Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 42.1: Skittish B*tch Imported Ghost~

Chapter 42 Part 1

Along the quiet trail hidden in the depths of the mountains, an elegant black-haired young man slightly smiled, and his voice was gentle.

Ye Jingzhi intently looked at Xi Jia. The sentence that was spoken softly slowly disappeared into the air; however, the tips of his ears slowly became red. The two of them looked at each other for a very long time. Xi Jia softly smiled, eyes curving into lovely crescents. The wind gently blew within the mountains and scattering the hair in front of his forehead.

Ye Jingzhi was the first who couldn’t handle it anymore. He looked at Xi Jia’s beautiful eyes before he turned his body around and stammered, “I-I’ll make you something to eat when we go back to the hotel.”

Xi Jia couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “En!”

The two of them headed back to the hotel together. Xi Jia recalled his sudden outburst a moment ago and wanted to carefully think over it. Meanwhile, Ye Jingzhi was immersed in his own little world.

Master Ye’s ears were completely red. Even his cheeks were a bit red. He lowered his head, and Xi Jia’s words rang in his head. Truly, the more he thought, the happier he was. The more he thought, the more elated he was. His thin lips slightly curved up. He sort of couldn’t hide his joy.

『How are you so good.』

Wife was praising him that he’s good……

Wife actually praised him!

Suddenly very happy, he needed to treat Wife even better!

Therefore, what should he cook for Wife today?

——Today’s Master Ye was still completely contented after having a little taste.

Xi Jia’s thoughts were much more complicated than Ye Jingzhi’s. Along the way, he looked down at the ground and didn’t utter a word. After they were back at the hotel, Ye Jingzhi borrowed the hotel’s kitchen. However, he hadn’t moved yet when Xi Jia blocked him in front and said, “Master Ye, you have worked hard today. I’ll make something for you to eat, okay?”

Ye Jingzhi was slightly startled and subconsciously said, “They said that an assistant should do these things and let you properly rest.”

Xi Jia’s expression rarely sank, and he seriously said, “Master Ye, you’re not my assistant.”

Ye Jingzhi was astonished, and his mood sank.

Xi Jia smiled, “Master Ye, you’re a very important person to me.”

Ye Jingzhi, “!”

He had just felt some disappointment when it exploded in a flash.

Xi Jia firmly rejected Ye Jingzhi’s suggestion to make the late supper. He seriously said, “You’re very tired today and have been taking care of me. Now, it’s my turn to take care of you. Master Ye, you and Song Song sit there. I’ll quickly cook some noodles for a late night snack.”

Ye Jingzhi held Song Song and sat down at a dining table outside of the kitchen. Once he looked up, he saw Xi Jia inside cooking something.

With a tiny black cat in his arms, Master Ye who was wearing black outerwear was sitting obediently on the chair and happily waiting for the meal. He kept on staring at Xi Jia’s back. Each time Xi Jia turned his head, he would quickly move his line of sight away.

A man and a cat quickly formed some sort of strange harmony. They simultaneously watched Xi Jia’s back. Once Ye Jingzhi moved his head, Song Song would also move its head. Maybe at this time, they both would have the same thought in their minds——

My wife/owner is really cute!

Eating the noodles that Xi Jia had made, Ye Jingzhi was exceptionally happy. Song Song clutched a bowl of braised fish and was also very happy.

When they went back to the hotel room at night, the two of them were lying on the beds. Before Xi Jia turned off the lights, he lowered his head to look at Ye Jingzhi on the next bed over and quietly called out, “Master Ye.”

Ye Jingzhi immediately lifted his head to look at him.

Xi Jia smiled , “Good night.”

Ye Jingzhi contently nodded, “Good night.”

After the lights were off, it was yet another beautiful tomorrow.

After arriving on the set the next day, Xi Jia continuously stressed to Ye Jingzhi that he wasn’t his assistant and that he didn’t need Ye Jingzhi to do those things for him. Master Ye’s mouth said that he knew, but his hands still busied themselves with taking care of Xi Jia and making those staff members that had said that he was “all take and no give” to have nothing to say.

Xi Jia was really helpless. When they went back to the hotel at night, he was about to talk about this again, but Ye Jingzhi quietly said, “Jia Jia, tonight……are you still making late supper tonight?”

Xi Jia was suddenly stunned. Once he looked up, he just so happened to meet Ye Jingzhi’s anticipating eyes. After a good while, he slightly smiled, “Yes!”

The beautiful and calm days passed by like this. During the day, Ye Jingzhi was like Xi Jia’s assistant on the set, caring about him, taking care of him, and showing every possible consideration. At night, Xi Jia made all sorts of things for Ye Jingzhi and Song Song for a late night snack. Although the two of them didn’t gain any weight, the same couldn’t be said for Song Song. Poor Song Song ate one late-night snack fish each night. After a few days, its little cheeks became chubbier. It didn’t know shame and was instead proud. Everyday, it sold meng to eat fish.

Three days past by. Xi Jia took advantage of when Ye Jingzhi was taking a shower to secretly call Ziying.

Last week, Xi Jia burned the senior high physics textbook and the entire set of 5-3 physics prep materials to Ziying.1 Since then, the Ziying who was absorbed with physics wasn’t the same Ziying as before. He didn’t even talk to Brother Jia for a week!

With this sudden contact, Ziying asked in astonishment, “What’s the matter, Xi Jia, is there something?”

This sort of thing was actually pretty hard to talk about. But, Xi Jia had very few friends. Besides Chen Tao, only Ziying was left. Talking to Chen Tao about this was a bit weird, so he could only find the intelligent and understanding Ziying.

After a moment of being tied up in knots, Xi Jia lowered his voice and said, “Ziying, I think……I might like someone.”

The sound of pages turning over on Ziying’s side suddenly stopped, “Like someone?”

Xi Jia explained, “Actually, I don’t know how I should say it. Maybe I did fall for someone. But, I’ve never liked anyone before. I don’t know if this is like, and I also don’t know how I should face him.”

Two thousand years ago, Ziying was also a person who had a consort so to speak. The marriage at that time was an arranged marriage. His consort was forced upon him effortlessly by the First Emperor. When he became of age, he must have a wife. Since the First Emperor decided on one for him, he accepted it.

However, Xi Jia never thought that Ziying might not be better than him in terms of experience in love. The first time Ziying and his wife met was during their wedding night. Not long after, the First Emperor died, and Da Qin fell into a period of chaos. Ziying didn’t even meet with his wife that many times, not to mention courting his wife.

Ziying thought for a long time and asked, “Does he like you?”

Xi Jia, “……”

“Xi Jia?”

Xi Jia thickened his face, “……Maybe a little, but maybe not. He’s a good person that’s hard to come by. He’s very pure when it comes to interacting with people and doesn’t have much experience so I don’t know how he feels about me.”

Ziying pondered for a moment before he began to give Brother Jia an idea.

It was simply a catastrophe for two people with zero experience in love to come together. When Xi Jia made a suggestion, Ziying would generally overrule it. Xi Jia also felt that Ziying’s way was very unreliable. In the end, Xi Jia completely gave up. Coincidentally, the sound of water from the bathroom suddenly stopped. Ye Jingzhi pushed the door and exited the bathroom. Xi Jia smiled as he greeted him.

Master Ye didn’t think that there was anything wrong. Xi Jia walked to the balcony and sighed.

“En, let’s not talk about my stuff. How are you lately? How are the books that I burned for you?”

Ziying smiled, “Senior high physics is indeed very difficult but also very interesting. I just finished reading the first book. It is very novel. Some of the formulas and theories helped solve many difficult problems that I had before. Oh right, those Celestial Masters outside are no longer noisy. Before, they were noisy for quite a while. Yesterday, they have completely stopped so I can read the books conveniently.”

Xi Jia lightly nodded. Ziying spoke again, “A few days ago, after Father Emperor took the junior high literature textbook away, he hasn’t come to find me again. Perhaps he is in the middle of studying that book. There are a lot of poems and songs in the book. It is very interesting.”

The two of them chatted for a while before Xi Jia ended the call. He turned around to go back into the room.

Ye Jingzhi was currently making the beds for them. He raised his head to look at Xi Jia, and Xi Jia also looked at him.

While talking to Ziying about this matter, Brother Jia was somewhat apprehensive. In terms of love, Brother Jia was a fledgling. This was his first time having this kind of feeling so he would definitely be nervous. But when he entered the room and saw this person, all the nervousness and uneasiness vanished like smoke. An ineffable sense of ease rushed forth in his mind.

They looked at each other for a while before Xi Jia helplessly smiled and said, “Master Ye, you don’t have to help me make the bed everyday.” The hotel’s cleaning aunty would help clean their rooms everyday and organize the bed. However, Ye Jingzhi would fix the bed once more for Xi Jia every night before sleeping.

After being told like this by Xi Jia, Master Ye felt a bit wronged as he said in a low voice, “They……they pulled the covers a bit too low. It is cold in the mountains at night and easy to catch a cold.”

For the first time, Xi Jia knew that it was actually for this reason. He slightly parted his lips, looking at Ye Jingzhi. After a long time, he heavily uttered an “En.” They both said, “Good night,” before shutting off the lights to sleep.

In the darkness, Xi Jia didn’t really sleep. He stared at the ceiling.

The bright moonlight passed through the curtains and reflected on the ceiling, creating a slice of light. Xi Jia quietly looked at it. His lips couldn’t help but rise at the ends. The bits of uneasiness that had been lingering in his heart for these few days finally dissipated completely.

He didn’t know if the feeling he had for Master Ye was like for real, but as long as he was with this person, he felt very happy and at ease. Regardless of what kind of relationship they would have in the future, he would always believe that as long as this person was Ye Jingzhi, then he was worthy to be trusted and relied on. Regardless of what kind of feelings he had, he only wanted to do two things right now.

——Really want to treat Master Ye a bit better every day.

——Really want to continue to be together with Master Ye.

The progress of the filming was very smooth. Xi Jia’s relationship with Ye Jingzhi was getting better and better.

Translator’s Addition:
Mirror: ♡(´▽ ` )
Song Song: ♡(´▽ ` )
Mirror: ( ´ ▽`)♡
Song Song: ( ´ ▽`)♡
C+: See, I told you they’re alike.

Translator’s Notes:
1 5-3 prep materials – refers to the Gaokao prep materials that include 5 years Gaokao test material and 3 years simulation.

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