In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 41 - A Grudge of Many Years

“Then, will they be angry at you for not returning to your post?”

Sayo urged him to return to his post, and Jun instantly abandoned his thoughts.

Kazuma was dead.

The man holding the knife was there.

The man holding the knife-

His thoughts disappeared in an instant.

Jun rushed out.

Normally, he should naturally work out a plan before going to fight.

To rush out without thinking was suicidal.

However, Jun couldn’t hold back.

There was no way he could have forgotten.

Reacting to Jun’s footsteps, the man turned in his direction.

The man who had deprived him of his ordinary life.

“Oh! There are seconds!”

Smiling in delight, he assumed a stance with the knife.

The man who had torn everything to pieces.


Jun swung the iron pipe sideways.

However, the man dodged as he performed an elegant backward somersault.

“Huh? Have I met you before?”


No way… Has this man… No way…

“Hmm? I can’t remember! Ahahaha!”

How could he forget?

What happened on that day?

The unforgettable matter that happened on that summer day?

That he had massacred his own family?

Jun's heart leaped in his chest with a badump.

And, with a sound, something collapsed.

He wasn’t even remembered.

He had lived in order to kill this man.

He had even practiced throwing knives at the riverbed nearby.

Still, this man didn’t even remember anything.

An unbelievable feeling of wasted effort enveloped his body.

For what had he lived his life?


The man wielded the knife.


Jun dodged by bending backwardcaught, his cheek being slightly slashed.

Although he immediately swung the iron pipe, the man evaded by crouching.

“Is it over already? Let’s play more!”

A child.

Right, he was a child.

Like a whining child, the man pestered him to play.

For this man, killing was the same as playing around.


Jun pulled out the survival knife hanging at his waist.

“Ooh! How cool! It’s a duel! A Duel!”

The man cheered.

Jun’s patience had already reached its limit.

He continued slashing at his arm.

However, the man catched the blade.

“It doesn’t work, you know~”


The man seemed to be proficient at handling knives.

Meaning that if he blocked the man’s knife, he could easily kill him.

Jun slowly retreated.

The man strode calmly and approached Jun.

“Is it over already? How boring.”


Jun continued retreating backward.

“Then, let me hear your last moments!”

The man viciously threw himself at Jun.

At that moment, the man’s body wavered.


He lurched over canned food that had dropped from Kazuma’s bag.

(I got you now.)

Jun threw the iron pipe at the man.

(The thing a person who relies too much on a knife would use in a crisis…)

Flustered, the man assumed a stance with the knife to defend himself from Jun’s pipe.

That crash made his knife fly off far behind him.

(Is a knife!)

Jun lunged at the man’s throat.

The point of his knife pierced the man’s throat for sure… Or at least it was supposed to.

With a clang, Jun’s knife was repelled.


There was a knife in the man’s hand.


No one had said that he only had one knife…

“You were close, huh!”


He couldn’t think of anything.

All of his effort until now had ended up useless.

He had done what he was supposed to do.

He had used up everything.

And even then, he hadn’t reached him.

“You, don’t you speak?”

It was no good.

Only dying in vain was no good.

He hurriedly reconstructed his thoughts crumbling away.

What weapon did he have left?

Swinging his gaze slightly down, he saw the canned food.

“It’s my first time to meet such a person! I’m looking forward to hearing what kind of scream you’ll make! Will you desperately try to use your voice that doesn’t work? …Let’s torment you slowly!”

Kazuma’s corpse…

It was still clutching the gun.

However, before he would be able to take it, he’d probably be killed.

“Then, first is your left hand!”

The man swung the knife.

The edge of the blade approached his left hand.

And, cut into his skin, cutting off his blood vessels, making red blood gush out.


He restrained his arm.

It was a pain enough to make his thoughts disappear for a moment.

Before he was able to gather his thoughts again, the man cut his cheek.

His thoughts vanished.

Like he was trying to scrape something up in a fog, his thoughts spilled over a gap in his mind.


He fell on his backside.

“Where should I aim for you to let out your voice? …It would be good to tear off your nails one by one, but it would be fun if I burned your fingers while you’re still alive.”

The man came closer with the knife.

“First off, let’s cut off the tendon in your leg! So you can’t run away~”

Would he kill him?

Like with his family?


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