Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 407 - Cultivation Examination (25)

There was no end to cultivation.

In the blink of an eye, Su Wan had been in the mission world for five decades or so. For the past few decades, her appearance didn’t change much and she had reached the perfect primary realm stage. She was only one step into the deity realm.

Master Mo was always mysterious and Su Wan couldn’t tell how strong his cultivation was. However, she was sure that Master Mo was a mission enforcer.

This was because Su Wan would always hear notifications of mission enforcers being eliminated whenever he went out and then came back.

There were only eight mission enforcers left in this space.

Su Wan knew that besides her and Master Mo, there were six more people.

Cough. Su Wan felt sorrowful when she thought of this because of the past few decades, she did nothing and killed no one.

But at least, she survived.

Mn. Although she only survived until this point because of luck, luck was also a type of strength. If you could hide until there were only two people remaining, then you were considered really lucky and cool.

In the blink of an eye, they reached the cultivation distinguished meeting that occurred once every two years within Cangyue Mainland.

Ever since the Flame Immortal detonated himself five thousand years ago, the entire Cangyue Mainland was almost destroyed. The four other immortals had to work together to seal the area in which the Flame Immortal detonated himself, saving everyone from death.

As time passed by, the closed-off area gradually became an isolated world. Every two centuries, the entrance to that world would be opened once, for two months. During this time period, any sect had the opportunity to send their disciples inside to get some experience and training.

After all, that was a world from five thousand years ago. There might be some treasures in there. Plus, the Flame Immortal had detonated himself there so he left almost everything in that world.

The key to opening the world was in the three first-rank sects’ hands. As the two centuries slowly came, whether it was the Kunlun paradise, or wastelands, all the cultivators started becoming restless.

That world…

Su Wan looked down at the golden tattoo on her wrist.

If her guess was right, Xu Ce would definitely not miss this opportunity.

She mustn’t either!

But apparently, only sects above fourth-rank could attend this distinguished meeting that occurred once every two centuries. The disciples that were allowed to go inside were elite disciples from the distinguished sects.

Su Wan wasn’t in a sect. It would be difficult for her to mingle into one unless…

Underground cave.


Su Wan held a tray of cut fruits and smiled, delivering that to Master Mo.


Master Mo opened his eyes to see the little snake trying to flatter him. He couldn’t help but raise his brows. “What do you want now? Don’t ask for the Wanling Pill again. It does nothing for you now.”

“Ah! Master! Look, I specially went up the mountains to pick these fruits for you. They are really fresh. Taste them. I’m not here to ask for a pill. Master, you’ve treated me really well so can’t I just want to treat you well out of the bottom of my heart?”

Master Mo: heh.

He had seen through this little snake’s nature. She might be smiling gently and sweetly but once she encounters a cultivator stronger than himself, he is sure that this little thing will stab him in the back.

People say that women have the most poisonous hearts.

Master Mo smiled and ate a grape. The juice was really sweet and it tasted really good.

“Master, it tastes good right?”

Su Wan winked and started acting cute. “When I went up the mountains to pick fruits, I saw many cultivators walking towards Tianyun Sect. Did something happen there?”


Master Mo understood now. This little snake wanted to go to the distinguished meeting that occurred once every two years.

But speaking of which, he did make plans to meet Xu Ce over there.

Master Mo was naturally Su Rui.

These years, he basically remembered everyone that he encountered. There were eighteen people originally but there were only eight remaining now. Six of them were sensed by Su Rui. The ones alive were the destruction department’s Su Wan who was this little snake as well as his own department’s Xu Ce who was Ye Cheng from Ziyang Sect.

Lin Ruo from the rebirth department who had been by Xu Ce’s side the entire side was now known as Ziye.

The fourth person was the transmigration department’s Shanh Nianhua. Her identity was Daqi Sect’s Hou Bingning. What’s worth mentioning was that she had an elder brother, Hou Bing chen who was an alchemist genius amongst the younger generation. He was also a mission enforcer. He was from the same department as Su Rui and Xu Ce; he was Yun Sheng.

The sixth person was naturally Qin Yu from the rebirth department. His identity was Tianyun Sect’s Heavenly Zi’s last disciple, Gudu Qingjiu.

He had an extraordinary status. Qin Yu had been in seclusion all this time and never gave anyone the chance to learn more about him.

There was one more person…

The last person.

Su Rui actually couldn’t detect that person’s aura.

There were only two possibilities for this situation. The first was that person was too far from the Kunlun paradise Su Rui was at so he couldn’t detect the presence.

The second possibility was really dangerous.

That person could be in Kunlun paradise and within these major sects. However, he used special methods to conceal his aura so no one could detect him. If this was the possibility, then they were a dangerous existence…

Will the last eight people participate in the last battle?

Lost time-space.

Ye Kanhuan was sitting there cracking seeds while Ding Jiajia was sitting next to him, wearing a loli face.

“Hey, handsome. Give me some. Isn’t it boring eating by yourself?”

Saying this, Ding Jiajia reached over but Ye Kanhuan took the seeds. “I like eating by myself.”

Ding Jiajia was flabbergasted.

You damned virgin guy.


She turned around angrily. Ye Kanhuan couldn’t help but laugh seeing her attitude. “Hey, I’m just kidding. Here. Take some. Tell me how you got eliminated.”

Ding Jiajia: …

“Nevermind. I don’t want to eat it.”

Ding Jiajia wanted to cry.

Say, wasn’t her life difficult? Heaven finally blessed her and let her become Delightful Sect’s Dong Qingxiu but before she could have some fun with some guys, she almost got killed by Master Mo, that madman. During a life or death moment, she had to give up her body and escape to the Delightful Sect with her core, just barely.

Ding Jiajia thought that there were countless beautiful women and handsome men in the sect so she could just find a new and young disciple with a good figure, taking over their body.

Yet, the girl whose body she planned on taking over just happened to be the girl that the head of Delightful Sect took a fancy too.

Therefore, after she took over the body, she woke up to find out that she had been eaten by a certain head of the sect. Ding Jiajia originally didn’t care about this but the head of Delightful Sect was known for being a madman! After they had sex, he wanted to absorb her essence and let a beautiful lady like her turn into an old woman.

How could he do this?

Ding Jiajia thought life was boring without a beautiful appearance. Plus, she had stolen someone’s body once so she couldn’t do it again. Ding Jiajia decided to just die and return to the headquarters, unhappy with the result.

Cough. Right. Mission enforcers could commit suicide too.

After seeing her beautiful and healthy body, Ding Jiajia felt alive again but she’d never tell anyone that she had committed suicide.

After all, Su Wan and Ye Xin were still in the mission world. She could just cheer them on. Right. That’s what she’d do.

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