Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 413 - Cultivation Examination(31)

The black fog spread through the room.

“Xu Ce, have you...ever liked me?”

Su Wan looked at Xu Ce’s eyes and slowly moved over. The two were across from each other. Su Wan’s long eyelashes softly swept over the tip of Xu Ce’s nose.

He stiffened for a second and then Su Wan had already hugged him.

The hug seemed to have separated them from everything else. Xu Ce’s astute mind had turned blank for a second.

“You’ve died once already.”

Su Wan’s cold voice suddenly rang in Xu Ce’s ears.

Xu Ce suddenly snapped out of his trance. The woman in his arms stood straight, playing around with a sharp dagger.

Her gaze was still as bright and clear as ever in the darkness.

“Su Wan?”

Xu Ce looked straight into Su Wan’s eyes. “Why haven’t you killed me yet?”

This was her best chance. A chance like this might only come by once. For a split second, he wasn’t on guard with her.

“Don’t think that I’m showing you mercy. I...just don’t want to do it myself.”

Su Wan lifted her brows at Xu Ce. “I don’t want to owe you anything. Xu Ce, this time, I repaid my favor. You and I don’t owe each other anything now. You can make your move whenever you want. I admit that I am not your match. You can kill me or do whatever you want with me.”

Saying this, Su Wan placed her dagger away, acting like she didn’t care in the least bit.

The sound of the notification rang in both of their ears at the same time.

There were six more mission enforcers after Hou Bingchen and Hou Bingning died.

Xu Ce stared into Su Wan’s eyes for a really long time.

Her clear eyes and her arrogance as well as her stubborn personality.

The girl in his memory had overlapped with Su Wan’s face.

In the end, Xu Ce turned around without hesitation and disappeared into the night.

Up until Xu Ce left, Su Wan let out a long sigh. Her smooth face was covered in sweat.

“You’ve gambled right.”

Another voice rang in the darkness.


Su Wan narrowed her eyes, her expression becoming solemn again. “It’s not simple to win Xu Ce. You would have to join hands with Su Rui. If it weren’t that I needed to conceal your scent, I wouldn’t have to risk everything.”


The voice paused before continuing, “I was also worried about your safety which is why I came over to help. Who knew that I would encounter Xu Ce! Thankfully, honey trap works on him. That’s bizarre news!”

Su Wan: …

“Since you know Xu Ce’s weakness, your turn next time, okay? I should leave now. If Su Rui finds out that I wasn’t in my room, it’d be bad!”

“Hey! Did you…”

Seeing that Su Wan left without hesitation, the figure in the darkness sighed.

Did you recover your memory or not?! Hey!

Your General Su is quite the violent person. This young miss can’t handle him at all! Plus, honey trap and what not? You think anyone can just use that trick?

If Xu Ce does fall for that, I’d be dead countless times already!

Sigh. It was such a great chance before.

Nevermind. She’d stop thinking about this.

Ye Xin looked at the two corpses on the ground. She did gain something out of today’s travel.

She should head back soon too. It’d be bad if someone detected her whereabouts..

Su Wan returned to her room in the tavern to see Su Rui sitting on her bed with a dark expression.


“Master, why are you here?”

Su Rui looked up at her face when he heard her words. When he heard the notification from the headquarters, Su Rui rushed to Su Wan in the first moment but she wasn’t there.

Su Rui anxiously used his percetiotivity to sense her location. In the end, he sensed that she was with Xu Ce.

Su Rui wanted to rush over when he recalled what Xu Ce said in the morning but at that time, Xu Ce’s aura started moving and Su Wan’s gradually calmed down to a stop.

Feeling that she was fine, while sighing in relief, he was also really angry!

“Come here.”

He waved at Su Wan, wearing a cold expression.


Su Wan walked to Master Mo, confused. “Master, you...ah!”

Su Rui tugged Su Wan to the bed and he exclaimed, “Didn’t I tell you to stay away from Ye Cheng?”

Su Wan was in a daze as he stared into the man’s cold eyes. She couldn’t help but smile. “I did stay away from him. I just accidentally bumped into him.”

No way it was that coincidental. She finally couldn’t help but kill someone in the end.

Su Rui could feel Yun Sheng and Shang Nianhua’s auras disappearing.

Seeing that Su Wan was blinking her eyes and acting innocent, Su Rui didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

He really didn't know what to do with her. He didn’t have the heart to kill her but she was trouble if he kept her.


Su Wan blinked her eyes and looked confusedly at him, feeling Su Rui’s conflicted expression. “Are you going to...sleep here tonight?”

Su Rui: …


Su Rui quickly sat up and coughed. “Work on your cultivation and stop playing these tricks. Otherwise, even I can’t save you!”

“Oh, oh okay.”

Su Wan also sat up, propping her chin. She stared fixated at Su Rui and said, “Master, then see you later. I won’t be seeing you out.”

Su Rui thought: I didn’t even say that I was going to leave. Do you have to chase me away like this?

Under Su Wan’s sparkling gaze, Su Rui had to stand up and quickly leave her room. Up until Su Rui disappeared, Su Wan smiled and laid back in bed. She lifted her wrist and then continued to stare at the golden bracelet on her wrist.

“Su Wan, you What was that?”

Su Wan remembered. In that world, Xu Ce who had transformed into an old ghost had asked her that before he died.

What was love?

Xu Ce, so you wanted to know what love was too huh?

It was because of this and him saving her time after time that she didn’t kill him today.

She thought that as a mission enforcer, her biggest goal was to beat Xu Ce. She had to kill him in this examination. That way, she could finally let go of the past.

But now, Su Wan realized that she was wrong, horribly wrong.

What had been torturing and confining her wasn’t anyone else but her obsession.

Her obsession caused her to be extreme and stubborn.

In reality, as a mission enforcer, Xu Ce did what he was supposed to.

Standing from different perspectives, they had different responsibilities.

Su Wan was also a mission enforcer now. She knew that she had no right to blame Xu Ce for his actions.

Even more, comparing himself to her, the emotionless Xu Ce was the actual pitiful person.

She was able to encounter Su Rui and put her pain in the past

As for Xu Ce?

He had nothing besides his responsibility and his missions.

Even humans’ basic emotions were considered luxury to him.

Right. Su Wan had recovered her memory. She had vaguely guessed something happened when she was in Ziyang Sect’s illusion back then. When she had breakthrough the golden core realm and synthesized her devil core, not only did the immortal qi in her bracelet help her successfully advance, she also saw Jinghong Fairy’s past. It also opened a crack within her tightly sealed memories.

All these years of being together, Su Wan had gradually remembered some of her memories with Su Rui. Especially after she encountered Xu Ce again. She remembered everything.

She kept acting like she didn’t remember because she didn’t want to cause trouble for Su Rui.

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