End of World Businessman

Chapter 42.2: Predicament [2]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 42.2: Predicament [2]

The Second Young Master who was fuming in rage looked coldly at him and said in a deep voice, “Wait. Go count the resources we have left. We’ll adjust according to the situation.”

“Yes, Boss.” Yang Qi was a smart guy. He knew what he wanted, and right now, Wu Ye was the only one who could give him what he wanted. Even more, Wu Ye’s mysteriousness had exceeded his imagination. He was one to have his wits about himself with the knack of recognizing potential, it was only natural he respected Wu Ye.

Once everyone heard Wu Ye’s words, they counted the items in their bags in a hurry, and while at it the guns and bullets they had on them.

Each person had at least one gun. The sniper rifles and heavy machine guns were all perfectly fine, but the total number of bullets for all the varied styles of guns didn’t amount to even 2000. There were fifteen grenades and two incendiary devices, and a small batch of anti-inflammatory drugs, ethanol, bandages, and other medical supplies.

There were only probably a few hundred milliliters of water in their personal canteens. There was some bread, crackers, jerkies, and other simple food in their bags; it was basically their lunches. Right now, the total amount of food didn’t even amount to thirty pounds. It was the food for the eighteen of them from now on.

Their future was in peril.

Wu Ye had everyone turn in their crystal cores. Along with his, they had a total of 1,000 transparent crystals, 628 pink crystals, 300 ruby crystals, 50 red crystals, and 24 orange crystals. After converting them all into transparent crystals, they were left with a total of 12,040.

After he exchanged his 30,000 points for two shots of vaccines and the repellant, the amount of points he had left was only 24,366 points.

The low-level nutrition drugs in the system required five points. One transparent crystal for one. Pure water required five points. One transparent crystal can exchange for one liter. He had water abilities, so he should be able to satisfy everyone’s daily needs. This was the first time the Second Young Master wanted to praise his ability.

Now that they didn’t need to spend points on water, each nutrition shot was enough for one person to be full for the day. They needed to spend ninety points and eighteen transparent crystals every day. If they just exchanged points for nutrition shots, it was enough to maintain them for at least three to four months.

The issue was that they needed to get out of this place.

Bullets weren’t enough if they wanted to leave this place. The truck had been demolished to scraps by the fourth-level zombie. There were countless cars outside on the streets, but they had been abandoned and neglected for a year or more. Just how much effort would they have to go through in order to find one usable car? Even if they were lucky and found one, the gasoline produced by the system wasn’t cheap either.

Of course, it wasn’t a huge issue if it could be solved with points and crystal cores. The biggest issue now was getting rid of the fourth-level zombie. With it on the prowl, there was no chance of them leaving the Qinggang Town.

What should they do?

Wu Ye communicated with the system through brainwaves. [System, can we destroy it with rocket artillery?] In Wu Ye’s heart, rocket artillery was probably the most powerful weapon for humans.

【 Yes. 】 The system brought up the control panel. On it, it revealed that it costs 5,000 points and 50 orange crystals for the bazooka and 1,000 points and 10 orange crystals for the rocket artillery.  

It was at this moment that the Second Master felt as though he had been scammed. A bottle of medium-grade expellant was 1,000 points and two orange crystals. Had he known the price of the bazooka beforehand, would he have gone and exchanged the points for the zombie repellent?! He’d just exchange it for a bazooka and destroy the fourth-level zombie. He’d be long gone from the city.

【 Bastard, you scammed me again! 】I spent my 9,000 or so points and sixteen orange crystals, and 240 transparent crystals for nothing!

【 How can you blame it on me when you didn’t ask the price of the bazooka? 】 The system retorted unhappily.

The Second Young Master also didn’t back down as he twisted the system’s words.  【 Just because I didn’t ask doesn’t mean you can’t tell me! 】

【 No, I can’t. 】 The system replied confidently. Points were needed to search the exchange inventory. Since the host didn’t request it, how could it defy his orders?

The Second Young Master thought he must be a retard to argue with this swindling system. Calm, calm. He was still depended on the stupid system to provide him with what he wanted, it would be stupid if he were to blow his top and end up losing everything.

The system read through its dumb host’s mind.  【 You’re the stupid one. 】 It responded unhappily.

Hold it in.

Since he depended on the system right now, he will hold in his grudges. As such, the Second Young Master quietly clenched his teeth.  【 Right, I’m stupid. My good system, can you just leave the two items on my tab for now? 】

The system stayed silent for a good while. Just as Wu Ye thought it was pretending to be dead and ignoring him, it said coldly,  【 You’re missing too many orange crystals. Even all my leftover energy combined can’t form the bazooka. 】

【 Then what should I do? 】 Wu Ye responded anxiously. Was he really just going to sit here and do nothing?

【 If you can give me all of your crystals, I can make an exception and help you. 】 According to the exchange rules, they couldn’t defy the energy level. However, the system could use the exchange loophole and transform the low-level crystals to its own energy first. Then, it could use its own energy to make up for the amount the host needed.

Through this method, it could give the items to the host for now. But before the next exchange, the host was required to pay back the amount owed. In other words, Wu Ye needed to pay back double the amount.

The system was scared of Wu Ye insulting him again, so it explained the entire situation to him.

Wu Ye thought about it.  【 One orange crystal is the equivalent of 100 transparent crystals. I still need thirty-six more orange crystals. How can you take all of my crystal cores? 】

System: Oh no! He found out.

Seeing that the system was acting dead again, Wu Ye said generously.  【 How about this? I’ll give you 5,000 transparent crystals. When I return the orange crystals to you, you’ll earn the energy of 5,000 transparent crystals. That’s a lot, no? 】

The system was quiet for a while before responding.【 6,000 transparent crystals. 】

Damn you! You’ve become more astute. You even learned to bargain with your host. Second Master nodded, not bearing to give everything away.  【 Fine, deal. 】
After that, Qin Wuhua watched as the half of the crystal cores in front of Wu Ye had disappeared just like that. However, a bazooka and a strange-looking rocket artillery suddenly appeared on the ground in the room.

“You plan on using this to destroy the huge zombie?”

The Second Young Master glanced at the bazooka with a gentle look. “Right, we can only leave when we kill it…” Wait. Wu Ye suddenly realized an issue. After he killed the fourth-level zombie, he still needed to return the orange crystals to the system before exchanging it for bullets, gasoline, and such. Seeing how he had barely any points and crystal cores, he suddenly felt scammed again.

The system suggested considerately:  【 Host, you can actually just stay here temporarily and hunt the people infected by the D Virus. 】

Ok, what should he do? He really wanted to beat this little bastard up!

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