Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 406 - Cultivation Examination (24)

By the time Su Wan woke up in the cultivation room, it was the second room. She gradually sat up and the white robe on her immediately slipped down.


Su Wan froze before covering her body with the robe in the next second. Then she stared at Master Mo who was smiling at her. “What, what are you doing here?”


Master Mo touched his chin. “Hand my clothes back.”

Su Wan was speechless.

“Heh. Fine, who cares?”

Su Wan waved her hands and the white robe landed in Master Mo’s hands, covering his vision. By the time he pulled the clothes off, Su Wan had used some of her falling scales to transform a greenish blue dress.

The scales were a part of her and she was able to transform them into her clothes right now. It was a strong magic weapon at the same time.

“Congratulations for advancing.”

Master Mo lifted his brows and smiled at Su Wan.


Su Wan held her breath and felt her meridian only to find out that her devil core had been synthesized.


Unknowingly, Su Wan thought of the scene she remembered from her mind again. That bracelet. The immortal qi within her bracelet had helped her get through this.

The bracelet should be Jinghong Fairy’s remnant but why was it in that old man’s hands?

Plus, there was no way to bring anything from the mission world to the lost time-space, unless that belonged to the area in the first place.

Su Wan was startled.

Legend had it that Jinghong Fairy died in Cangyue Mainland but what if she didn’t?

What if she returned to the lost time-space before she died?

Su Wan didn’t dare to think anymore but she vaguely knew the truth.

The Flaming Immortal who looked basically the same as Xu Ce.

The golden bracelet that appeared in the lost time-space.

The mysterious old man’s identity within the mission world…

It was him.

Xu Ce!

He gave Jinghong Fairy’s remnants to her.

Su Wan subconsciously clutched her other wrist. She didn’t want it. She didn’t need it. She didn’t need that man’s pity and favor!

“Little snake?”

Su Wan had been silent but Master Mo didn’t disturb her. Seeing that her expression changed right now and there was a sign of her aura being disturbed, Master Mo took a step forward and grabbed her hands, softly calling her.

Feeling the warm palm on the back of her hand, Su Wan looked up to meet Master Mo’s eyes.

The pair of eyes were clear like the spring water but also deep like the sea.

“You’re fine.”

He smiled faintly and then slowly let go of her hands.


Su Wan couldn’t help but smile at Master Mo. “Thank you.”

Although she didn’t know why, the warmth from his palm seemed to be magical. It could calm her feelings down right away.

“You don’t have to say thank you. You’re mine.”

Master Mo suddenly looked at Su Wan’s eyes and exclaimed in a low voice, “We still haven’t settled the accounts. Therefore, from now on, you’re mine.”


Su Wan lifted her brows when she heard his words. “Okay. Master, since you like me, Xiao Qing will naturally be willing to serve you for life too.”

She couldn’t return to Ziyang Sect but she had learned a lot from the sect so far. It wasn’t a bad idea to stay by Master Mo’s side right now. Plus, there was also a male lead here.

Danger and luck co-existed when they followed the male lead. Who knows? Maybe they’d ascend to heaven one day and wouldn’t need to hide anymore.

By the time Su Wan and Master Mo came out of the hidden cultivation room, Xiao Qian and little plum blossom had gone to rest already. Jiu and Han Yu were kneeling in a corner of the underground cave, researching something mysteriously.

“What are you guys doing?” Su Wan asked curiously.

Jiu immediately stood up and smiled, saying, “Little snake, you’re fine? That’s great! Come here and look! Han Yu found a trap here. There seems to be huge secret within but we didn’t dare to open it hastily.”


Su Wan and Master Mo immediately looked at each other in shock.

Male leads were male leads! He was known for his male lead halo!

The two quickly walked over and took a few careful looks. As expected, they found an inconspicuous bump on the corner of a wall. It did look like a trap.

“It seems like we need a key to activate this.”

Su Wan pointed at the bump at another place which seemed to be storage for something.

“It should be this, right?”

Han Yu took out a strange stone from his arms and said, “I found this under the bed.”

Su Wan was speechless.

“Put it inside and try.”

Master Mo said softly. Then he used his spiritual qi to prop up a spiritual qi defense that covered the four of them inside. He was the one with the highest cultivation amongst them. Therefore, if something happened, he needed to react first.


Han Yu nodded and then placed the stone he picked up into the bump. In the next second, it sparkled and lit the entire underground cave up. In this moment, Master Mo immediately activated the tactical formation for the underground cave to prevent the light from going outside the cave and catching people’s attention.

When the glow dissipated, the entire rock wall slowly moved to the two sides and a treasure-house appeared in front of them.

Besides all sorts of weapons and magic weapons, there were many refining materials as well as many chants and spiritual stones.

It seemed like this was the solo cultivator’s entire assets.

Even Master Mo was a bit surprised. Although it was a simple treasure-house, the stone wall had been reformed and nobody could detect this hidden room’s existence with their perceptivity or spirituality.

Master Mo had a really high cultivation but he didn’t notice this place at all. Yet, Han Yu accidentally found this hidden room. The male lead’s luck was unnatural.

After they unintentionally obtained a bunch of resources, they started cultivating inside the underground cave, at ease.

Another three years passed.

“Yay! I finally got to transform successfully!”

There was a happy and childish voice in the underground cave today. Seeing the girl wearing red jumping around, Master Mo felt a headache coming. “Qian’er, take little plum blossom out to play. Good girl.”


Three years passed and Qian’er had grown. The little plum blossom ended up becoming the smallest in the underground cave. She looked like she was only six or seven.

But little plum blossom didn’t mind. After she transformed into a human, she recalled some of her memories and found out she was the descendant of the ancient plum. Their species usually lived for a really long time. No matter whether they were going to transform into a human or grow up, it required a lot of time.

The fifth year after little plum blossom transformed successfully, Su Wan had successfully advanced into the primary realm. She was definitely one of the strongest of the devils within Wanyao Mountain now. Therefore, she also got to advance really quickly.

Of course, there was something else that Su Wan didn’t know. When she synthesized her devil core, the immortal qi inside the golden bracelet had cleansed her entire body and got rid of all the badness. This led her journey to advancing to be really smooth...


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