Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 401 - Cultivation Examination(19)

“Duan Qingfeng, die!”

“Han Yu, you asked for this!”

Right now, Han Yu and Duan Qingfeng were duelling. While moving back, Su Wan told Jiu to come to her side. She planned on watching how the male lead would beat up the elite disciple of a huge sect.

“Xiao Qing, who do you think will win?”

Jiu looked at Han Yu and couldn’t help but ask in concern, “Han Yu won’t be in trouble right?”

“You care about him?”

Su Wan looked shockingly at Jiu. This man-eating beast actually cared about a person? They were also a man too. Could she…

Jiu leaned against Su Wan and sighed, not seeing the conflicted look in her eyes. “Xiao Qing, you don’t understand. That man’s blood is like tonics to me. I want to drink his blood. If he dies, it won’t be fresh anymore nor will it be nutritious. He can’t be reborn again either!”

Su Wan: …

I knew that I over thought this. Don’t expect a man-eating beast to date a male lead.

“Sister Jiu, are you telling the truth?”

Little plum blossom’s excited voice rang inside their minds. “I want to drink a lot too. I haven’t drank blood in a while. I feel like my petals aren’t red anymore.”

“Don’t worry. Leave this to me.”

Jiu smiled confidently and then smiled at Su Wan. “Xiao Qing, do you want some too?”

“Nevermind me.”

Su Wan shook her head immediately. She didn’t get why plants desire blood. Was this innate?


While the three were talking about the male lead and his portable blood bank, there was an explosion. Dust mixed with sand and stones flew straight at them!

“Be careful. Everyone, use your spiritual qi to protect yourselves!”

Su Wan had activated her spiritual qi to protect herself in the first moment but it had been destroyed immediately.


Just what expert move did the male lead use? So ruthless!

The current mixed with sand and stone flew at their faces and Su Wan was planning to take out her talisman when a white figure immediately floated to her. He waved his hands calmly and propped up a strong spiritual qi boundary, the attacks all blocked outside.


Seeing the familiar figure, Su Wan’s expression changed again.

It was actually...Master Mo!

He confidently helped Su Wan block the sand and stones. Then he turned and looked at the flabbergasted little snake in front of him.

Admit your mistakes quickly and ask for my protection then I’ll forgive you!


Jiu immediately threw herself at her master while he was looking at Su Wan eagerly. “Master, you’re here to save me. I knew you wouldn’t just leave me to fend for myself!”

While Jiu walked over and blocked Master Mo’s vision, Su Wan immediately turned around silently, wanting to run.

“Stop there.”

The man suppressed his anger and exclaimed, “Little snake, get over here!”

Su Wan: …

You want me to come over and accept my fate with that commanding tone of yours?

Do you think I’m an idiot?

Su Wan decided to ignore him. She’d be safe once she returned to her sect. No matter how strong he was, there was no way he’d be able to take on the entire Ziyang Sect right?

Master Mo’s smile disappeared immediately, seeing that she insisted on leaving. His figure swayed and in the next second, he appeared in front of her. “I told you to come over. Didn’t you hear me?”

He pinched her chin and he wore unprecedented gloominess in his eyes.

She froze right then when she saw his gaze.

His gaze was so familiar. She seemed to have seen them somewhere…

While she was in a daze, Master Mo had pulled her slender figure to a considerately safe spot.

“Do you still remember what I said last time?”


Su Wan looked at Master Mo, trying to kiss up. “Master, which sentence were you referring to?”

“I said…”

Master Mo slightly bent over and leaned in front of Su Wan. “I’ll take your life the next time I see you!”

Su Wan: …

This sentence! Of course Su Wan remembered this. She looked around when she heard Master Mo mention it again, looking at him pitifully. “Master, don’t kill me! I really didn’t do it on purpose last time. Plus, look. Isn’t Qian’er awake now? She’s lively and jumping around! How about this? When I increase my cultivation in the future, I’ll return the Millennium Year Old Chalcedony Fruit to you, okay?”

“Heh. What do I still need the Millennium Year Old Chalcedony Fruit for?”

Master Mo sneered.

At this time, a gasp sounded from the crowd.

“Brother Duan!”

“Brother Duan!”

Right, apparently under the male lead’s expertise moves, the groom, Duan Qingfeng also died. Say, on this joyous day, the groom and bride both died on the same day. The person who set this date for them must have ulterior motives!

“Damn you! You dare to hurt my grandson!”

An aged yet angry voice rang while everyone was grieving. Right then, a figure darted out like lightning.

The boy died and now there was an old man to deal with!

What an upgrade.

Su Wan pursed her lips. Normally, the male lead wouldn’t be a match for them and would be humiliated at this time. Then, a person would come to help him get out of danger, and then he’d come back another day to fix his reputation.

Su Wan was just thinking inside when Han Yu spat a mouthful of blood after being attacked by Duan Qingfeng’s grandfather.

Seeing the male lead lying on the ground with a weak pulse, Su Wan looked around. Where was the person?

Mn, it couldn’t be the person next to her right?

Su Wan couldn’t help but take a few glances at him.

Feeling Su Wan’s gaze, Master Mo revealed his signature gentle smile. “Don’t look at me. Even if you do, I won’t save him.”

If they even remotely look like his love rival, they can die.


Master Mo kept feeling like his thoughts were a bit strange, but whatever. In short, he refused to save the male lead. Who cares!


Su Wan also froze when she felt his emotions.

Did she mess up from the start? Master Mo wasn’t a mission enforcer?

Or he didn’t know Han Yu’s identity?

While she hesitated, a melody rang far away in the sky from them. Then the golden light fell down and a beautiful lady clad in yellow had descended.

“Elder Duan, don’t hurt him!”

The woman’s voice was pleasant to hear just like her, placing herself above the common populace.

Everyone froze when they saw the woman’s appearance.

Of course, there was an exception.

Master Mo furrowed her brows at the lady clad in yellow who just appeared. Could the male lead in this world be on the path to forming a harem? Otherwise, why did he encounter so many beautiful women?

Master Mo was even more unhappier now.

It seemed like he needed to pay close attention to the little snake. Who knows when she’d be robbed.

Cough. Of course, he was doing this because she ate his Millennium Year Old Chalcedony Fruit. He hadn’t settled the account so he refused to let her leave his side. Mn. What a happy decision.

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