Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 410 - Cultivation Examination(28)

Su Wan didn’t leave the room on the first night at Xiaguang Town. She sat in her room meditating up until the second morning. Master Mo called her out to eat breakfast. On the first floor, Su Wan saw Ye Cheng wearing a golden robe at first glance.

This was the outfit for Ziyang Sect’s elite disciples. However, his status was no longer the status he possessed a few decades ago.

Feeling Su Wan’s gaze, Ye Cheng looked up to see her and Master Mo. His gaze congealed for a moment before he smiled faintly at her. “Lady Qing, long time no see.”


Su Wan smiled at Ye Cheng, her gaze sweeping over his stern yet handsome face. Out of the corner of her eyes, her gaze landed on Ziye for a second longer.


Su Wan had stayed in Ziyang Sect for a while so she naturally knew that the cold-looking lady was Ziye and she knew that she was a competitive yet impatient lady.

If she was a mission enforcer, Su Wan could probably guess her identity.

As for Ye Cheng…

Su Wan had some guesses but she wasn’t sure.

Just like Master Mo. Su Wan had her own gusses but she didn’t dare make the final conclusion.

She was usually careful and thought before she acted.

They were at the last moment and Su Wan refused to let anything go wrong. She had peacefully made it through the past few decades but now, she couldn’t just peacefully cultivate and live.

Whether she had gotten a trump card or an useless card, she must make her move now

The four had a brief encounter before they sat at different tables. At this time, Yingui Sect’s disciples also came downstairs, led by Xuan Yuanshi.

Young master…

Xuan Yuanshi saw Ziye sitting next to Ye Cheng first.

She felt the familiar aura from Ye Cheng. She would never remember wrong. The Flame Immortal had created an incomparable magic weapon for his child and the shape of the magic weapon was the same as Jinghong Fairy’s bracelet. On the two magic weapons, one had Jinghong Fairy’s name while the other had the child’s name.

When the child was just born, heaven had descended punishment. Because Baiye and Xuan Yuanshi’s cultivation powers weren’t on par, they were thrown out by the Flame Immortal. When the boundary disappeared, everyone was gone.

Flame Immortal, Jinghong Fairy, Plum Immortal Hong Yu, and the young master who was just born were all gone.

Xuan Yuanshi was sure that they were still alive. They must be because the fairy had said that she came from another plane. It was a really advanced plane, an existence more significant than the immortal world.

Xuan Yuanshi didn’t know anything about the plane but she had been waiting all these years. She was familiar with a certain aura, waiting for a person she had never met…

Five thousand years, a long wait. Waiting with no regrets. The person she waited for finally came.

Xuan Yuanshi’s attention had been on Ye Cheng but she was really careful to make sure no one noticed her gaze on him…

At the same time, no one noticed that on the first floor lounge of the tavern, Ye Cheng and Master Mo were secretly communicating.

“Can you let Su Wan go?”

Xu Ce froze hearing Su Rui’s request. Then Xu Ce’s cold voice rang, “This is an examination, not a game. If you don’t have the heart, then leave her to me. I’ll take care of her.”

Xu Ce was shocked inside as well. This was because he sealed Su Rui’s memory but who knew that Su Rui still didn’t want to hurt Su Wan.

Things were just that coincidental. Yet, Su Wan encountered Su Rui first.

Everyone’s identities were random. If they were lucky, they might be a complacent disciple from a significant sect or even the head of the sect or the leading role. But those who had bad luck might be a cannon fodder, supporting lead, or even passer-bys.

This time, Su Wan clearly got the worst possible role she could. She transformed into a little snake that had no cultivation talent.

Though she was unlucky, she was also lucky. This was because Su Rui was the first to recognize her and then Xu Ce.

No evidence was needed. When Xu Ce encountered Su Wan first, he felt the aura coming from the golden bracelet. He gifted that to Su Wan. Besides the Flame Immortal, only Xu Ce could take that bracelet off from her hands.

Xu Ce didn’t hurt her the first time not because he didn’t want to hurt her but because…

He told himself that if he encountered Su Wan in the examination, he would let her go the first time.

After all…

They had experienced a lot of time together.

He couldn’t remember how many time-spaces he had entered and how many missions he had done. He was emotionless and had no memories of anything but Su Wan. He clearly remembered everything about her.

When Su Wan was in that world, she was Su Family’s young miss. Meanwhile, as a mission enforcer, Xu Ce had loaded in with the role as Li Fei.

That year, Su Wan was abandoned by her fiance and she planned on dying with Su You due to her extreme natural disposition.

Feeling the negative change in the world, Xu Ce, as a restoration member, immediately entered the mission world. He transformed into a noble young master, Li Fei, slowly getting close to Su Wan and then capturing her heart.

After Su You and Xing Yi had their wedding, the plot in the world finally got on its normal track. It was time for Xu Ce to leave the mission world but before leaving, he promised his family to propose to Qin Gamily’s young miss. It was because of this wrong decision that led the world to an irreversible accident.

“If I can’t have you, no one else can.”

She was clearly an extreme and selfish woman. That night, through the blazing fire, they watched as the fire dyed her white dress, red. Xu Ce couldn’t help but be in a daze.

Right now, the countdown of his mission was ringing inside his mind.

“This is the wedding gift I prepared for you. The grandest fireworks in history. Li Fei, do you like them?”

Su Wan looked coldly at the man, slowly walking towards him.

She was always an extreme lady. Since she was born, she wasn’t blessed. Therefore, she fought and stole people’s things! She wanted to change her fate but in the end, she realized that everything was fake. Genuine hearts were just a joke. Love was a lie!

Li Fei, let’s die together, okay? At least for this moment, you’re mine!

Feeling the meaningful gaze, Xu Ce couldn’t help but say, “Xiao Wan, do you know what you’re doing? Everything has been ruined by you. This world will also collapse. Su Wan, no one can live.”

No one can live, even you!

“That’s my wish. If I can’t obtain something, I’ll destroy it!”

That moment, Su Wan couldn’t feel her heart aching. She was never afraid of death.

“Isn’t it better for everyone to die together? We can continue to fight in our afterlives.”

The moment she pressed the remote control, Su Wan felt free. She would never be in anyone’s way.

Death was the best way to end this.


In the huge explosion, the entire villa was sacrificed to the fire sea. As the leading roles, Su You and Xing Yi, were also amongst the guests. After they died, the entire world would collapse.

Su Wan quietly closed her eyes feeling the flame and heat waves warming her up. But in the last second, Xu Ce reached over.

That moment, the last second in the world, he chose to grab her hands and take her away.

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