Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 420 - Cultivation Examination(38)

“You’re a descendent of the Devouring Soul species?”

The Flame Immortal glanced at the man wearing white floating over. His gaze turned more conflicted and icy.

Devouring Soul species was one of the many barbarians in the ancient time. They were pampered by heaven. Since birth, they possessed incomparable soul talent. Plus, all of the adults within this species could see through one’s soul disregarding cultivation. Even more, they could devour a person’s soul so as long as their cultivation was lower than theirs.

In the wild, the Devouring Soul species was feared upon by other species. In a huge battle a long time ago, the Devoul Soul species were betrayed by their ally and they had almost gone extinct. The descendants of the species that barely escaped death arrived at Cangyue Mainland and had gone into seclusion.

Later on, cultivators still found out about the Devouring Soul species’ traces so they started an insane hunting operation. Everyone wanted the descendants, wanted their natural talent. After a while, the species had gone silent within the Canyue Mainland.

The Flame Immortal thought that the Devouring Soul species had also gone extinct in the genocide but he didn’t expect to encounter one of the descendants.

Right now, Su Rui slowly walked over to Su Wan. He moved over to look at the man who looked extremely like Xu Ce. “So you’re the Flame Immortal.”

Su Rui had recovered his memories as well. He had guessed what happened after looking at the current situation.



The Flame Immortal saw Su Rui’s movement and his gaze flickered. “You’re the person the girl likes?”

“No, I’m her man.”

Su Rui walked forward, the poisonous fog lingering around him. “If a man can’t even protect their woman, then they’re not a man!”

This was an attack!

Su Rui was expressing his stance and also mocking the Flame Immortal for being useless.

“Boy, you want to die?”

The Flame Immortal was provoked by Su Rui. He started attacking Su Rui.

“Thank you for your teachings!”

Su Rui lifted his hand and released his unique poisonous qi. The two were in a chaotic battle. Although the Flame Immortal had broken through the calamity realm and was an immortal, he was condensed by his primordial spirit. Naturally, his cultivation had decreased by a lot. But even so, his cultivation was enough to deal with Su Rui.

Plus, the Flame Immortal had gone on countless expeditions and killed many cultivators. Whether it was his imposing manner or adjusting to the changes in battle, the Flame Immortal was much stronger.

Quickly, Su Rui’s face turned pale. He had never met such a strong opponent.

But so what if they were strong?

Su Rui refused to resort to defense as he kept attacking. He kept on using his spiritual power when faced with the Flame Immortal’s verbal attacks.

“Boy, you’re really good. Unfortunately, you’re not my match.”

He smacked Su Rui on the ground and looked at him with praise. “I admire you a lot. As long as you’re willing to leave, I’ll let you go and even help you keep the secret of your identity.”

“There’s no need.”

Su Wan stood up and wiped off the bloodstains from the corner of his mouth. “I said that I can protect my woman. Don’t mention you but even if heaven wants to steal her from me, I will fight against heaven!”

Saying this, Su Rui’s long hair started fluttering. Just like Xuan Yuanshi, his black hair suddenly turned into silver-white.

This was…

“Are you instant?”

Feeling Su Rui’s cultivation and spiritual power growing dramatically, the Flame Immortal’s expression changed. “You’re depleting your soul power. So what if you defeat me today? If you die here, your girl will still be someone else’s!”

“Even if I die, I have to protect my woman. Plus...she’s mine. I believe her. Even if I die, she will do her best to find me.”

Death was never the end.

Love would never disappear due to death either…

Even if he died, no one could stop the love he had for her.

The Flame Immortal froze in place. He suddenly recalled what Xu Qin had said a long time ago: Lieyan, if I disappear one day, will you come to look for me? Search for me world after world. Maybe I’m hiding in a certain world’s corner, waiting for you.

Lieyan smiled and pulled her in his arms, saying, “Why would you disappear? I’ll never let you disappear from my life, unless I die.”

He could still hear the words.

Xu Qin had thought about separating from him at that time already.

After all, she was a mission enforcer from the lost time-space.

But Lieyan didn’t understand. Even more, after she left with Qi Yue, he still didn’t understand his lover’s intention.

But after hearing Su Rui’s words, he suddenly understood.

The red lotuses started wilting and the frozen time started moving again.

“Su Rui!”

Su Wan threw herself in his arms. She lifted her hand and transferred her spiritual power into su Rui.

Su Rui couldn’t help but laugh seeing her anxious eyes. “Wife, don’t be afraid. Devouring Soul species’ soul power is really strong. Plus, I can devour other people’s souls to compensate for my shortcomings. Therefore, don’t be so worried. Be good, okay?”


Su Wan bit his shoulders angrily seeing that he was smiling happily. “Don’t you dare mess around in the future, okay?”

“Okay, I understand.”

Su Rui nodded but it was unclear whether he actually listened. This required observation.

Although it was fine to die in this world as long as they protected their souls, Su Rui still used the most extreme method to protect Su Wan.

He couldn’t help it.

“Qin’er, it’s my fault. It’s my fault.”

At this time, the Flame Immortal started swaying in a daze. His primordial spirit was slowly disappearing. “Qin’er, where are you? Let me come find you.”

When he came to the realization, he thought that death was good enough for him. The Flame Immortal had let everything go and didn’t care about life or death anymore.

Death wasn’t the end so Qin’er, I will find you. I will.

Su Wan and Su Rui were flabbergasted when they saw the Flame Immortal gradually disappearing. They were just talking about Xu Qin that day but who knew they would have entered the world today. Not only did they figure out the truth, they even watched the Flame Immortal dissipating.

Of course, what surprised Su Rui the most was Xu Ce.

He didn’t expect Xu Ce to be that child…


Seeing the red glow dissipated, Baiye revealed a sorrowful expression.

“Baiye, His Lord went to look for Sister Qin’er. He will find her. He will.”

Hong Yu held her husband’s hands tightly. “Baiye, let’s leave too. Take me to see my little plum blossom. I miss her so much.”


Baiye nodded. “Young master, Xiao Shi, we’re leaving then.”

The door to this world would only appear after two months but to Baiye, he’d have a way to leave if he wanted to.

“They’re all leaving. What about you?”

Xu Ce turned to look at the girl wearing black.

Xuan Yuanshi looked at him with her clear eyes. “I’ll be wherever you are.”

Xu Ce smiled. “Okay, if you like, you can follow me. But...I can’t give you anything.”

“It’s fine.”

Xuan Yuanshi looked at Xu Ce and then at the affectionate couple not too far from them. She was really jealous of them.

Young master, you actually feel really lonely too right?

But don’t be upset. You won’t be lonely from now on.

Xiao Shi will be with you, forever.

I’m not scared that you’re heartless nor that you don’t love me. As long as I can be by your side.

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