Helping with Adventurer Party Management

Chapter 40: Adventurer's meal

In answering Sarah’s question, I stick out my chest and said.


“To continue, it is not bad ‘cough’, it is sad to see the people crying, and it is lonesome for Sarah to have her meat soup just disappear”.


“I have eaten meat soup only once for the past two days”.


For Adventurers it’s hard to say that they’re eating healthy things for the amount of physical labor.


Basically they would eat potatoes or wheat porridge, vegetable leaves processed with salt, or wine with hard bread twice a day.


If you can pick up rabbits and birds while hunting in the middle of an adventure, those are the times when you can eat meat additionally.


As it is though as impurity of the earth gathers, and as demon’s are born, a demon’s meat is considered a taboo.


I heard that you can not eat monsters at the previous party. A familiar sorcerer told me on a guard night.


The disliked person of a village who did not follow the rules was eating only monsters.

Then one day, he became a monster.

The children are told such fairy tales at bedtime.


Statistics are not taken and we can not verify whether that fact is true in this world.


And there is no reason to verify it yourself as long as you do not starve so much.


In a world where there are many monsters, grazing which requires wide and safe land is difficult to obtain.


In this town, meat is a luxury item.


It is said that if you are rich, you eat it once every 2 days, so Sarah also gets around as life got better for her.


Looking closely, Sarah’s face and hair color tone have improved considerably.


If you praise that “somewhat, you became plumper and your flesh got better”


You would stick out with your stomach saying “really?”!


I think that it is true that I grew up in the countryside.

There are no fat people in the country for farmers.

The more fat there is, the more wealth there is.


Becoming plump, oh, it is praise for a farmer.

I feel like praising livestock.


“Well, refuse to invite kenkiba corps, do not waste it !!”


There’s a bothersome person, turning red and shouting.


“No, I’m really thinking, I’d like to think a little by myself.”


Sarah withdrew when I said so.

After a long time, do you think about drinking alcohol?

The people of the kenkiba corps’ will eat meat everyday.


There is little amusement, in this world the gaps are meant for meals.


Eat meat, while drinking liquor as later you think about tomorrow.


Sarah shared a table shrewdly and asked until she yelled for her share and attached the payment to me, but I was on the way and came to not care about it.

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