Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 418 - Cultivation Examination(36)

Su Wan stayed silent when she heard Xu Ce’s words. Meanwhile, Baiye also recovered. “Young master, don’t worry. I will be careful. Even if I hurt myself, I’ll make sure you don’t get hurt.”


Xuan Yuanshi’s hair swayed while she said this and her body started glowing. At that moment, time seemed to have slowed down. Su Wan could clearly see her hair fluttering.

This was…

The time principle!

Xiao Shi! Seeing that Xuan Yuanshi had started the time principle disregarding everything, Baiye didn’t dare to hold back. While time was slowly passing by, he could even more accurately put his magic spells to use.

Baiye was able to collect Xu Ce’s soul accurately and he condensed that into three drops of blood.

Su Wan felt like she had experienced a whole century when in reality, only three moments passed by.

After three seconds, Baiye finished his magic spell and Xu Ce was also fine. Meanwhile, Xuan Yuanshi’s black hair turned into silver-white.

The girl looked exhausted and there were fresh bloodstains on the corner of her mouth.

“Xiao Shi.”

Baiye opened his mouth and wanted to say something but Xuan Yuanshi waved her hands. “Don’t mind me, I’m fine. Brother Baiye, hurry and start the activation!”

Seeing Xuan Yuanshi’s stumbling body, Baiye turned and dipped Xu Ce’s fresh blood onto the stone wall while looking at Xiao Shi in a conflicted expression.

This time, the stone wall started shaking violently and the four lost their balances, feeling the trembling on the ground. Xuan Yuanshi who lost her energy was the first to fall.

“Are you okay?”

Xu Ce rushed over and held onto her weak and skinny body. Seeing the girl wearing a pale face, Xu Ce’s gaze was concentrated on her. “Why did you do that?”

Xu Ce had passed through many time-spaces and although he had encountered people sacrificing themselves for the sake of others, he could never understand the “why” behind it.

He and Xuan Yuanshi only saw each other a few times before so why did she help him that much?

Only because of loyalty to the Flame Immortal?

Xuan Yuanshi smiled. “Young master, I’ve waited five thousand years for you. From now on, I’ll be wherever you are. Unless...I die.”

Some people were born to be that stubborn. Without a doubt, Xuan Yuanshi was one of them.

Hearing her words, Xu Ce looked down. “I have no heart or feelings. It’s not worth doing anything for me because I don’t know how to repay your favors.”

“No, you do.”

Su Wan’s soft voice rang, “Xu Ce, you have a heart. You know.”

Although Su Wan also believed the rumors in the headquarters at one point and thought that Xu Ce had no heart, after finding out that the old ghost was him, she could feel that he had feelings. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have appeared in that world or saved her time after time.

Therefore, he should have a heart. But his heart…

“You have a heart but you just don’t know because your feelings have been sealed.”

After the stone wall was activated, the thick smoke dissipated and a red figure floated in front of the four.

The gentle-looking man was like an immortal coming out of a watercolor painting. He smiled as if he had crossed countless time-spaces. The fiery red lotuses bloomed under his feet, looking incomparably charming.

A gentle yet charming existence. He was the Flame Immortal!

“My Lord!”

Seeing the Flame Immortal, Baiye immediately got on his knees. Xuan Yuanshi also struggled to get out of Xu Ce’s arms to get on her knees too.

The Flame Immortal smiled and pulled Xuan Yuanshi’s weak body over to him.

“Xiao Shi, you always make people worry for you.”

The Flame Immortal caressed Xuan Yuanshi’s long hair with his slender fingers and one could see her hair turning from silver-white into its original pitch-black color.

Su Wan and Xu Ce couldn’t help but look over.

This wasn’t a magic spell but rather the magic principles.

Reversing of time! This was one of the rarest and most powerful time principles.

Letting go of Xuan Yuanshi’s long hair, the Flame Immortal’s gaze landed on Xu Ce.

“My good Ce’er.”

The Flame Immortal’s tone wasn’t gentle but rather cold and icy when he called his son’s name. “Who sealed your emotions? Was it Qi Yue?”

Qi Yue?

Xu Ce’s gaze flickered and said with hesitation, “I don’t know what you’re saying.”


Feeling Xu Ce’s indifference towards him, the Flame Immortal narrowed his eyes and then his gaze brightened. His gaze was fixated on Su Wan.

“It’s Qin’er’s scent! Little devil, why do you have her scent on you?”

The Flame Immortal’s gaze was sharp like a double-edged sword as if it was going to pierce through Su Wan’s body.


Su Wan slowly lifted her wrist, revealing the golden bracelet. “My Lord, are you talking about this?”

It was Xu Qin’s bracelet!

The Flame Immortal waved his hands. The bracelet that had followed Su Wan for several time-spaces automatically left her wrist and returned to the Flame Immortal’s palm.

Feeling his lover’s scent on the bracelet, the Flame Immortal felt conflicted and sad. “Ce’er, where’s your mother? How come her bracelet is in someone else’s hands?”

Lieyan had given Xu Qin this bracelet as a love token. He didn’t believe that his lover would casually give this to someone else.

“Mother died not too long after giving birth to me. I gave this bracelet to Su Wan.”

Xu Ce answered faintly.

Xu Qin died?

He froze in place and then a red silhouette appeared in front of everyone. She was a beautiful and gentle woman. She heard Xu Ce’s words and she became really upset. “Sister Qin’er died? this possible?”

“Hong Yu!”

Baiye immediately ran over excitedly seeing his wife’s appearance. He hugged his lover tightly.


Feeling the man’s tears on her, Hong Yu’s voice also started to tremble. “Baiye, Baiye, have you been doing good? Our, our she okay?”

“I’m good. Little plum blossom is fine too.”

Baiye murmured in a low voice while subconsciously hugging her tightly.

Five thousand years. He had been waiting for so long and the day finally came.

Baiye couldn’t help but ask the question at the bottom of his heart. He had been thinking about this for the past five thousand years.

Back then…

Hong Yu’s expression turned a bit conflicted. “Back then, Sister Qin’er was about to give birth…”

Along with Hong Yu’s low voice, she recounted what happened five thousand years ago, the truth slowly revealing in front of everyone.

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