End of World Businessman

Chapter 40.3: Desperate Situation in Qingmin County [3]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: HeXie

Chapter 40.3: Desperate Situation in Qingmin County [3]

However, at this time, a terrible loud noise came from the junction of Yu Xi Street and Cao Nan Street. And soon, a huge armored vehicle fell from the sky and slammed onto Zhou Sheng’s truck. Unable to put up even the slightest bit of resistance, the truck was smashed directly to the ground. As such, the 20 people inside the truck were pulverized into meat patties without even being able to shout or react. And before long, a large amount of dark red blood seeped out from the gaps and trickling down all over the cracked asphalt road.

Then, a giant zombie with prominent black and blue muscles all over her body appeared, walking slowly from the corner of the street.

At the sight of that zombie, Wu Ye only had one thought in his mind —— Is the attacking giant on the wrong set?

Will this three meter zombie even allow humans a chance to live?

Therefore, there was only one word left in everyone’s heart when they saw this fourth-level zombie —— RUN!

The fourth-level zombie’s footstep was awfully heavy and slow. However, each stride it took was extraordinarily huge. With just two or three steps, it went over the armored vehicle and caught up to Zhou Sheng’s pickup truck. It then grabbed an ability user with its big hand and opened its mouth wide, almost reaching 180 degrees, allowing one to see it’s incredibly sharp teeth.

With those sharp shark-like teeth, it bites down on that ability user’s head. And after chewing and swallowing the head as if it's a great delicacy, it proceeded to chomp on the ability user’s left hand and heart. Then, as if it was trash, the ability user’s remains was thrown into the nearby group of zombies. Within moments, that ability user’s body was gone, leaving only countless bones on the ground as proof of his existence.

The whole process took less than half a minute.

After that fourth-level zombie ate that pitiful ability user, sounds of bones crackling rang through the space. Along with the sound, the zombie’s body also expanded and grew at a rate that was visible to the naked eyes, frightening those who saw the sight.

And though the surviving zombie hunters frantically shot at it from the safety of their vehicle, it was all in vain. Because despite being attacked from such a close range, its exposed muscles were able to block the bullets, causing absolutely no harm to it in the slightest. Noticing this, everyone became even more desperate as they tried their best to destroy it.

However, disregarding the bullets hitting it, the fourth-level zombie merely took two steps forward and slammed on the nearest pick-up truck. And with just that one move, four tires of the truck exploded at the same time, rendering the vehicle useless. This made the people in the busted truck desperately screaming their throat hoarse and randomly shooting in the direction of the zombie. All of them trying their best to ward off this calamity.

However, the fourth-level zombie ignored everything and simply plucked another ability user with its huge hand. Then it happily bites off half of their body, causing the blood that was still warm to be sprayed onto Zhou Sheng’s body.

In spite of knowing that doom was upon him, Zhou Sheng was still unresigned. He mobilized the full strength of his ability, causing dozens of steel swords to emerge before it proceeded to stab the fourth-level zombie at lightning speed.


The fourth-level zombie didn’t put up any guard and was directly stabbed in its eyes, blinding it. However, while the rest of the steel sword met its mark, they only left shallow marks on the zombie’s body. Unfortunately, instead of damaging the zombie, Zhou Sheng’s move only caused it great rage.

Furious, the fourth-level zombie directly used its huge hand to twist Zhou Sheng’s body, that he had turned into metal, into a pretzel. Thus, without being able to mount a counterattack, Zhou Sheng immediately died.

When he died, his ability disappeared into nothingness. And due to the fourth-level zombie’s move, Zhou Sheng’s fat body that originally weighed about 200 Kg was no longer in its original shape. The zombie then bit on the corpse a few times and ate him completely to the point not even bones were left.

After swallowing up a third-order ability user, it once again grew as its height quickly exceeded four meter tall. With a roar, it pulled out the steel swords in its eyes with its bare hand. Then, it proceeded to catch another two ability users through its keen sense of smell and ate them. Although it didn’t grow taller this time, it seemed to like the taste of ability users. As such, with a long roar, it started to run and vigorously pursue the ability users that were in the fleeing vehicles in front of him.

Soon, after more than tens of chaotic gunshots, the ordinary zombie hunters were unable to hold on any longer. And with mournful howls, they were drowned by the zombie’s flood behind them, becoming its food and sustenance. Within mere minutes, only a large pile of white bones remained scattered on the ground.

After that, the zombies separated with some chasing after the fourth-level zombie while the others started a fight with its peers. And before long, the whole Cao Nan Street was surrounded by zombies.

The disaster was just beginning.

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