I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 42

Fu Yangxi paused in his footsteps.

Sitting across from Zhao Mingxi was Shen Liyao.

The western restaurant was exquisite. The street was not wide, so even the cups on the table could be clearly seen across four lanes.

A fragrant incense was burnt at the side of the table near the glass window.

On the other side, there was a young sommelier in a tuxedo playing the violin. Even if he couldn’t hear what the tune was, but seeing the expression of the sommelier indulging in it, he knew that it should be a romantic tune.

Fu Yangxi stared at that scene and did not respond for five minutes.

He forgot the look on his face, and his brain was as if it had gone rusty.

…Is this a date?

Fu Yangxi moved his eyes, and his gaze fell on the pink outfit Zhao Mingxi put on specially this morning.

Zhao Mingxi was feeling a little upset at the moment. She poked at the steak that was just served with a fork and said to Shen Liyao who was sitting opposite her, “I didn’t expect busy people like you to come out and shop in the mall. Just now, when Aunt Dong asked you over for dinner, why didn't you refuse?”

Shen Liyao slowly cut the steak in a nonchalant manner.

Of course he wouldn't say that he specifically called Dong Hui to ask Zhao Mingxi out for dinner.

Although Dong Hui rejected the Zhao family because she felt that the Zhao family had treated Zhao Mingxi badly, she treated Shen Liyao with the look of a son-in-law.

Two years ago, when she heard that the Zhao family and the Shen family had promised for their children to be wed, she was happy for Zhao Mingxi. Before leaving, she told Shen Liyao to take good care of Zhao Mingxi.

Shen Liyao did not disappoint Dong Hui.

Although he later found Zhao Mingxi annoying, he did help Zhao Mingxi many times.

In fact, the reason why Zhao Mingxi fell in love with him was probably because of that heavy rain. Zhao Yuan and Zhao Yuning forgot about her and left her at the mall. She lost her way, had no umbrella, no battery on her phone and no money to take a taxi. It was he who escorted her home.

But now, whenever Zhao Mingxi saw Shen Liyao she would be like an embarrassed rabbit whereby she would turn and run.

Shen Liyao had no choice but to think of other ways to spend more time with her.

Shen Liyao said, "Aunt Dong is an elder, so I can't possibly refuse her invitation. It’s you who just turned around and walked away."

With these words, Shen Liyao started to add some force into his steak cutting actions. He said, “Zhao Mingxi, we have known each other for at least two years already. Are you now unwilling to even eat at the same table with me as a friend?"

"Shen Liyao, don't you feel awkward?!" Mingxi couldn't help but say, “You don't like me, and I don't like you anymore. The best thing for us is not to meet. Even if we meet on the street, we should pretend not to know each other. It's so awkward to have to eat together that I can practically feel my toes bursting out of the room!”

Mingxi was distraught as she spoke. She was about to cut the steak to smush.

She also wanted to go back as soon as possible to find out what medicine Fu Yangxi was taking.

But now, she was interrupted by Shen Liyao. Shen Liyao proposed this western restaurant that had a long waiting time. Aunt Dong immediately agreed so that there was more time for them to converse.

She didn't want to sit here and eat with Shen Liyao.

When Shen Liyao heard her words, an unfamiliar anxiety appeared in his heart.

Just as he was about to say something, Dong Hui and Dong Shen came back from the bathroom. They each took a side at the opposite ends of the table.

Shen Liyao glanced at Zhao Mingxi and closed his mouth.

Dong Hui also noticed that the atmosphere between these two younglings was not quite right. She quickly broke the tension and scooped a bowl of corn soup for each of them.

"Why are you guys acting so awkward?" Dong Hui smiled. “Little Shen, I'm going to have to lecture you on this. Don't be too prideful. You obviously like Mingxi, right? Our Mingxi is so smart and beautiful. If she runs away, you won’t even have a place to cry.”

Mingxi was simply powerless to refute.

She was now like someone who was forcibly pulled by her elders to attend a blind date.

She reluctantly thought, Shen Liyao doesn’t even like me. In the past two years, it was because of Aunt Dong's request that he helped me, and with a cold face at that.

Besides, even if Shen Liyao liked her now, her enthusiasm had long since passed.

Unexpectedly, Shen Liyao was silent for two seconds before he said, "Yes."

Mingxi almost spit out a mouthful of soup.

She raised her head suddenly.

What the hell???

What does he mean by ‘yes’?

Shen Liyao raised his head. He fixed his eyes on her. There was a myriad of emotions behind them.

Mingxi looked at Dong Hui with a shocked expression. She felt as if she was practically sitting on pins and needles. She immediately picked up her school bag and wanted to run away.

Dong Hui pushed her to sit down. She thought she was embarrassed.

In Dong Hui's eyes, Shen Liyao was a child with both good character and great academic performance. Although his personality is a bit cold and it made people feel uncomfortable, she also understood that geniuses were generally a little weird. He had an absolutely promising future.

Regardless of whether Mingxi was suitable for him or not, he was definitely the best young man that could be found in this area.

The Zhao family was not good at anything. The only good thing they had was this promise with the Shen family.

Dong Hui admired him and wanted to find a better other half for Zhao Mingxi, So after her return, she wanted to match the two together.

But she didn't expect Shen Liyao to find her first before she started the matchmaking.

This shows that Shen Liyao cares about Mingxi.

Isn't it up to Mingxi now?

Dong Hui also remembered that Mingxi liked Shen Liyao, so why were they acting so awkward now?

"It's your senior year of high school so of course, I don't support you guys to date, but you two can do so once you get to college. When you reach Uncle Dong and I’s age, you will know how important your youth is. Time cannot be wasted on unnecessary awkwardness. Come on, can’t the two of you talk it out?"

Mingxi had a headache. “Aunt Dong, it's not what you think—”

Shen Liyao interrupted Zhao Mingxi, “I understand, Aunt Dong.”

Mingxi: “...”

Dong Hui said, “That's more like it. You guys match well with each other.”

"Mingxi used to talk about you in her video calls with us. Since you also like her now, what else can be of hindrance?"

Turns out, the violin was playing "Serenade". It was mixed with the noise of the traffic on the street, and pierced into the ears of the listeners.

The air was filled with the dryness of dust and the tide after the rainstorm.

A tall black figure stood at the door of the western restaurant and heard Dong Hui's words clearly.

So to some extent, Little Mask and Shen Liyao have met each other’s parents.

Fu Yangxi’s fingers where the heavy bag of steak hung were clenched so tightly that the knuckles turned white.

His brain buzzed. He only felt like a fool, as if he had abruptly inserted himself into this world.

His steak could not be compared to the steak on the table. He came later, and the candles and scents were also not elegant enough.

His short black hair was reflected from the glass window. He looked like a shoddy clown.

Fu Yangxi did not move.

Not far away, Dong Hui felt a gaze and looked up. She saw a handsome and tall boy with pale face and dark eyes staring at them.

Dong Hui looked at him in wonder. In the next second, she saw that boy disappear in the doorway.

After Mingxi had dealt with Dong Hui and Shen Liyao, she vowed in her heart that in the future, she must confirm the attendees for this kind of meal before agreeing.

Although she could understand Aunt Dong's feelings as an elder, she still felt completely depressed after this meal.

She hurriedly found an excuse to leave after eating.

On the way home, she sent a WeChat message to Shen Liyao, telling him that she would go to Aunt Dong and make it clear that they had no relationship with each other since a long time ago. Mingxi didn’t care what Shen Liyao replied. She pulled him into her list of blocked contacts.

Aunt Dong happily matched her with Shen Liyao. She wanted to explain to Aunt Dong and she had to think carefully about the wording.

Mingxi only felt a headache coming on.

She returned to Fu Yangxi with her school bag and rang the doorbell, but no one responded for five minutes.

—Is he not home?

Mingxi turned on her phone and realized that Fu Yangxi had sent her a WeChat message half an hour ago.

"The password to open the door is 102488. You can go in directly and stay as long as you like."

Mingxi asked: “What about you?”

A long time passed.

"I have something to do, so I’m going back to my old house."

Mingxi suddenly remembered the bruise on his wrist after Fu Yangxi returned to his old house last time.

Her eyelids twitched hastily again. She quickly asked: “What's the matter?”

Fu Yangxi did not reply anymore.

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