Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 400 - Cultivation Examination(18)

Tayi Sect wasn’t far from Ziyang Sect. If foundation realm cultivators traveled nonstop using their spiritual power, they could arrive in three days.

The mission Su Wan was given by the elder of the sect was really simple. She had to deliver something and the thing wasn’t valuable as well. It was just a wedding gift that a certain elder from Ziyang Sect wanted to give to their junior brother.

Speaking of Taiyi Sect, it had deep connections with Ziyang Sect. The two sects’ founders were apparently brothers from the same sect. However, while one was busy cultivating with their sword, the other was an expert with tactical foundations and talismans.

The two separated and formed their own sects which led to the outstanding Ziyang Sect and the sword-based Taiyi Sect.

Because Su Wan had been in her sect and rarely went out, and appeared indifferent on the surface, besides Dong Xiaoyang who got along with just anyone, her subordinates were afraid of her. The ten people remained silent on the road and they didn’t encounter any dangers as well.

What Su Wan didn’t know was that there had been two figures following her like their shadows.


Seeing her brother wearing a cold expression, Qian’er immediately blinked her eyes and asked weakly, “Brother, are you and sister-in-law still angry at each other? Why don’t you look for her?”

Master Mo replied, “What does a child know?”

He was afraid that if he encountered her, he wouldn’t be able to resist killing her.


Fine. Master Mo was conflicted.

He had never been so conflicted before. He had been on the mission for a decade or so and met dozens of mission enforcers. Besides the ones who had a higher cultivation than him where he walked past them calmly, he was able to get rid of the people with lower cultivations easily.

Yet, not only didn’t he have the heart to hurt this little snake, he also got tricked by her.

Master Mo was lost in his thoughts staring at the slender figure…

Three days later, Su Wan and the others finally arrived at Taiyi Sect. Unfortunately, they arrived just to see the disciples from the sect surrounding two people in a fierce battle.

Seeing the red figure, Su Wan’s gaze deepened.

“It’s Sister Jiu.”

Little plum blossom’s voice rang in Su Wan’s heart.

She had been meditating and cultivating. If Su Wan didn’t go out, she wouldn’t have come out of seclusion.

“Dean Qing.”

The people behind her also saw the situation. Dong Xiaoyang moved close to Su Wan and asked, “The two of them looked like they have high cultivations. Dean Qing, can we act like we didn’t see this?”

Su Wan: …

Child, just how afraid of death are you?

“Little snake, no, Little Qing! Little Qing, save me!”

Before she could respond, Jiu, who was being attacked, cried out loud and asked for Su Wan’s help!

Su Wan: …

As expected, we’re not afraid of god-like opponents but trash teammates!

Can’t you be secretive and wait for me to help you silently? Why must you call me out? So do I help you or help you or help you?


She might as well go now. Of course, this was for the male lead and not for the man-eating beast.

That’s right. The male lead, Han Yu, was also being attacked along with Jiu right now.

Han Yu was a golden core realm cultivator and Jiu’s cultivation wasn’t that weak either so the two shouldn’t be beaten down this badly.

She walked over quickly, her gaze flickering. In the end, her gaze landed on a woman wearing wedding clothes and crying pitifully.

She was…

Seeing the woman’s gaze on Han Yu, Su Wan understood.

Damn. The male lead has so many women!

This was another one of them!

“I’m Ziyang Sect’s Dean Qing. These two daoists are my friends. May I ask why Taiyi Sect’s disciples are attacking them two? Is there a misunderstanding?”

Taiyi Sect’s people paused their attack but everyone kept Jiu and Han Yu surrounded.

“Dean Qing?”

The leader wore a festive robe and he couldn’t help but take a step forward hearing Su Wan’s words. His gaze coldened a bit and he exclaimed in a deep tone, “There is no misunderstanding. I have a private grudge to settle with Han Yu. Today is my wedding, yet he came here to cause trouble. Please don’t intervene.”

“Brother Duan!”

Li Ruoxue, who was crying pitifully, walked to Duan Qingfeng’s side and said, “Let Han Yu and the rest go. I’ve promised to double cultivate with you and be your daoist companion. Why do you have to keep making things difficult for them?”

“Xue’er! Don’t agree. I can help you. I...ouch!”

Han Yu wanted to say something when Jiu flicked him on the forehead. “You what? I told you not to meddle in other people’s businesses. Humans are troublesome. What does the two of them marrying and double cultivating have anything to do with you?”

Han Yu was speechless.

“How am I meddling in other people’s businesses? Ruoxue’s matter is my matter. Plus, didn’t you notice that she doesn’t want to marry him at all?”

Han Yu hesitated before refuting. He and Li Ruoxue were childhood sweethearts. Seeing his childhood companion running into a matter like this, there was no way for him to stand to the side and do nothing!


Su Wan’s gaze flickered when she heard their conversation. Did she encounter the main plot? Was Li Ruoxue the female lead?

As she was thinking this, Li Ruoxue suddenly placed the sword on her neck and said, “Duan Qingfeng, let them go otherwise I’ll kill myself in front of you!”

Su Wan was speechless.

Cultivation worlds could do the same! Cry, cause trouble, and then threaten to kill themselves.

Duan Qingfeng’s gaze turned even more gloomy. “You’d die for him?”

While Duan Qingfeng and Li Ruoxue were “staring at each other deeply,” Su Wan immediately gave Jiu a look. She understood and silently pulled Han Yu back.

Han Yu was stupefied by Su Wan’s sudden action. He stayed frozen up until Jiu pulled him back did he snap out of his trance. He struggled free and exclaimed, “Ruoxue, don’t do anything stupid!”

Saying this, Han Yu rushed over disregarding everything!

Male lead, screw you!

Su Wan was speechless. Did they activate the melodramatic mode? Wouldn’t everyone be happy if he left silently? He was forcing Lady Xue to die by rushing over!

As expected, when he saw Han Yu’s action, Duan Qingfeng who was at the peak of his golden core realm sharpened his gaze and took out his famous magic weapon, Tianji Fan!

“Han Yu, be careful!”

At the last second, Li Ruoxue immediately rushed over and took the fatal attack for Han Yu.

The fresh blood splattered everywhere. The bride wearing her wedding clothes smiled and fell in Han Yu’s arms.

The young man back then had finally grown into a handsome and outstanding man. He also achieved his cultivation dream. Unfortunately, she couldn’t continue walking down the path with him…

Li Ruoxue glanced at the red sky and smiled, closing his eyes.

“Duan Qingfeng!”

Because of his childhood sweetheart’s death, the male lead exploded and stared harshly at him, clearly planning to make his move.

Su Wan raised her hand and indicated to everyone to move back. She also carefully stayed on guard.

“Brother, sister-in-law is in danger! Go and save her!”

Qian’er obviously saw Han Yu and Duan Qingfeng’s battle. She looked nervously at her brother.

“What danger? It’d all be fine if she didn’t meddle in other people’s businesses.”

Master Mo wore an indifferent expression but he couldn’t help but stare at Su Wan.

This little snake didn’t seem like the type to meddle in other people’s businesses.

Why did she intervene in Han Yu’s matter? Did she also know his identity and planned on hugging the male lead’s thighs just like Ye Kanhuan?

Thinking of this, Master Mo felt unhappy.

Jiu: …

Master, did you forget something? Did you eat me or something? Please don’t doubt the little snake and the man-eating beast’s friendship!

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