Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 402 - Cultivation Examination(20)

Because of the beautiful lady clad in yellow, the atmosphere within Taiyi Sect changed again.

Old Man Duan looked at the lady clad in yellow’s clothes and ostentation and furrowed his brows. “Fairy, what’s your name?”

“Elder Duan, you’re too polite. I’m Yun Xian’er, an ordinary disciple under Tianyun Sect.”

Elder Duan’s gaze changed.

Yun Xian’er?

Wasn’t she the head of Tianyun Sect’s trusted disciple? How was she ordinary in any way? She had a huge background okay!

“Ah, sorry for the lack of welcome. May I ask the reason for your presence?”

Elder Duan’s tone turned gentle and lowered his attitude.

Yun Xian’er smiled and her gaze landed on Han Yu in the end. “My master wants me to bring a person back to see him. Mn, him!”

She pointed her slender fingers at Han Yu on the ground.

Han Yu looked really battered right now. Yun Xian’er didn’t understand why her master wanted her to come all the way here to save this unknown man.

But her master usually knew top secrets. Mysteries of heaven mustn’t be revealed. Master couldn’t tell her directly so she had no choice but to just listen to his orders.

Daoist Heavenly Zi wants to see Han Yu? Did he have some other identities?

Elder Duan felt a sensation hearing Yun Xian’er’s words. Duan Family has an enmity with that boy. If he kept him alive or let him change the tables around, then Duan Family would be in danger.

However, he couldn’t reject Tianyun Sect’s request out in the open. Elder Duan looked around, trying to come up with a solution.

Seeing that Han Yu kept on bleeding, Jiu couldn’t help but walk forward and hold onto him, saying, “Are you okay? You’ve bled a lot!”

Sniffle. What a waste. These are fresh blood!

“I’m fine.”

Han Yu struggled to stand up. Seeing the lady clad in red looking sorrowful for him, he couldn't help but force a smile on his face. “Jiu, don’t be upset. I’m fine.”

Jiu: …

You’re fine but I’m not! These blood are all mine, all mine!

Seeing Jiu and Han Yu’s interaction, Su Wan was really speechless and wanted to look away.

Male lead, I can’t believe this day would come for you.

Cough. But anyways, no matter Yun Xian’er’s appearance or background, she looked like the typical female lead! Therefore, male lead, shouldn’t you fall in love with the female lead at first sight and be incredibly grateful for her?

Why are you being affectionate towards the man-eating beasts?

Su Wan was ridiculing inside when her expression changed. “Jiu! Be careful!”

As it turned out, Yun Xian’er’s expression changed when she saw Jiu appearing by Han Yu. She almost immediately released her magic weapon.

Xian’er, remember that if you see any woman clad in red by Han Yu’s side, you have to kill them immediately. Don’t hesitate at all!

Her master’s warning was ringing in her ears. When Yun Xian’er had just come, she saw Li Ruoxue’s corpse first and thought that was the woman clad in red. Up until Jiu threw herself at Han Yu did she notice that there was another woman wearing red. She immediately took out the magic weapon her master gave her before leaving and tossed it.

The golden light shone on the entire forest. A magic weapon in the shape of a bag opened and released an endless golden light.

This was…

Jiu immediately cried out loud painfully under the golden light.

“Little snake, I feel so bad.”

At this time, the little plum blossom on Su Wan’s head also revealed a painful cry. Even Su Wan could feel her blood being frozen immediately. Could this magic weapon be..

Master Mo’s expression changed and he pulled Su Wan into his arms. “Little snake, don’t try to hold on. Change into your original form and hide in my arms. It’s Heavenly Zi’s Devil Containing Bag!”

Heavenly Zi was Cangyue Mainland’s first-rank Tianyun Sect’s head. His cultivation was unpredictable. Likewise, his magic weapon was obviously really strong.

This Devil Containing Bag was specialized in dealing with devils.

It seemed like the old man already knew that Jiu was Yun Xian’er’s love rival which was why he did this?


Jiu cried and transformed into her original form. The usually domineering and arrogant man-eating beast was now dispirited, keeping her head down.

Not long after Jiu transformed into her original form, Su Wan could feel her body changing too. She didn’t dare to stop, immediately transforming and ducking into Master Mo’s arms.

His gaze coldened as he felt the little snake’s cold body.

Seeing that Jiu was about to be killed by the magic weapon, Han Yu threw himself on her and said, “Don't hurt her! Jiu, don’t be afraid. Drink my blood. You’ll get better.”

Jiu: …

I don’t have the energy okay? Her consciousness felt a bit hazy. Feeling that Han Yu had been blocking the light for her, Jiu couldn’t help but think: humans weren’t that annoying. Han Yu was a pretty good person too.


Master Mo whose face coldened suddenly tossed an ice-attribute magic weapon. Ice enveloped the sky and it temporarily froze the golden light sprinkled down by the Devil Containing Bag.

“She’s my servant. Tianyun Sect, don’t take it too far!”

Master Mo was unhappy. He really wanted to kill people.

Yun Xian’er froze and then took her magic weapon back. “Daoist friend, are you Master Mo of the Medicinal Valley?”


Master Mo sneered. “Tianyun Sect’s people can see me? I thought you guys placed no one in your eyes.”

“Daoist friend, you’re joking.”

Yun Xian’er revealed a noble and elegant manner, smiling. The male cultivators always fell to her feet whenever they saw her smile.

However, Master Mo was immune to her smile.

What’s an ugly woman smiling for? My little snake was almost killed by you.

“Tianyun Sect claims to be the best sect within Cangyue Mainland. But is that how you guys should be acting? Although my servant is a devil, she didn’t hurt anyone. Instead, she had been passionately helping this Daoist Han. I wonder if Tianyun Sect found out about some secret which is why you guys wanted to steal Daoist Han and kill his friends. Great calculations there.”

Master Mo’s voice was really loud and everyone was lost in thought after hearing the words. Han Yu’s expression changed as well.

Tianyun Sect always claimed to know everything. Could...they have known about the secret of his cauldron which is why they were fighting for him and wanting to kill everyone by his side?

They’ve gone too far!

Thinking of this, Han Yu also looked at Yun Xian’er unfriendly, his gaze cold.

Master Mo, you’re great at turning things around with just your words. You’ve successfully brainwashed the male lead. Yay!

Yun Xian’er’s face turned cold. “Master Mo, please don’t spew nonsense. My master just wants to invite Daoist Han over to Tianyun Sect.”


Master Mo mocked, “Han Yu, do you want to go? Hm?”

“I refuse.”

Han Yu stumbled and stood up, helping JIu towards Master Mo. “I don’t want to go to Tianyun Sect. If you guys are really here to invite me, then please go. Of course, if you’re here to capture me, I can’t beat you guys but please don’t hurt my friends.”

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