Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 419 - Cultivation Examination(37)

Five thousand years ago, Cangyue Mainland was famous for being a cultivated planet. The five great immortals looked to the Flame Immortal as the leader. They had made their names known due to their great contributions within Cangyue Mainland. Even the savage species outside the country didn’t dare to offend the cultivators.

Back then, they didn’t think that Cangyue Mainland would be almost destroyed overnight.

That day was when the Flame Immortal’s wife, Jinghong Fairy, was about to give birth.

It was supposed to be a happy day. The other four immortals arrived with their disciples and lots of congratulatory gifts in front of the Flame Immortal’s residence.

“Hong Yu, I’m really nervous. Are you nervous?”

Xu Qin pursed her lips tightly as she looked at Hong Yu behind her.

Like Xu Qin, Hong Yu was about to give birth too. However, Hong Yu was a plum blossom immortal so she gave birth differently from human cultivators.

“I’m not nervous. Sister Qin’er, don’t be nervous either.” Hong Yu smiled and held her hands.

The Flame Immortal’s well-known skill was Fiery Red Lotus and he also loved the color red. Right now, the entire residence was covered in the joyous red color. Hong Yu and Xu Qin were both wearing bright red dresses.

Red was a joyous color but it also represented blood.

Xu Qin looked down and subconsciously caressed her stomach.

Ce’er, your mother is really afraid.

As a mission enforcer, they weren’t allowed to have their own children in a mission world.

Yet, Xu Qin was going against heaven because she loved Lieyan too much. She knew that he had an extreme and strong-minded personality. He wouldn’t be willing to return to the lost time-space with her and become a mission enforcer.

Her child might be the best gift she could leave for him. In the years that they got to be together, Lieyan has been wanting a child. In order to satisfy her lover’s wish, she had prepared to die this time.

People say that love makes people blind. Xu Qin used to be the best mission enforcer within the lost time-space but she was still willing to abandon everything for “love.”

When she felt her stomach hurting, she knew her child was about to be born. The entire sky was covered by gloomy clouds. This was...heaven’s punishment.

Countless thunders cackled and rolled down.


Lieyan carried Xu Qin and left the residence. He used his spiritual qi to prop up a spiritual boundary. Besides Hong Yu who would help with Xu Qin, everyone else was left outside of the boundary.

“Lieyan, Lieyan, the child. You have to protect the child!”

Xu Qin held onto Lieyan’s hands, her face pale. She could feel her soul being tugged by invisible power. That power wanted to pull her soul out of her body.

“No, A-Qin. I only want you! I can’t live without you!”

In Lieyan’s heart, although he had been wanting a child with Xu Qin, he cared about her the most.

He would rather lose the child to protect her!

In order to protect Xu Qin, Lieyan fought against heaven. But heaven was the willpower of the world. No matter how strong he was, he wasn’t heaven’s match. While Xu Qin was in danger, a figure suddenly broke through the sky.

“Qin’er, let me take you back.”

The man suddenly appeared, eluding an incomparably dangerous aura.

“Qi Yue, Qi Yue, save him. Save Ce’er.”

Xu Qin grabbed onto his hands tightly. Qi Yue then realized that she had given birth. It was a boy.

But the moment the child was born, it attracted countless thunders!

“Qi Yue, save him. Save him!”

Xu Qin sobbed. He glanced at the heavily injured Lieyan as well as Xu Qin who was barely breathing in his arms. Qi Yue looked down.

He should’ve taken Xu Qin back to the headquarters but the child…

In the end, Qi Yue made his decision.

Obviously, the boss of the lost time-space headquarters was significantly strong.

Heaven’s willpower was repelled. Xu Ce lived but Qi Yue suffered heavy injuries.

Qin’er in his arms was almost on her deathbed too.


Lieyan disregarded his injury and wanted to rush over but Qi Yue carried Xu Qin and moved back a step. “She doesn’t belong to this place. I’m taking her back.”

Qi Yue knew better than anyone that in order to save this child, Xu Qin had used up all her power. Although her body hadn’t suffered any injuries, her soul was basically dried up. She couldn’t survive today.

“Child, Lieyan, Ce’er, Ce’er, he…”

Xu Qin wanted to say something but Lieyan’s expression suddenly changed. “Qin’er, don’t leave. If you must leave me, I will...choke him to death!”

Saying this, Lieyan rushed over to steal the child Hong Yu had picked up.

“My Lord!”

Hong Yu jumped. Out of a mother’s instinct, she instinctively ducked.

The child in her arms was also snatched over by Qi Yue. “A selfish person like you isn’t worthy of taking care of Qin’er’s offspring.”

Saying this, he opened the time-space passage.

“Don’t go.”

Seeing that Qi Yue was about to take his wife and son away, his gaze turned sharp and harsh. “No one can take Qin’er from me. No one!”

Lieyan chose to detonate himself in the end. He wanted to die with everyone!

Qi Yue already left with Xu Qin and Xu Ce, knowing Lieyan’s plan. Hong Yu knew that she probably wouldn’t survive the immortal’s detonation so in the last second, she used all of her magic power to throw herself out of the boundary, transforming herself and her unborn daughter into seeds.

Later on, the spiritual storm that was caused by the Flame Immortal’s detonation had broken through his spiritual boundary and startled the four other immortals. In order to protect Cangyue Mainland, the four immortals sealed the area together and formed a small world within.

Everyone thought that the Flame Immortal had died in the detonation but two thousand years later, Baiye had suddenly heard his summoning in the Wanyao Mountain.

He told him to look for his descendants and then open his seal within the small world.

As it turned out, after he detonated, he left a flicker of his primordial spirit and he recovered his consciousness. Therefore, he used his primordial spirit to protect Hong Yu’s body, sinking the two underground.

The Flame Immortal had created this underground palace. He even set his own blood seal. Only his descendants could remove the seal.

He always believed, kept believing that Qin’er would come back, come back with their child.

Five thousand years have passed. His and Qin’er’s child was standing in front of him but Qin’er could never come back.

Hearing Hong Yu’s description, Su Wan and Xu Ce’s expression changed nonstop.

Su Wan thought of her past self when she looked at Lieyan.

I’ll destroy whatever I can’t have. Even if we both die, I don’t care.

Su Wan had thought that love meant possession. Only through possessing the person was it truly hers.

But now, Su Rui taught her that a person could silently invest in a person and not ask for reciprocation.

Investing without regrets, always forgiving and understanding...this was what love truly was.

Xu Qin encountered Lieyan and fell in love with him. Was it worth sacrificing everything for him?

“Mother had died due to giving birth to me.”

Xu Ce took a step forward and looked at Lieyan, fixated. “She left because she must’ve known she wouldn’t be able to live for long. She didn’t want you to be upset which was why she left.”

Though his emotions were sealed, Xu Ce could vaguely feel his mother’s intention.

This was an innocent woman’s most genuine wish.

She wanted her lover to continue living happily, even if he resented or hated herself. At least, he could live happily.


Lieyan understood Xu Qin’s thoughts now but it was unfortunate. Everything was too late.

“Qin’er, Qin’er.”

Lieyan looked at the golden bracelet in his hands, his expression painful. “Qin’er, don’t worry. I’ve seen Ce’er. He’s doing really well. I will remove the seal for him. I will make sure he’s happy. I…”

Lieyan’s gaze turned conflicted and deep. He looked deeply at Su Wan. “Ce’er likes you?”


Su Wan froze hearing the words.

“Not her.”

Xu Ce took a step back and protected Su Wan. “She’s just my friend.”


The Flame Immortal smiled faintly. “Ce’er, what are you nervous about? Your emotions have been sealed already but you still side with this little devil. This means that you like her and she’s carved in your bones.”

Carved in my bones…

Xu Ce was in a daze and Su Wan’s expression also changed.

She didn’t want to believe this but she knew Lieyan was right.

Xu Ce treated her differently from everyone else. Since the moment he extended a helping hand to her, she should’ve known.

But Su Wan didn’t know what love was back then either. Her hatred towards Xu Ce had blinded her eyes, causing the two to miss each other.

But in love, once you miss one another, it was for life.

“Since you guys like each other, you can give this bracelet to her. I can even create a set of magic weapons for you. It can be my congratulatory gift for you guys.”

Seeing that both Xu Ce and Su Wan were silent, Lieyan smiled and tossed the golden bracelet in Su Wan’s palm.

“I can’t accept this.”

Su Wan shoved the bracelet in Xu Ce’s palm. “Xu Ce, I can’t accept this. You know.”


Xu Ce smiled and clutched his hands tightly. He knew that she stopped loving him.

He already knew.

“Girl, what are you saying?”

Seeing that Su Wan really rejected Xu Ce, the Flame Immortal’s expression turned gloomy.”You don’t like Ce’er?”

“I already have someone I love. Xu Ce is really good. Really. In the past, I even…”

Su Wan wore a bitter smile. “We’re just not fated after all. We can’t impose love on people. Elder, don’t you understand this?”

When Lieyan who had an extreme personality heard of his wife’s death, and then saw Su Wan reject Xu Ce, his aura immediately became irritable and violent. “Either be with Ce’er, or...die. You choose!”

Saying this, he transformed into a red light and charged into Su Wan.

“Be careful!”

Xu Ce subconsciously wanted to stop this but he was frozen in place by the Flame Immortal.

Time froze!

Only the Flame Immortal could move freely within the underground palace at this moment.

Seeing that his hand was about to snatch Su Wan’s neck, a silver suddenly broke through.

This was!

The Flame Immortal stopped and looked shockingly at the white figure floating over.

They were unaffected by the time principle. Only one species had this ability to freely walk around while time was frozen.

Savage, Devouring Soul species!

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