I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 41 (Part 2)

Mingxi, Dong Hui and Dong Shen made an appointment to meet each other at the mall.

After going abroad for two years, Dong Shen's taste had improved a lot. He was no longer the same chubby boy before. He was now 1.78 meters tall, dressed in a very cool manner. He could even be called a handsome boy. Walking beside Mingxi, the two attracted a lot of attention together.

Last time, Dong Hui mainly asked Mingxi about the situation in the past two years, but this time, Mingxi had the opportunity to have a good conversation with her young playmate Dong Shen.

“Mingxi jie, you’ve really changed a lot. Of course, the change is not in your personality, but you have changed a lot on the outside.” Dong Shen blushed a little when he saw Mingxi. He was not good at expressing himself. What he wanted to say was that when Mingxi first came out of Tongcheng, she would be a little timid when she faced anything strange here, but now Mingxi was no longer like that. She had a courageous personality and would do whatever she thought of.

Mingxi smiled and said, "You too. You’ve become more handsome."

In fact, they have all changed a lot. After two years of absence, such change was really shocking.

Dong Shen asked again, “Is your face completely healed?”

The Dong family went abroad after Mingxi entered the Zhao family and Mingxi's grandmother passed away.

There was a scar on Mingxi's face at the time and she wanted to hide it from them, but she couldn't resist Dong Hui and her request to video call her, so the Dong family knew about it.

Dong Hui even gave Mingxi a sum of money, but Mingxi did not accept it.

"It's completely healed." Mingxi touched her cheek subconsciously.

If Dong Shen didn't ask, she would have almost forgotten that her face was injured.

All this was thanks to Fu Yangxi whose luck she freeloaded on.

Mingxi glanced at her own young shoots again. Four small trees had grown and that was equivalent to 200 young shoots.

Mingxi remembered that Fu Yangxi's birthday was approaching, so she decided to prepare a gift for him.

When she and Dong Shen were walking around the mall, whenever they saw some small things where the production date happened to be November 5th, they would buy them all, including baseball caps and other things. But Mingxi has no idea about what to give him. She just kept accumulating these items quietly, hoping that Fu Yangxi would feel that her gift was different. She also hoped that Fu Yangxi would be happier that day.

"Oh, yes." Mingxi suddenly took out her mobile phone and showed Dong Shen the photo she took yesterday. When she went to the balcony to dry her clothes last night, she saw a white bottle falling out of Fu Yangxi's school bag. She picked it up and casually took a photo of the French words on it and then stuffed it into Fu Yangxi's school bag.

“Didn't you just come back from France? You should understand what these words mean, right?”

Dong Shen took the phone and looked at the photo for a while. Then, he said, “I don’t understand this. I can only distinguish a few words, such as treatment, usage, and chronic insomnia disorder. After all, I only use oral English and don’t understand professional vocabulary. You should take it to a doctor and ask them.”

“They don’t say ‘vitamins’?” Mingxi was stunned.

Dong Shen said, “Of course not, vitamin is another word.”

It was then that Mingxi discovered that because Fu Yangxi once said "vitamins", she assumed that all the medicine Fu Yangxi took were vitamins.


But why would he have insomnia?

Mingxi saw him lying lazily on the table, sleeping every day in class, so she always thought that he slept better than ordinary people.

Mingxi suddenly remembered the bruises and glass scratches that had appeared inexplicably on Fu Yangxi several times, and her eyelids suddenly twitched.

“What happened?” Dong Shen asked.

"Nothing." Mingxi came back to her senses and put away the photos. She planned to find a chance to take another photo of one of Fu Yangxi’s medicines, and then go to a doctor in a hospital to inquire about them.

Because she was interrupted by this incident, Mingxi lost her mood to go shopping.

She just wanted to go back to Fu Yangxi's house quickly.

Mingxi and Dong Shen accompanied Dong Hui on her shopping spree. Meanwhile, Madam Zhao was accompanied by her friends from her social circle as they bought some bags and relaxed.

Madam Zhao did not expect to meet Dong Hui and Mingxi coming down the escalator here.


She was taken aback for a moment. She subconsciously took a step there, but the escalator she was on was going up, so she could only turn her head and watched Zhao Mingxi, Dong Hui and Dong Shen leave.

When her friend saw the odd look on her face, they followed her gaze and saw Zhao Mingxi and the people around her. They couldn’t help but say to Madam Zhao, “Isn’t that your child? Who is next to her, your relatives? Why is she shopping with another family?”

Madam Zhao felt anxious. She didn't know what to say for a while.

Her gaze fell on Zhao Mingxi's hand holding Dong Hui— Zhao Mingxi used to hold her hand when she went out shopping with her.

Now that Mingxi has left, no one will go shopping with her.

At this moment, Madam Zhao's heart was no longer filled with just regret. A feeling of jealousy towards Dong Hui had also emerged. Why did she lose her biological daughter, yet Dong Hui could get along with Mingxi so well?

"It's a relative of my family." Madam Zhao replied. But she could only say that, otherwise, the news of Zhao Mingxi's break with them would be spread out tomorrow.

"I think your Mingxi is kind to your relative." The friend beside her curled their lips into a smile and said, “She is helping them choose some new clothes, how patient. My daughter would never be so patient with me."

The two turned their heads and saw Mingxi walking into a branded store with Dong Hui. She picked up a piece of clothing at the entrance of the store and made gestures to Dong Hui.

Madam Zhao only felt that her heart was getting overwhelmed. She wanted her to stop talking, but she was still mumbling about it, "I like your Mingxi. She looks beautiful. Let her come out and go shopping with us next time.”


Madam Zhao's lips were pale. She smiled, but her smile was filled with reluctance. “Okay, I’ll take her out next time.”

When Zhao Mingxi's figure was about to disappear from their field of vision, Madam Zhao only felt anxious, and a tingling sensation of losing something.

This cannot go on.

She thought.

I must find a way to slowly pull Mingxi back.

She was expecting Mingxi to change her mind gradually and finally come home. But seeing her living so happily outside now, she seems to have regarded Dong Hui as a relative. On the contrary, it didn’t matter whether she wanted to be with her real family or not.

If they don’t come up with something, Madam Zhao is afraid that she will lose Zhao Mingxi forever.

She gritted her teeth and sent a text message to Zhao Zhanhuai: "Is there any way you can go and tell Mingxi's school to let them take back Mingxi’s right to live in school?"


After Mingxi left home, Fu Yangxi went to take a shower, took the key and went out.

10 minutes later, he walked into a familiar private barber shop. As soon as he walked in, the designer quickly emptied the place and escorted him to the third floor.

“Young Master Fu, do you want to cut it short? A shorter cut will make you look more energetic.”

In the mirror, Fu Yangxi had red arrogant short hair, but his mood was obviously a little low today. He was not as lazy and sloppy as before, but was cold and tired, barely opening his eyelids.

The designer could only see Fu Yangxi’s lowered eyes. He was unable to guess what he was thinking.

After a while, he raised his eyes and said, "Dye it black."

"Dye it black?" The designer was stunned. “You never thought of dyeing it black before."

Dark hair, dark eyebrows and cold pale skin, just like Fu Zhihong.

Yu Jiarong would not accept it, nor would Grandpa.

But Zhao Mingxi obviously liked this type of guy.

Fu Yangxi very much hoped to return to the previous dream of self-deception.

He said impatiently, “Enough with the nonsense, just dye it black."

After sitting in the barber shop for two hours, his body felt like it was going to fall apart.


Fu Yangxi stood up, took out his mobile phone from his pocket and scanned the code to pay.

When he went downstairs, the employees in the store couldn't help but stare at Young Master Fu.

Hair color has too much of an influence on a person's temperament.

Before, Young Master Fu had short red hedgehog-like spiky hair. He practically placed the arrogance and scariness on his face, making people want to run as soon as they saw him. It almost made people ignore his handsome and charming appearance.

But at this time, his pitch-black short hair, clean and tall, was a little bit less violent and uninhibited at a glance. It was a little bit more crisp and indifferent, proud and young.

When he turned to scan the code, the neck at the collar of his coat was strong, revealing young and powerful lines.

Several people in the shop were dumbfounded as they looked at him.

"What are you looking at?" Fu Yangxi came back to his senses. Seeing these people staring at him, he glared back anxiously. “If you look some more, your eyeballs might fall off.”

The people in the shop hurriedly looked away. Young Master Fu was still Young Master Fu. Even if he changed a hairstyle it did not mean that he changed his temper.

Fu Yangxi touched his new hairstyle in an unfamiliar manner and walked out of the barber shop.

He took a selfie with a stinky face and sent it to the group.

Sure enough, Ke Chengwen and Jiang Xiuqiu started making noise again.

The three of them got in a video call.

Jiang Xiuqiu: "???? I just talked about it last night, yet you actually went ahead and did it? Young Master Fu, you are really doing everything to get her attention.”

Fu Yangxi suddenly jumped into a rage: "Are you f*cking with me? What do you mean you ‘just talked about it’? Didn't you say that Zhao Mingxi likes this type?!"

Ke Chengwen hurriedly tried to smooth things over, “Okay, Xi ge, hurry up and buy candles and steak—”

After thinking about it, Ke Chengwen said again, “I think Zhao Mingxi's still prefers the more learned type. Xi ge, it might be difficult for you to pretend to be studious."

Fu Yangxi became anxious and said angrily, “Can you explain to me what is meant by 'difficult for you to pretend to be studious’? If you don't explain it clearly, your dog life will be gone tonight. I am studious, understood?"

Ke Chengwen: “...”

Jiang Xiuqiu replied, "I can vouch for Fu Yangxi on this."

Fu Yangxi urged with a long face, “What else? Don't hide your ideas, send them all at once."

Ke Chengwen retracted his neck and said, "Also, do you want to buy a few Olympiad Mathematics books and a few gold medals and place them at your home? Then during the candle light dinner tonight, when Zhao Mingxi asks who your idol is, you must speak of Einstein, remember, Einstein! The most inspirational moment is when the apple falls—”

Fu Yangxi said, “That’s Newton!”

Ke Chengwen scratched his head and said, "In short, in addition to developing toward her type, you have to be romantic. Then, you can beat Shen Liyao."

When Fu Yangxi heard the name Shen Liyao, there was a surge of dark clouds above his head. Seeing that he would be furious in the next second, Ke Chengwen quickly said, “Zhao Mingxi likes the quiet and cold type, Xi ge, stop talking!"

Fu Yangxi: “...”

Fu Yangxi swallowed the swear word at the tip of his tongue.

"See you in the next life." He cut off the video directly and found a place to buy materials for dinner.

When he had that red hedgehog-like hair before, he looked arrogant and domineering, and no one dared to look at him directly on the street.

Now that he dyed his hair black, there were many girls staring at him as he walked down the street.

Fu Yangxi's fists were itchy. With a glare that said, "Want to fight?", he stared back at them.

Finally, he scared away the people who were staring at him.

Fu Yangxi's face was dark. He tried his best to endure the discomfort caused by his black hair.

He glanced at the time. Little Mask should be having lunch with Dong Hui and her family.

Maybe he could buy some things first, and then pick her up at the place she is having her meal.

Fu Yangxi held secret expectations in his heart. Perhaps he thought that after Little Mask sees his black hair, something similar to ‘like’ would appear in her eyes.

Thus, he couldn’t wait to see her.

Although they could see each other tonight, he wanted to see her now.

Just like a child eager to offer treasures.

Fu Yangxi came out from the first floor of the mall carrying candles and steaks in white environmentally friendly bags. Then, he drove to the place where Mingxi told him she was going to eat last night.

He arrived quickly.

There was only one place to eat here and the whole building was covered by glass windows.

Fu Yangxi immediately saw Zhao Mingxi who was eating in a western restaurant from across the street, and the people opposite her.

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