Helping with Adventurer Party Management

Chapter 42: Morning Drinks Circumstances

The next morning, when I woke up in bed, there was Sarah ‘s face in front of me.

I check my body quickly and found that there is no clothing disturbances in particular.

Slowly turning over the sheets, Sarah is still wearing clothes.


Indeed, it made me rush out of bed.

If you think carefully, Sarah has been like this since her adventuring era.

In rural areas a large family has large family bedding in one room. My sense is more strange, being from the modern era.


Closing the door quietly, I leave the room so as to not disturb Sarah.

From last night I should have a hangover, I should have drunk considerably, but I have no headaches.


Because alcohol is thin in ale, there is nothing compared to some other drinks.

From the place where distilled liquor and whiskey are sold on the market.

It seems that there is no technology.

However, adventurers just do not come around for financial reasons.


In the cold air of the morning, I need to think a lot.

I would like coffee this morning, but there is no coffee in this world.


I did not feel like drinking ale in the morning, so I say to the inn to have a cup of boiled water.


Putting in some herbs traditionally drunk in this region, you can make simple tea.


However, as an adventurer, if you imitate such a facade, you will be called out by the nobleman.


Because it can be licked, I never did that in the active age.


Recently, I got a little room in my pocket, it’s a small luxury of mine.


After checking the schedule table, the guidance of the adventurers is in the morning as

I have no plans.


Before Sara gets up and it becomes noisy, I have to think carefully about the future.

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