Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 409 - Cultivation Examination(27)

September 9th was when the world was open to the public. It was September 1st right now. Whether it was Kunlun paradise’s sects or wastelands, or sects from the wastelands, they all gathered at the foot of Tianyun Sect’s Xiaguang Town.

The town that was supposed to be quiet was now full of lively people. The atmosphere was unusual.

Su Wan followed Master Mo to Xiguang Town. It was noon and the sun was bright. The town was bustling with activity but they couldn’t feel any warmth within the carriage.


The current within the air was icy-cold.

Master Mo didn’t bring his sister along nor let anyone else follow. He only brought Su Wan this time.

This could be the last battle.

He knew that Xu Ce planned on catching everyone in one net in this distinguished meeting.

This might not be bad but…

Su Rui couldn’t help but look at Su Wan. This snake, no, he should call her Su Wan.

What should she do?

Su Rui was most conflicted with this. After decades of being with her, he had long noticed that he didn’t have the heart to hurt her. Even more, he refused to let anyone hurt her either!

While he was conflicted, he suddenly felt a familiar aura. He looked up to see a bunch of people wearing immortal robes walking inside the town. Their robes all had a realistic cauldron embroidered on it. This was Daqi Sect’s disciple robes!

Yun Sheng and Shang Nianhua.

Su Rui saw Hou Bingchen within the disciples at first glance. He was considered a genius figure within Daqi Sect. He naturally stood in the center amongst the disciples and the delicate and petite lady next to her was her sister, Hou Bingning.

Mn. Also the mission enforcer, Shang Nianhua.

Su Rui’s gaze flickered over the two He didn’t seem to care but Su Wan had noticed his gaze already. Su Wan’s gaze flickered, keeping the two in mind.

If Master Mo had paid attention to them then...they must be mission enforcers?

Su Wan was sure, staying by Master Mo’s side silently. “Master, lots of people had come to Xiaguang Town. Are those people from Daqi Sect? Oh look, there’s people from Taiyi Sect! As well as Delightful Sect. So lively. Are we going to look for the people in the Medicinal Valley?”

“No, we’re going to find a place to stay first.”

Su Rui didn’t want to meet up with the people from the Medicinal Valley right now. He enjoyed being with her more.

“Oh, understood.”

Su Wan answered and followed Su Rui into a tavern in the center of the town. They felt icy-cold the moment they stepped into the tavern.

The lounge of the tavern was surrounded by yin energy. A group of Yingui Sect’s disciples wearing black robes were sitting in groups, chatting about something and taking the seats near the windows. There was a skinny figure whose face was hidden in the darkness. No one could see his face but the fire-red Wangui banner next to him reminded everyone constantly of his identity.

Yingui Sect’s head, Xuan Yuanshi.

Feeling Su Rui and Su Wan’s gazes, Xuan Yuanshi suddenly looked up. His face was still covered by the black fog. He looked at Su Rui and then his gaze landed on Su Wan. He looked at her for a really long time before saying deeply, “Are you Master Mo from the Medicinal Valley?”

His voice was hard to distinguish and also a bit hoarse.

“That’s right. Hello Sect Head Xuan Yuan.”

Su Rui nodded at him. While Xuan Yuanshi looked at him, Su Rui had already felt incomparably dangerous creeping upon him.

Really dangerous! This person!

Since he had come to Cangyue Mainland, Su Rui knew clearly. This cultivation world had existed for millennia. There were many strong cultivators and figured here.

Not only did they, as mission enforcers, need to stay on alert against their opponents, they also needed to stay on alert against the cultivators.

Countless mission enforcers that entered this world were definitely killed by a cultivator and there could be more.

Therefore, Su Rui had to carefully deal with Xuan Yuanshi.

Thankfully, it didn’t seem like he wanted to make things difficult for them. He casually talked to Su Rui for a bit before leaving.

Su Rui and Su Wan both sighed. The two asked for two top-notch rooms at the shopkeeper’s counter before returning to their rooms to rest.

What Su Wan didn’t expect was when she was meditating and cultivating, Xuan Yuanshi who was in the other room created a water mirror using his spiritual power and the mirror reflected Su Wan’s every move.

Xuan Yuanshi stared at Su Wan’s hands for a really long time and he took off his hat in the end. The black fog on his face dissipated and revealed a beautiful female face.

This was Xuan Yuanshi’s true appearance. Even the elders of Yingui Sect didn’t know that their mysterious sect leader was a young lady.

No, to be accurate, she had lived for five thousand years.

She used to be an abandoned child and the Flame Immortal took her in. Seeing that it had “Shi” on the blanket where she was wrapped in, he decided to name her “shi.”

“Little Shi.”

A soft voice rang in Xuan Yunashi’s ears. The voice was that familiar, that dear.

“Brother Baiye?”

Xuan Yuanshi turned around in surprise. As expected, the Devil King, Huang Baiye stood behind her.

“You’re finally back.”

He stood a few steps forward and caressed Xuan Yuanshi’s hair. “Girl, you’re really unruly.”


Xuan Yuanshi smiled faintly. She never felt like she had the right to be unruly. In this world, if there was that one person who loved and was willing to pardon everything about you, then you were allowed to do whatever you wanted to.

But when you had nothing, how could you be unruly? Be unruly for who to see?

“I felt young master’s aura so I came back.”

Xuan Yuanshi looked at Baiye in seriousness and asked, “Brother Baiye, how about you? Did you find a way to save sister-in-law Hongyu?”

“No, but…”

Baiye couldn’t help but smile. “Little plum blossom has grown up and is living a happy life. You’ve seen the little snake too right?”

Baiye’s gaze also landed on the water mirror in Xuan Yuanshi’s room. Su Wan was still concentrated on meditating.

“She has the leader’s wife’s remnants. I’m not sure if she has anything to do with the young master but seeing how little plum blossom is with her, she seems like a pretty good person.”

Baiye smiled and looked meaningfully at Xuan Yuanshi.

Xuan Yuanshi’s gaze also dimmed. “You’re trying to say that the young master gave her that as a love token and that she’d be the young master’s wife in the future? Brother Baiye, what did you think I would do to her? You thought I would kill her?”

Xuan Yuanshi knew what Baiye was worried about just like how he always knew what she was thinking.

She had admired Flame Immortal since she was young. The admiration was mixed with love and respect. She was unhappy for a while after finding out that the Flame Immortal was with Jinghong Fairy. The straightforward Jinghong Fairy pulled Xuan Yuanshi’s hands and placed it on her stomach. “Xiao Shi, you’re so cute and smart. When I have a son, be with him. I’ll betroth you to him. Are you willing?”

In the cultivation room, age wasn’t an issue. Plus, Xuan Yuanshi was only sixteen back then.

Xu Qin had no idea whether she’d have a son or daughter. She might’ve genuinely just wanted to comfort the upset girl. However, Xuan Yuanshi took it seriously.

She was an innocent and stubborn person.

She remembered Jinghong Fairy’s words and felt like she needed to live for the young master.

Young master, you might not know me.

But I’ve actually waited five thousand years for you.

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