Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 405 - Cultivation Examination (23)

The moment Su Wan finished synthesizing her core, Ye Cheng who was far within Wuxiao Peak at the Flaming Mountain suddenly opened his eyes from meditation.

Su Wan…

He murmured her name softly. He lifted his hand and a golden bracelet also appeared in his palm. No matter the style or material, it was the same one as Su Wan. However, there was a faint “Ce” written on it.

“A-Qin, do you think our child will be a boy or girl? What should we name them?”

“I’ve come up with a name. How about Ce? Xu Ce!”

“Why is his surname Xu?”

“Because my surname is Xu! Do you have a problem?”

“No, wife, you’re the best. Whether it’s a boy or girl, we’ll name them Xu Ce!”

Xu Ce.

That was his name.

Ye Cheng clutched the bracelet in his palm tightly.

Cangyue Mainland, I am back!

Cangyue Mainland, wasteland.

In the blood sea, a woman wearing black walked along bare feet, stepping on fresh blood but her feet were still fair and smooth, not covered in blood.

Her sword in her hands kept dripping blood. A happy expression suddenly flickered past her beautiful face.

She felt…

That person’s aura.

Young master, are you back?

I’ve been waiting for you, for millennia.

At the same time…

Wanyao Mountain, Yellow Sea.

The Devil King, Bai Ye, also looked at Kunlun paradise conflicted.

He also felt it. The aura that had been quiet for five millennials finally awakened again!

Kunlun paradise, Tianyun Sect.


Heavenly Zi’s astrolabe crumbled again. He stood up, panicking. This, this was impossible! No way!

Heavenly Zi ran out of the hall with a pale face, meeting Yun Xian’er who just came back.

“Xian’er, quick. Bring Han Yu over!”

Heavenly Zi sighed a breath of relief when he saw Xian’er. Thankfully, Xian’er was back. He still had a chance to change the world around with Han Yu!

“M, master...Han Yu...he refuses to come with me!”

Yun Xian’er looked anxiously at her master. She wasn’t just a brainless pretty face. Seeing her master’s anxious expression now, she knew that she had made a mistake. Unfortunately, it was too late.


As expected, Heavenly Zi stumbled back a few steps hearing Yun Xian’er’s words. His face was pale as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Was this really...fate?

Five thousand years ago, Lieyan detonated himself and almost ruined everything. Now, Cangyue Mainland was about to face an even bigger danger than they did five thousand years ago…

Right now, besides the Heavenly Zi, no one knew about the hidden dangers of this peaceful world.

Right now, lost time-space mission enforcers’ headquarters.

“Xu Lang, you’re using your power for personal gains!”

A dignified voice rang. That person’s back was against the door. They couldn’t see their appearance. But just from hearing his voice, it made one feel extremely pressured.


The middle-aged man smiled sorrowfully. “Qin’er is my daughter and A-Ce is my grandson. I changed the examination time-space and it has nothing to do with the logistics department. Boss, if you’re going to punish someone, punish me. I’m willing to accept any punishment.”

“Punish you?”

The man standing in front of the window sneered. “I already let it go when you broke the rules to let Xu Ce enter with the other mission enforcers. You’ve gotten brazen now. Xu Lang, do you know how much time and effort the headquarters had put into this examination? How much time you made them waste! You actually changed the plane without telling anyone. Do you know the consequences of this? Do you know what’s hidden within the Cangyue Mainland?”

Cangyue Mainland…

Thinking of that event, the man’s gaze darkened.

Back then, he had risked it all to protect that child. He sealed the child’s emotions and took him back to the headquarters and trained him into a mission enforcer without any desires.

Xu Ce,

He was Qin’er’s son. He was the king of the headquarters. He was the heir he wanted.

Only a strong and intelligent and emotionless man could take his place. He’d be able to manage all of the mission enforcers for him but now…

Xu Ce returned to Cangyue Mainland.

Xu Lang and Xu Ce both didn’t know but he knew that secret.

The Flaming Immortal didn’t die after detonation.

He was still alive. He was deep asleep within a certain place in Cangyue Mainland.

He had been waiting for millennia and more, waiting for someone to wake him up…

But now, his son, Xu Ce, has returned.

This wasn’t the worst.

The worst thing was that as the final boss of the lost time-space, Qi Yue, had felt Xu Ce’s seal loosening up not too long ago.

Mn, that’s right. Ye Kanhuan bumped into Qi Yue within the headquarters earlier but he had another identity. He was the most mysterious boss within the headquarters.

People thought that Xu Ce had no heart but Qi Yue was just misleading everyone.

Xu Ce did have a heart but his feelings were all sealed. All these years, he was like a robot, floating in all sorts of planes. He could easily handle any opponents.

Up until he encountered that woman in that time-space.

Su Wan.

Qi Yue couldn’t forget that name.

Since encountering her, Xu Ce’s seal had been loosened. When Qi Yue found out, he wanted to kill the woman but unfortunately, Su Wan was taken back to the lost time-space by Xu Ce because the plane she was in had collapsed.

Qi Yue was still ill at ease although the two barely had any interactions. He started testing Xu Ce and giving him some difficult missions, letting him interact with all sorts of women. No matter their appearances or figures, they were better than Su Wan’s. However, these women couldn’t touch Xu Ce’s heart at all.

It seemed like his still heart only reacted to that person.

Xu Ce had no emotions but he subconsciously would pay attention to Su Wan. He had no idea that it was love.

You love a person not for how unique or outstanding they were.

Maybe it was just because she was her.

For a split second, she touched the bottom of your heart. Since you loved them, you loved them.

Once you loved them, it was hard for you to retreat safely. Qi Yu knew this better than anyone.

Feeling Xu Ce’s change, Qi Yue decided to make a move himself in the end.

He became a new mission enforcer and entered Xu Ce’s department, taking the identity as “villainous boss.” In the Nine Nightmares world, Qi Yue planned to keep Su Wan there forever.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t recovered from the huge battle from all those years. Plus, according to the principles of the world, he couldn’t use his actual power. He could only borrow the nightmares’ powers. In the end, Su Wan saw through this.

Needless to say, Qi Yue underestimated the woman from the start.

Because he underestimated her, he missed the only chance to kill Su Wan.

From then on, Qi Yue had bought a GPS and planned on continuing to chase after Su Wan. Who knew that Su Rui appeared.

Maybe this was fate.

Su Rui appeared and then Su Rui and Su Wan fell in love.

Qi Yue wanted to see this ending but at the same time, he was unsatisfied and even regretted this. He started regretting his decision to seal Xu Ce’s feelings.

Sometimes, you encountered and loved that person first.

However, they ended up with someone else.

Just like him and Qin’er, Xu Ce and Su Wan…

Did they not love enough or was the time not right? In short, once someone missed something, it was hard to get it back.

“Xu Lang, you can go for now. This might be fate.”

Qi Yue sighed.

Lieyan, I gave your son back to you but you could never give Qin’er back to me...

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