Helping with Adventurer Party Management

Chapter 41: Wheat story

Why does a ‘poor’ adventurer dink ale?

Is it because ale is provided at a relatively low price?

Although we need a lot of grain to manufacture sake?


I do not know the exact thing because I can not get the statistics, but from the price, it seems that wheat can be taken comparatively while meat supply is limited.


Of course, as in modern agriculture, we are placing chemical synthetic fertilizers.

So we can not compare crop yield per area with the modern world, but I have an optimistic outlook on wheat yields. I saw that the wheat field you see in the suburbs is relatively short.


Long ago, wheat seemed to be a very tall plant that exceeded the height of a person.

And tall wheat can not produce much fruit.

It is because the stem bows and the fruit goes bad.


By lowering the height through breed improvement.

It will not bow and the yield will increase per area.


For a while, thinking that there was also an transmigrator who was studying agricultural technology somewhere for 1st period of history.


There was something as I looked around, but I only heard of the record that the old wizards seemed to have done it with magic.


Besides, in order to listen to this much information, one had to pay two large coppers to the church.

I took the offer.


That poor adventurer paying 2 large coppers in the era of the monsters,

How much it hurt…


In this world where the literacy rate is low, organizations holding written information are limited.

Church’s, the magician guild, and aristocracy.


If we do not pay for information to the church, we will not receive any information,

If you do not belong to the magician’s guild, you will not be taught that information in the first place.

The aristocracy is quite the same.


Many merchants can also write letters, but often fall down, and the records are easy to dissipate.

What is not related to business in the first place can not be left in the record.


Information collection is expensive in this world.

And the church’s greed is insatiable…

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