End of World Businessman

Chapter 41.3: Escape Attempt [3]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: HeXie

Chapter 41.3: Escape Attempt [3]

In any case, with the system’s timely assistance, the huge stone that weighed on Wu Ye’s heart finally fell to the ground. To be honest, Wu Ye was more afraid of death than anyone else. Not only that, he was also afraid of trouble knocking on his door.

However, if he really did nothing and just watched on as more than ten people died in front of his eyes, he was afraid his heart wouldn’t let him feel at ease for the rest of his life. Wu Ye’s mood right now was comparable to the mood people would get when they saw an old man falling on the road side and did nothing.

It wasn’t like every bystanders was cold-blooded and ruthless to just watch on. In fact, they would feel torn between wanting to help and wanting to avoid trouble. Yet, they feared that if they helped that old man out, what they got would be sky-high medical fees instead of commendation that they had done a good deed.

Then, in the end, they would be separated from their wives and children. The good deed they had done would become the source of their misery, transforming a good thing into an evil one in their mind.

The best solution to this dilemma was to still save people who needed saving. However, you still have to retain common sense and not put yourself in harm’s way too. After all, no one could guarantee that they wouldn’t be that old man falling on the road side.

For Wu Ye, this ‘Loyalty Rune’ was a secret weapon that would allow him a chance to save others while also protecting his own secret.

Wu Ye’s conversation with his system was done directly through their mind-link, as such it allowed them to finish their conversation quickly. Thus, from Qin Wuhua’s point of view, Wu Ye’s dazed state only lasted for mere moments. Therefore, it was given that he would be bewildered when Wu Ye smiled slyly towards him.

“Don’t worry, Wuhua. I’ve a way to solve this problem now.”

Without explaining, Wu Ye immediately put the 8 bottles of intermediate-level zombie repellent and 120 bottles of low-level zombie repellent on the floor and piled it up together. Looking at the way his points dramatically fell, Second Young Master Wu gritted his teeth together in silence.

All the points I earned during this time were all lost! D*mn it. I must escape alive and find Chen Baoguan, that motherf*****, to calculate this account!

Wu Ye then shouted towards the people inside to come in. He disregarded their surprised expressions as he methodically arranged the people into teams. “Ji Yun, Yang Qi, Yang Li Na, Bao Jian Ping, Du An Bang, the five of you take three bottles of intermediate-level zombie repellent and forty five bottles of low-level zombie repellent.

You guys should mix ⅓ bottle of intermediate-level repellent with 5 bottles of low-level repellent, then spray it on each floor. Start with the ground floor all the way to the ninth floor. Ji Yun, you should already know how to use this drug. Teach them how to mix it properly and use it. Act fast. Now!”

Wu Ye ordered as he gave Ji Yun and the aforementioned people the repellent. As usual, the repellent produced by the system had no packaging or brand. Fortunately, the iron bottle of intermediate-level zombie repellent was easy to identify because of its larger size.

“Yes, Boss!” Ji Yun exclaimed joyously. Among those present, only Ji Yun and Qin Wuhua had seen the magic of zombie repellent. As such, it was no wonder that Ji Yun’s desperate heart gave birth to a glimmer of hope and cheered him up when he saw it.

Although no one else knew, Yang Qi and Yang Li Na were aware that Ji Yun was the first person to follow Wu Ye. So, they knew he was closer to the two than they were and knew a lot more than they did. And though they were full of questions upon seeing Qian Xin, who was injured half to death by a zombie, somehow survived and became an ability user, they still withheld their curiosity.

After all, since Qin Wuhua and Wu Ye didn’t take the initiative to mention it, how could they act carelessly? They weren’t close enough yet to know any important secret. Thus, they were shocked from the bottom of their hearts when they saw Ji Yun’s excitement at seeing these unknown things.

Could these unknown things really drive away that terrible fourth-level zombie outside?

It was not only Yang Qi and Yang Li Na who stared at those things, but also everyone else. They stared at these high-pressured spray bottles that appeared out of nowhere with doubts.

Were these repellents really useful?

“Li Yuan, Li Xu, the two of you are responsible for these sprays while everyone else continues what they had just been doing. Hurry up!”


Whether these so-called zombie repellents were truly effective or not didn’t matter now. What mattered was the fact that everyone’s spirit was lifted up because they saw a glimmer of hope for their survival.

Even the ‘Craniotomy Robot’, which had somehow grown two legs, turned on its smart mode as it followed everyone while foolishly waving its four arms. It was as if it got infected by everyone’s excitement.

Meanwhile, on the giant’s zombie side- it looked like it was unable to adapt to its new body at first as it didn’t seem to be able to run fast. Its movements were also very clumsy. However, after eating more than 30 ability users, its height quickly exceeded four meters, nearly reaching five meter high.

When it stood up straight, it was as high as a two-storied house. Its legs were longer than its upper body, almost reaching 3 meters long. And with each step it took, it was able to move several meters. So, although it looked slow, it was actually not much slower than the third-level zombies that were known for its speed.

Thus, in just 15 minutes, it was able to catch up with four of Chen Baoguan’s five truck convoy. Then, as soon as it reached them, it almost devoured every ability users that belonged to Chen Baoguan’s team.

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