Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 415 - Cultivation Examination(33)


Seeing the graceful figure, Dugu Qingjiu and Yun Xian’er immediately greeted him respectfully.

It was Tianyun Sect’s head, Heavenly Zi. He walked over, his clothes swaying. He had white hair and a white bead. His presence brought pressure to the scene. The cultivators on the street all kept quiet.

The almighty calamity realm Heavenly Zi.

Su Rui also placed his guard down. His perceptivity wouldn’t be suppressed by Heavenly Zi but he still revealed a pale expression.

Heavenly Zi’s strong aspect wasn’t his cultivation but his ability to read heaven.

He was able to reveal heaven's secrets and see through one’s nature.

In front of Su Rui, he had to be careful because of his identity as Master Mo, he also had another unknown identity. Cangyue Mainland’s cultivators mustn’t find out about his identity.

Thankfully, Heavenly Zi’s gaze flickered over Su Rui before landing on Su Wan.


He used his unique trick to see through Su Wan’s consciousness and his expression immediately turned peculiar.

The little bamboo snake’s consciousness contained a vast body of golden water.

This was strange! Too strange!

“Heavenly Zi!”

Su Wan bowed at him calmly seeing his gaze on her. “This devil has been following my master around and working on my cultivation. I’ve restrained myself from killing anyone. Although I don’t dare say that I’m a kind devil, I wouldn’t cause trouble for no reason. Heavenly Zi, please be my witness. Since that daoist friend Dugu thinks that I’m the murderer who killed Daiqi Sect’s disciples, then let him prove it!”


Heavenly Zi turned to look at his disciple. “Qingjiu, do you have evidence?”

“Master, I…”

Dugu Qingjiu was speechless. If only he did. Unfortunately, though Tianyun Sect’s sect skill could see a person’s qi, it wasn’t omnipotent. They couldn’t see who the murderer was.

Of course, it wasn’t like they had no methods at all.

Dugu Qingjiu took out a small jade box from his storage bag and said, “I collected the devil qi from the crime scene. Since Lady Qin wants a witness, then let’s have everyone here be witnesses. Are you willing to release your devil qi and let my master feel it?”


Su Wan smiled in disdain. “So this is your evidence? This is a good method. I can cooperate with your investigation in case someone slanders us devils from the Wanyao Mountain.”

Saying this, Su Wan released her devil qi without hesitation.

Su Rui narrowed his eyes when he felt her confidence. He quietly waited to see the development of the situation.

The devil qi vanished into thin air quickly. Heavenly Zi shook his head, his expression unchanging. “No, it’s not the same. Qingjiu, you’ve been rash this time!”


Dugu Qingjiu furrowed his brows. It actually wasn’t her? Could it really be? Or she already thought of this and came up with a solution?

“Lady Qin, sorry for the offense.”

Dugu Qingjiu’s mind turned quickly and by the time he looked up again, he wore a sincere expression and exclaimed apologetically.

“This time, I was too anxious to catch the culprit that I blamed you wrongly. Please don’t haggle.”


Su Wan glared at him and then grabbed Su Rui’s hands. “Master, I’m unhappy now. I’m not in the mood to shop anymore. Let’s return to double cultivation.”

Su Rui was speechless.

What the heck was double cultivation?

“If that’s the case…”

Su Rui turned to look at Heavenly Zi, saying, “Senior Heavenly Zi, this younger generation will be taking my leave now.”

Saying this, Su Rui left with Su Wan.

The cultivators that were watching the show all turned to leave. At this time, Heavenly Zi looked at his disciple with a deep look. “Qingjiu, what’s up with you today?”

In Heavenly Zi’s eyes, his disciple was the smartest and most steady. He shouldn’t have made such a huge mistake!


How could Dugu Qingjiu bring this up? If it weren’t that he wanted to find the mission enforcer, he wouldn’t have been that impatient. Even more, he was sure that Xiao Qing was a mission enforcer.

He wasn’t able to get blackmail on her because she was already on guard. He was really careless this time.

“Master, this disciple was just too impatient to catch the culprit that I caused trouble for you!”


Heavenly Zi’s gaze flickered and he sighed. “You really caused a huge trouble for me! Nevermind. The world would be activated in a few days. Return to the underground cave and stay there in seclusion. You can leave seclusion on the 9th.”

Saying this, his figure flickered and then he disappeared on the streets. By the time he appeared again, he was at the peak of a mountain far away.

Right now, within the fogs, a slender figure welcomed the wind and stood there. Their white clothes were whiter than snow.

“Your Highness Devil King, long time no see.”

Heavenly Zi looked at Baiye and greeted.


Baiye smiled. “Not that long. We’ve only not seen each other for five thousand years, right? Sufeng.”

Sufeng was Heavenly Zi’s name. Before he became the head of Tianyun Sect, he was one of the very powerful figures within Cangyue Mainland.

He froze when he heard Baiye calling his name before smiling in realization. “I haven’t heard this name in so long that I almost forgot about it.”

“You didn’t just forget that.”

Baiye stared at Heavenly Zi’s graceful figure and smiled mockingly. “You’re really like those fortune tellers in the human world right now.”


Heavenly Zi was shocked for a moment before shaking his head bitterly. “You have a poisonous mouth just like five thousand years ago.”

Baiye looked coldly at him. “I know you want to attack my Wanyao Mountain. I welcome your challenge whenever. But...your Tianyun Sect is quite shameless in bullying my devil species’ younger generation.”

“Today was just a misunderstanding.”

Heavenly Zi was used to Baiye being protective of his own kind. When he heard Baiye’s call on the streets, he knew that he was in trouble. As it seems. It wasn’t that easy to dismiss him…

While Heavenly Zi and Baiye were negotiating on the peak of the mountain, Su Wan and Su Rui had returned to the tavern.

Su Rui tugged Su Wan to her bed when they came to her room. “Here, little snake. Tell me what double cultivation is.”


Su Wan smiled at Su Rui. “Master, you’re impatient. You want to double cultivate during the day? You have to learn how to control yourself.”

Su Rui was speechless.

Control my ass! Who was the one that told everyone on the streets that they were going to double cultivate? This master’s reputation is going to be ruined by you!

Fooling around during the day and double cultivating with devils. People would always associate Master Mo from the Medicinal Valley to this.

General Su felt his pure heart had been attacked.

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