In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 42 - The Trap of Revitalization

“Would he die like this?”, Jun thought the moment he had given up, and the man let out a high voice.

“Ah~ This kid has a gun!”

The man grabbed the New Namba from Kazuma’s corpse.

Like a boy being happy from being given an air gun, the man jumped up and down.

“Ahahaha! I have always wanted to try and shoot!”

As the man pulled the trigger, a dry sound rang, and the bullet was fired.

The bullet missed Jun’s armpit and spilled out the contents in the canned food instead.

“Woah! How cool! Hey, will you let out your voice if I shoot you with this?”

The man removed the safety and pointed it at Jun.

And then, he slowly approached him and pressed the muzzle at Jun’s body.

Jun twisted his body, but it was no use.

“...Then, let’s try it!”


Thinking “it’s all or nothing”, Jun lunged at the man.

He reached for the New Namba before he was able to shoot.

There was a dry sound, and Jun’s movement stopped.


The bullet penetrated Jun’s chest.

A red stain spread out on his chest.

Collapsing on his knees, he fell over while crouching.

However, his hand was still reaching out for the man.

“Hmm… Are you still alive?”

The man removed the safety and aimed at Jun’s head.

Jun couldn’t move.

“Then, bye bye!”

He pulled the trigger.

Jun shut his eyes.

At that moment, there was a sound slightly different from before.

Jun frantically tried to see the man’s state from the haze in his vision.

“O… Ouchouchouchouch!”

The man rolled around on the ground.

The man was missing his index finger.

The gun had malfunctioned.


The man didn’t pay him any attention because of the pain.


Jun stood up.

His body was already falling apart.

His left hand, his cheek, the blood gushing from his chest.

Moreover, the bullet had for sure penetrated his lung.

Even then, Jun stood up.

In order to kill this man.

He walked forward step by step.

The strength escaped his body with every step he took and blood gushed out.

Blood dripped from his mouth.

However, his feet didn’t stop.

The man raised his eyes and looked at him.

It seemed like his fighting spirit had already disappeared.

Jun pulled out the knife that had fallen from the man’s waist.



Jun swung down the knife.

“What is this…”

Hearing a gunshot, Sayo exited the storehouse to look at the circumstances and was dumbfounded.

Her fiel of vision was filled with red, red, and red.

Kazuma collapsed in a pool of blood, and an unknown man, and…


Sayo rushed over to Jun.

“Jun! Jun!”

Even though she called out to him, he didn’t answer.

He had already stopped breathing.

“It’s a lie… Jun…”

She fell to her knees on the ground, and mumbled weakly.

As she did that, she heard a voice.

“I’m… sorr…y…”

Turning around to the direction of the voice, the man’s mouth opened.

Jun had stabbed the man in his chest, but since his strength had grown weak, his hadn’t become a fatal wound.

“I’m sorr…y… I’...m… sorry…”

He wept his eyes out like a child that had been scolded.

Sayo picked up the metal bat next to her.

“Did you kill Jun…?”


“You… Youuuuu!”

Sayo slammed the metal bat against his stomach.

There was a muffled sound.

Somewhere a bone had probably been broken.

The man made a strange sound like a frog that was being crushed.



Sayo slammed the metal bat time over time against his stomach.

“You! You! Youuu!”

She slammed him even when the he vomited blood.

And then, she slammed the knife piercing his chest in some more.



Sayo slammed against his face.

Time over time over time.

The fact that man’s face was smashed, the eyes popped out, and spinal fluid was scattered around was irrelevant.

Time over time over…

In the other direction, Takumi was walking.

He had heard gunshots from the grocery store.

Kazuma should be the one having the gun.

Surely, there had been some kind of problem.

However, his feet came to a halt in front of the store,


There was an intermittent sound of hitting something hard like “Clang, clang”.

He had heard it somewhere before…

Right, in the baseball club when a metal bat hit the ground, it sounded like searching for the core.

Takumi timidly looked inside.

“...What are you doing?”

Sayo was swinging the metal bat.

Against a corpse you couldn’t even see whose it was anymore, over and over.

She muttered something.

“Hey, Sayo! What are you doing!”

In spite of that, Sayo didn’t stop slamming with the bat, so he forcibly grabbed it.

“Hey, pull yourself together! What happened!?”

“I won’t forgive I won’t forgive I won’t forgive I won’t forgive I won’t forgive I won’t forgive I won’t forgive I won’t forgive…”

Even though he had taken a hold of the bat, Sayo’s motion was still too swing it down, and only muttered incoherently.

“...I won’t forgive.”

Takumi hit Sayo’s stomach to knock her out, and pulled her over his shoulder to escape the zombies who had been drawn from the sound.

He glanced at Kazuma’s and Jun’s corpses.

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