song Song was teased by it and horsed around endlessly.

Watching this scene, Xi Jia ate the to-go Malatang that he brought back as he liberally said, “It’s really fun to come out and travel. Master Ye, being able to come to C Province with you this time is very fortunate. If I came here alone, I wouldn’t be able to eat anything.” Pausing, Xi Jia added, “Not only that, Master Ye, traveling with you is very nice and worry-free. You happen to be free this time. Next time, let’s travel together again, how about it?”

Ye Jingzhi nodded, “Okay.”

Xi Jia asked, “Do you have time these days?”

Ye Jingzhi thought for a bit: I’ve already asked for a leave from the Celestial Masters Representative Assembly, I have time.


Xi Jia smiled, “Then, we should go to Chang’an some other day and find Ziying to have fun. Even though I can’t enter the Mausoleum and he can’t come out either, it’s pretty good to go over there to see him and play. It was too rushed last time.”

Doing what was said, Xi Jia hadn’t talked to Ziying for several days. He touched the imprint on his palm and quickly got in touch with Ziying. He told Ziying that he might go to Chang’an to see him next month. Ziying smiled as he replied. At the same time, he even added a line, “I’m nearly done reading the junior high physics. Xi Jia, is it convenient for you to burn the senior high physics to me?”

Xi Jia who was stupefied by the top student, “!”

Finishing junior high physics after self-studying for a month, I kneel down before you, Great God!!!

The Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor.

The Mausoleum had a total of seven levels. The lowest level was the Palace of Eternal Life. Inside the palace, there was only a long river of mercury. The State Preceptor of Da Qin, Xu Fu, had overwhelming skills. The beginning and the end of the river of mercury couldn’t be seen. Like a large river, it was vast and mighty. And on the third level, the light was much dimmer. Unlike the seventh level that was brimming with yin energy, the yin energy here was comparatively thinner. Even so, it was still much more than the outside world.

On the third level of the Mausoleum, there was only an empty main hall. Originally, this main hall housed the Tai’e Sword and a piece of the He Shi Bi. Now, they were with Ziying. The person himself was concentrated on flipping through a book seriously with his head bowed. From time to time, he looked up and manipulated a small wooden block in front of him.

When Qin Shi Huang went into the tomb, he saw the scene of his son doing experiments with his head bowed.

Papa First Emperor made two laps through the palace, and Ziying was watching a small wooden block slide from the top of an inclination to the bottom. The First Emperor walked another lap, and Ziying was still immersed in writing formulas and didn’t notice his arrival.

The First Emperor, “……”

If Xi Jia saw this, he would absolutely hug Ziying’s thigh and sing praises. He never would’ve thought that the area that Ziying would be an expert in wasn’t literature or English but physics! Look, he had just finished junior high physics and hadn’t even seen the cover of the senior high physics textbook yet, and Ziying had thought of a small wooden block question.

A ghost that had been dead for more than two thousand years was actually so good at physics. Newton’s coffin nearly couldn’t contain him anymore, alright?!

Ziying was so obsessed with physics that the First Emperor was very angry and walked another lap around the palace. When he noticed that his son still hadn’t seen him, the First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty heavily humphed and waved his big sleeve, breaking the small wooden block and ramp in front of Ziying into fine powder.

Ziying was slightly stunned. Looking up, he saw his father and immediately saluted, “Father Emperor.”

Qin Shi Huang glanced at him indifferently and said with a cold voice, “Where is the book that We want?”

Ziying respectfully went up and presented the junior high literature book.

——That’s right. Right now, Papa First Emperor was still studying elementary math, elementary English, and had also studied Huaxia’s mother language up to the junior high level.

The First Emperor took the book and left without giving Ziying another glance. After waiting for him to completely leave the main hall, Ziying got up from the floor.

He turned to look at the direction that his Father Emperor left in. The wide black embroidered robes lined his thin and frail body, making him seem even thinner. He quietly watched for a long time. Then, he smiled and shook his head before returning to the center of the empty palace. With a wave of his hand, he took out another small wooden block and ramp.

However, Ziying never would’ve thought that the First Emperor’s mood today wasn’t bad. He didn’t directly fly back to the Palace of Eternal Life on the seventh level, and instead walked back down from the third level while reading the literature book. Just as he reached the fourth level, an ear-piercing noise suddenly sounded.

At the third level, Ziying was already used to it a long time ago. He calmly laid a soundproofing enchantment and continued to experiment seriously.

Papa First Emperor who had always been living in clover on the seventh level never thought that the noise several layers above would be this loud, “……”

“Who dares to be this impudent in front of Our imperial tomb!”

Outside of the Mausoleum, Qishan-daoren stroked his long beard and said without care, “Fellow Daoist Cengxiu, not that this old man is criticizing, but you have concentrated too much on the ghost hunting skills these years and didn’t emphasize on enchantments, fortune telling, or other magic techniques like these. The problem right now is very simple. Isn’t it just a hundred enchantments being unable to integrate so they’re unable to layer together?”

Although Cengxiu-zhenjun was the current Xuanxue world’s number one, he was very modest and accepted Qishan-daoren’s criticism, “Fellow Daoist Qishan, how should this be resolved?”

Qishan-daoren laughed, “Easy, concentrate all 100 cruxes of these enchantments onto the same point. The so-called the Dao begets One, One begets Two, Two begets Three, and Three begets all things!2 Put the pieces together as a whole, and break the whole into pieces.3 In this way, this hundred formation can easily be set!”

Cengxiu-zhenjun’s eyes shined and started to quickly arrange the Celestial Masters into order. He himself was also included.

In the ears of mortals, this part of the wilderness was in absolute silence. There was no sound at all. However in the ears of the lost souls and wild ghosts within a 5 kilometers radius, the rumbling noise was so noisy that they covered their ears and quickly flew away from this area.

Every time the Celestial Masters lay down a formation, it would create a loud sound.

If the ghosts that were 5 kilometers away were like this, then in the Mausoleum that was directly below, the First Emperor’s fury soared as he was disturbed by each sound that was like a clap of thunder.

Qishan-daoren was one of the most proficient in formation enchantments among the several great masters in the Xuanxue world. He stroked his beard while helping Cengxiu-zhenjun arrange the one hundred enchantments. Laying down the first and second enchantments while merging their cruxes to the same point was the hardest. After finishing this, the following enchantments were much easier.

In the Mausoleum, the First Emperor stood in the passage between the palace on the fourth and fifth levels. His pair of eyes were ice-cold as he looked up.

Suddenly, a small gold colored dot appeared before him.

Adorned in black dragon robes, this founding Emperor calmly watched while holding a literature book in his hand. Even if this golden dot was someone who wanted to harm him, he hardly felt any fear and would face it head-on.

Nevertheless, your multitudes of spells would naturally fall apart completely.

Yet, this gold colored dot didn’t seem to be……very threatening. The First Emperor stood waiting for a long time, but he also didn’t wait until someone wanted to use this small dot to harm him. Instead, he saw that this dot was becoming bigger and brighter.

Outside of the Mausoleum, Qishan-daoren said, “There’s only the last enchantment left, continue!”

Cengxiu-zhenjun praised, “Over the past thousand years, there was no senior who could solve this problem of merging a hundred enchantments. Fellow Daoist Qishan is truly worthy to be called a formation genius rarely seen in 500 years!”

Qishan-daoren didn’t feel ashamed, “You’re overpraising, you’re overpraising. What 500 years, more like 300 years, hahahaha.”

Within the Mausoleum, the founding Emperor carefully watched the little gold dot before him. All of a sudden, the gold dot emitted countless golden rays of light. The First Emperor looked down and waved his hand, undisturbed. The soaring yin energy rushed at the gold dot, and then……



Outside the Mausoleum, more than thirty Celestial Masters were hit by a huge impact, forcibly knocking them a hundred meters away. Qishan-daoren’s and Cengxiu-zhenjun’s cultivation levels were deep so they were only flung ten meters away by this force before stabilizing their footsteps. However, Qishan-daoren raised his head to look, “Ah! The enchantment that this old man had just laid down, how could it be gone all of a sudden? How could it be gone?!!!”

Cengxiu-zhenjun sighed, “These hundred enchantments are really difficult to arrange. Unexpectedly, it broke at the final moment. Fellow Daoist Qishan, let us continue to work hard.”

Qishan-daoren, “……”

Who would want to continue to work hard with you! This old man wants to go home, this old man wants to eat, sleep, and play games!!!

Right at this moment, thunder clouds started to gather in the skies. Cengxiu-zhenjun looked up and waved his hand to disperse these clouds, “Fellow Daoist Qishan, your method might have an effect. See, Ling Xiao even sent a thunder cloud as a warning for your hundred enchantment.”

Qishan-daoren, “@$%@#$!#!”

Outside the Mausoleum, the Celestial Masters repaired the aftermath. Qishan-daoren once again immersed himself in figuring out how to integrate the hundred enchantments together. Several kilometers away at the entrance of Qin Shi Huang’s Terracotta Army Museum, it was 8 o’clock in the morning, and many tour groups were standing outside, just waiting for the Museum to open their doors.

There was suddenly a loud noise, and the tourists in the tour groups turned their heads to look over. They only took one glance before they lost their interest and withdrew their line of sight.

“Sigh, yet another playing whatever kaosipei.4 My son also plays with these kaosipei stuff. I don’t understand what the young people nowadays are thinking, wearing these crazy clothes……”

Underneath an old tree in front of the museum, a tall man in black dragon robes smashed into the tree hard. Only then did his figure come to a stop.

The First Emperor never imagined that he would actually wind up in an enchantment one after another when he was just trying to break the small golden dot. These one hundred enchantments didn’t give him a sense of danger, but he also felt they were somewhat troublesome. However following that, he actually sensed that Ling Xiao’s attention on him had reduced by a hundredfold.

Thus, the First Emperor indifferently took a step. With this one step, he crossed several miles and walked straight out of the Mausoleum. Then……well, then he hit the tree in front of the Terracotta Army Museum.

With one hand holding the literature textbook, the handsome and tall man swept his senses over his body. There were at least 90 enchantments wrapped around him, blocking Ling Xiao’s surveillance and punishment.

The First Emperor stepped out from underneath the tree with graceful bearing and preeminent temperament. He went outside of the tourist groups, going against the current. Without speaking, his gaze calmly and arrogantly looked ahead. He was certainly differently from the people around him. Quite a few tourists looked at him curiously and muttered in whispers. However, with a turn of their heads, they forgot how he looked like.

Just like this, he simply never saw the big words above the Terracotta Army Museum as he walked away from the collection that he had created.

He had only walked halfway when a wretched voice sounded from behind, “Hey dude, do you want to go see the Terracotta Army? It’s only 120 yuan right now to see it directly!”


The peddler who spoke was suddenly hit by a gust of wind and nearly fell to the ground. His barely stood firm, and once he looked up, he was frightened instantly. The cosplaying man who was standing ten meters away a moment ago suddenly stood in front of him. His thin lips parted and said in an extremely cold tone, “Thou shalt say it again, where is Our Terracotta Army?”

The peddler muttered, “He’s really addicted to cosplaying,” before he quickly chuckled and said, “Of course. Let me tell you. Qin Shi Huang’s Terracotta Army, this museum in the back are all fake. It’s so the country can cheat those foreigners. The real one is at our building. Follow me, I will take you to see the real Terracotta Army.”

The peddler took the First Emperor on the trishaw and slowly biked to a “Qin Shi Huang Terracotta Army” not far away.

In front of the real Terracotta Army Museum, the time to open their doors had arrived. All the tourists happily entered through the entrance and were about to go sightseeing. However, these tourist had just reached the entrance, Bang! The huge old tree in front of the museum suddenly split across the middle and fell to the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust.

Everyone was completely stunned. The museum’s security guards rushed over to check the situation.

At this time, a small trishaw had already arrived at an unremarkable building. The peddler got off, laughed mischievously, and reached out, “The Terracotta Army is inside, give money!”

The First Emperor, “……” After a moment, Papa First Emperor flicked his sleeve indifferently, “We have no money.”

Peddler, “Oh my, even using the royal ‘We’? If you’re We, then I’m Qin Shi Huang! Don’t act stupid with laozi! Hand the money over to me, Qin Shi Huang!”

Qin Shi Huang, “……”

The Author has something to say:
Qishan-daoren: That’s right, this old man is a formation genius rarely seen in 300 years! 【strokes beard】
Cengxiu-zhenjun: This poor daoist will chop you to death!!!!!!

Translator’s Notes:
1 天府之国 Land of Abundance – Literally “Country of Heaven” and has been called the Land of Abundance. It refers to the Chengdu Plains in C Province (Sichuan). Also, Sichuan province is known for the food, especially spicy food.
2 道生一,一生二,二生三,三生万物 The Dao begets One, One begets Two, Two begets Three, and Three begets all things: Excerpt from Tao Te Ching/Dao De Jing.
3 化零为整,化整为零 Put the pieces together as a whole, and break the whole into pieces: The later half is a more common idiom which is also comparable to “divide and conquer” or doing things one by one. The first half is the flipped.
4 Kaosipei: Transliteration for cosplay.

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