Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 416 - Cultivation Examination(34)

In the end, they left the two siblings’ case open-ended.

To prevent other troubles, Su Rui forbidden Su Wan to go shopping outside. Su Wan ended up staying in Su Rui’s room, disturbing him while he was cultivating from time to time.

Su Rui slowly got used to the little snake’s disturbance. It was September 8 in the blink of an eye. Tomorrow, the world would be open to the public.

Tonight, late at night, Su Wan still stayed in Su Rui’s room.

“Master, master, I’m so tired. I don’t want to go back. Let me sleep with you.”

She winked and looked innocently at him.


Su Rui turned his face to the side subtly. He refused to admit that his feelings grew for the little snake.

“Master, master, let’s sleep together!”

Su Wan grabbed onto Su Rui’s sleeves pitifully and looked at him with hope. “It’s really cold when I sleep alone. You know that snakes are cold-blooded animals so it’s really cold.”


Su Rui coughed. The tip of his ears started to turn red already.


Su Wan felt like she had seen the innocent yet simple and violent General Su from the Daxia Dynasty.


She closed her eyes and basically got on top of Su Rui. “Master, just let me have my way.”

“Okay, okay.”

Su Rui looked up and stared fixated at Su Wan. In Su Rui’s memory, he naturally had never slept with any woman. But he vaguely felt like he and the little snake had intimate interactions before. In short, the feeling was magical. He felt a ball of anger igniting inside his heart.

“Really? Then that’s great. You have to pamper me!”

Su Wan smiled and jumped on bed and got under the blankets without another world.

When he saw the little green bamboo snake wrapped around himself and cuddled under the blanket, General Su’s face turned distorted.

What happened to sleeping together?

“Don’t move around.”

Feeling Su Rui’s stiff body, Su Wan blinked her red eyes and spat her tongue out, licking his face. “Master, stay in a position and don’t move. That way, I can warm myself easily. Ah. Your body is so warm, so warm.”

Su Rui was speechless.


Su Rui’s gaze coldened and he was about to get angry when the little snake snuggled in his arms some more. “This is the most comfortable position. I can even hear your heartbeat.”

Saying this, Su Wan closed her eyes and listened to Su Rui’s heartbeat, falling asleep peacefully. After she fell asleep, she automatically transformed into her human form and snuggled in Su Rui’s arms.

Su Rui remained unmoved. Hearing her breathing, Su Rui was in a daze. He subconsciously hugged the girl in his arms tightly before closing his eyes peacefully too…

September 9. The days that countless cultivators within Cangyue Mainland looked forward too.

This morning, the entire Xiaguang Town shone brightly under the sun. The location of the world was at the valley towards the north of Xiaguang Town.

To open the world, it required 49 elders from the three major first-rank sects to join hands in order to do so.

Like the past years, it took two months.

Su Rui and Su Wan arrived at where the Medicinal Valley met up just in time.

This time, Su Wan transformed into her original form. Her green snake body wrapped around Su Rui’s body. Seeing their figures, everyone from the Medicinal Valley all greeted and nodded Su Rui respectfully first before they started murmuring.

Su Rui knew that they must be talking about his and the little snake’s relationship. He didn’t even need to pay attention. This wasn’t something new. General Su didn’t care.

Not long later, people from the other sects all arrived in succession. Seeing Ye Cheng and Ziye standing in the Ziyang Sect’s camp, as well as Dugu Qingjiu from the Tianyun Sect’s camp, Su Rui’s gaze deepened.

There was another person.

Who were they? Was he hidden within everyone present today? How come he couldn’t feel his aura?

Su Rui’s gaze quickly swept over everyone before landing on a girl wearing black within the Guiling Sect.

This aura was…

Feeling Su Rui’s perceptivity, the girl in black who was standing quietly amongst the disciples suddenly looked coldy at Su Rui. This caused his hair to stand up on his back and sweat to drench him.

This person was…

Su Rui withdrew his gaze, recalling the familiar aura in his heart.

He was Guiling Sect’s head, Xuan Yuanshi!

She actually transformed into an ordinary disciple and hid in the crowd? What was her motive?


Could she be a mission enforcer? This flickered in Su Rui’s heart before he brushed it. Xuan Yuanshi couldn’t be because with her strength, she didn’t need to hide if she was a mission enforcer. The other mission enforcers, himself, and Xu Ce weren’t her match.

Her actual strength was really horrifying.

After Su Rui withdrew his gaze, Xuan Yuanshi didn’t continue to attack him spiritually anymore. Instead, she turned to look at Tianyun Sect’s disciples. The leader was still Dugu Qingjiu. Yun Xian’er was still behind him too. As the first-rank sect, Tianyun Sect, had ten candidates who could enter the world. Behind the two were eight other disciples whose cultivations were slightly lower than theirs.

Xuan Yuanshi’s gaze landed on a certain inconspicuous disciple. Her indifferent face revealed a faint smile.

“The time has come. Remove the seal!”

When the sun rose to midair, along with the Heavenly Zi’s order, the 49 elders sitting down in the center immediately poured their spiritual power into a certain location. Along with the activation of the seal, a certain time-space barrier appeared in front of everyone.

Every sect entered the door according to the order. Behind the door was another world. Though they all entered from the same place, they would be placed in different parts of the world. Up until two months later, the door would appear in front of everyone again.

“Be good and stay still.”

Su Rui hid Su Wan in his arms when they were about to enter. But just the moment before, because the world was split up, they were hit with sand and stones. Su Rui wasn’t prepared in the least bit. When he propped his spiritual defense and landed safely on the ground, he noticed that the little snake was gone!

Su Wan was gone!

“Little snake?”

Su Rui’s expression changed. He knew little snake’s cultivation. Even if she had to leave, he would be able to detect her. Yet, she vanished silently. This was impossible!

The same accident also happened within Ziyang Sect, Guiling Sect, and Tianyun Sect. When they entered the door, ten people had gone inside. But because everyone was separated, they didn’t know that the original ten people had decreased to nine people!


Su Wan felt like she was in a pitch-black place and she couldn’t feel anything.

She kept her original form and moved slowly.

“Don’t move around.”

Su Wan heard a familiar voice.

“Ye Cheng?”

Su Wan froze. Wasn’t she with Su Rui the entire time? How come Xu Ce ended up being next to her?

A blaze of fire suddenly appeared in front of Su Wan. The blue flame shone on a man’s smiling face


Not just Xu Ce.

Su Wan realized that she was in an underground maze. Besides Xu Ce, there were two other people.

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