Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 421 - Cultivation Examination(Epilogue)

After the Flame Immortal disappeared, the underground palace started collapsing. Su Rui, Su Wan, Xu Ce, and Xuan Yuanshi all flew out of the palace in succession.

The sunshine was bright outside. The four people split into two groups automatically. Xu Ce looked at Su Rui and then Su Wan. “Since you two recovered your memories, Su Wan, what do you plan on doing?”

Su Rui held onto Su Wan’s shoulders and exclaimed, “Cough. Um, I can sense Qin Yu and Lin Ruo. They’re together. Why don’t we get rid of them first?”

General Su, you’re quite smart for changing the topic.

Xu Ce nodded. “Okay, let’s join hands for now. Su Wan, do you have any objections?”


Su wan smiled and exclaimed, “Boss Xu, you guys have the most people in your department so even if I don’t join hands with you guys, you guys can beat the rebirth department up. I’ll just be at the side cheering you guyson.”

Su Wan knew well that she couldn’t beat Xu Ce and Xuan Yuanshi, this little boss, was also by his side as well as the Devil King who could assist him whenever. Damn. Is he the new male lead? What should the actual male lead, Han Yu, do then?

Su Wan had let go of her past and could now face Xu Ce calmly.

Xu Ce couldn’t help but smile too. “Okay, you don’t need to do anything but cheer your man on either.”

Su Wan was speechless.

Boss Xu, you’re quite sneaky. You’ve claimed me on your camp just like that!

“Wife, be good.”

Su Rui smiled and held her hands tightly. He exclaimed softly in her ears, “Wife, after we get rid of all the opponents, we can chat about life, okay?”

“Heh, heheh.”

Su Wan pursed her lips. After getting rid of the rebirth department, it was just going to be her and Ye Xin left!

Hm? How should they approach this then? Play rock paper and scissors?

Nevermind this for now.

“Let’s go.”

Once Xu Ce’s order came down, everyone started moving along.

In a certain place within the small world, Qin Yu and Lin Ruo were walking along with Yun Xian’er.

“Brother Qingjiu, I’m really tired. Let’s rest for a while.”

Yun Xian’er watched the two people walking shoulder to shoulder, pursing her lips and exclaiming in exhaustion.


Qin Yu stopped.


Lin Ruo froze and stared at Yun Xian’er behind them shockingly.

They hadn’t gone far and with Yun Xian’er’s cultivation and spiritual power, there was no way she’d be tired right now. She purposely wanted to stop and rest because...she didn’t want her to be too close to her boss?


Lin Ruo felt like she discovered a huge secret.

“Xian’er, are you okay?”

Qin Yu came to her side and looked gently at her.

“I’m alright.”

Yun Xian’er said this while giving Qin Yu a look. “Senior brother, come here. I have something to say to you.”


Qin Yu looked at Yun Xian’er, confused. He hesitated before coming to her side. “So mysterious. What exactly do you want to tell me?”

“Senior brother, I think the lady from Ziyang Sect was really strange. I sense her murderous aura and she doesn’t feel like an upright daoist. Please don’t get fooled by her.”

Yun Xian’er couldn’t help but glare at Lin Ruo harshly while saying this.

Although she lowered her voice, the cultivators had sharp hearing abilities. She was purposely saying this to Ziye.

This girl.

Qin Yu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Xian’er, don’t worry. Ziya is really reliable. If something happens, you have to believe her, do you understand?”


Ye Xian’er looked suspiciously at Ziye. The latter’s expression suddenly changed and she finally turned to look at Qin Yu solemnly. “Boss, they’re here.”

This time, Xu Ce didn’t bother to hide his identity. Feeling the familiar ghost aura, Lin Ruo knew that person came.

Not long later, Xu Ce and Su Rui had appeared in front of the three.

Qin Yu looked at Xu Ce and then at Su Rui and Su Wan. In the end, his gaze landed on Xuan Yuanshi wearing black.

Four people. This one wasn’t Ye Xin was she?

“What? You guys joined hands? Ye Xin, this doesn’t seem like your personality.”

Qin Yu tested. Xuan Yuanshi stood coldly behind Xu Ce and ignored his words.


Qin Yu coughed and then looked at Su Wan. “Xiao Wan, you recovered your memory?”


Su Wan laughed dryly. She reached over and held onto Su Rui’s arms and then smiled at the man. “Master, it’s this Dugu Qingjiu again. He’s so annoying. After all, we’re in the wild and no one is here. Why don’t we just kill them?”

Qin Yu was speechless.

Pretending to not know me? Fine! Su Wan! Good job! Amazing! You shameless girl!

Su Rui: Wife, you’ve done a good job.

“Since you’ve said this.”

Su Rui raised his hand and a cloud of poisonous fog appeared in his palm.

“Hey, don’t mess around. We’re Tianyun Sect’s disciples.”

Yun Xian’er screamed hearing Su Rui and Su Wan’s words. The moment she cried out loud, Qin Yu and Lin Ruo made their moves first.

Speak attack!

Who’s the shameless one?

Quickly, the six were in a battle. However, there was a clear difference between the two parties’ strengths. Su Wan brought out a chair using magic and sat down to watch the show.

Su Rui and Xu Ce’s cultivation was about the same as Qin Yu’s but it was clear that Lin Ruo and Yun Xian’er’s cultivation was a bit weaker than theirs. Xuan Yuanshi was on another level. The moment she makes a move, someone would die for sure!

There were no interesting aspects in this battle.

Seeing that Qin Yu was about to lose from Su Rui and Xu Ce’s combined forces, Su Wan narrowed his eyes.

“Senior brother!”

Yun Xian’er also fell on the ground along with Qin Yu.

Because she was the female lead, not many people noticed her. As for Lin Ruo, she was attacked by three people immediately, almost beaten in one shot.

“Lin Ruo!”

Qin Yu spat a mouthful of blood. Hearing the notification sound in his mind, he knew that Lin Ruo was eliminated.

Qin Yu couldn’t help but reach for his storage bag and took out the Nine Leaves Bodhi Fruit Yun Xian’er gave him not too long ago.

This could save his life. As long as he recovered his vital energy, he could…

Qin Yu ate the Nine Leaves Bodhi Fruit without hesitation before smiling and taking out a scroll.

This was a teleportation scroll. He could be immediately teleported back from the small world to Tianyun Sect. Before he came here, his master specially gave this to him.

Three days ago, the Heavenly Zi had successfully reached the highest floor of the heavenly realm. He finally figured out the two people that would destroy the world as well. They were Ye Cheng and Master Mo.

The Flame Immortal’s descendant and the Devouring Soul species.

No matter which one of the two, once people find out about their identities, it would lead to a blood bath on the mainland as well as the participation of people from different regions.

For the sake of the Cangyue Mainland, Heavenly Zi had contacted the heads of other sects and elders. He planned on joining forces with Dugu Qingjiu, working together to kill the two !

After he ate the Nine Leaves Bodhi Fruit, Qin Yu gradually stood up and crushed the jade talisman Heavenly Zi gave him earlier. This was to send a signal to the outside world.

“Xian’er, prepare the scroll. Let’s...pft!”

Before he could finish, he spat out another mouthful of blood and his face turned incomparably pale.

This was…

“Ah, you’re spitting blood.”

Su Wan suddenly darted to Qin Yu and then easily snatched the scroll from him. “This is a good treasure.”

“You, you guys…”

Qin Yu’s gaze changed and he looked at Yun Xian’er. “Ye Xin!”


Yun Xian’er blinked her eyes and opened the scroll. “Goodbye, senior brother.”

Yun Xian’er was Ye Xin.

Moral quality? What’s that?

That’s finding out you’re the female lead after you entered the mission world.

Yun Xian’er’s identity was mysterious. She came from a famous cultivation family in another region. The head of the family brought Yun Xian’er to Cangyue Mainland to be raised by the Heavenly Zi so that she could help escape from something. To hide her identity, Yun Xian’er’s scent was covered by a foreign magic weapon.

A foreigner’s scent was different from someone in Cangyue Mainland. Plus, Yun Xian’er had lots of treasures due to her strong female lead halo. That meant that even Su Rui couldn’t detect her scent.

Ever since she knew her identity, Ye Xin had been playing the role of Yun Xian’er cautiously until she encountered Su Wan.

When she saw Su Wan transforming to her original form and saw the golden tattoo on her snake body, she recognized her.

This was Su Wan’s special mark. Before entering the missionw world, she and Ding Jiajia had confirmed this. The golden tattoo on Su Wan would continue to follow her. It wouldn’t disappear no matter who she turned into. Plus, that was the mark of Su Wan’s soul and it also cut off any possibility of someone stealing her soul.

Therefore, after confirming Su Wan’s identity, she already contacted her in secret. But she knew Su Rui’s ability so she had always been careful and rarely talked to Su Wan. Even when they were in Xiaguang Town, she purposely acted in front of everyone to make them think she had bias towards Su Wan. That way, no one would be suspicious of her identity anymore.

The Nine Leaves Bodhi Fruit she gave Qin Yu was indeed a precious treasure from another region but it wasn’t able to heal anyone. Instead, it contained extremely fatal poison.

Sigh. Life was a drama. This was all acting skills.

“Ye Xin, Su Wan?”

Xu Wan and Su Rui flew down. Ye Xin had opened the teleportation scroll. “Sorry, we’ll see each other later on.”

Saying this, Ye Xin’s figure started to turn blurry.

“Xiao Wan, what are you in a daze for? Hurry!”

Ye Xin rushed her.

The world started to crumble. As expected, Heavenly Zi and the others were going on with their plans. The world was about to be destroyed!

Don’t mention Xu Ce and Su Rui but even the powerful Xuan Yuanshi could do nothing right now.

“Xiao Wan!” Ye Xin called again.


Su Wan answered and raised her hands, opening the scroll she stole from Qin Yu…

Lost time-space, mission enforcers’ headquarters’ lounge.

“Screw them!”

Qin Yu stepped out of the connection cabin and cursed. He got fooled by Ye Xin. all these years of being with her and he found no flaws!


Lin Ruo came out a bit earlier than Qin Yu and asked, “Boss, what happened in the end?”

What else could happen?

Qin Yu narrowed his eyes. Before he died, he saw Ye Xin and Su Wan opening the teleportation scroll. They’d win as long as they left.

Sigh. After all the planning in Tianyun Sect, he actually got cucked by Ye Xin!

Sigh. That was the only chance for him to win Xu Ce!

But this time, Xu Ce lost in the end.

Qin Yu didn’t know how to react to Lin Ruo. At this time, all the mission enforcers heard the voice coming from the headquarters.

Examination is over!

Examination is over!

The last survivor— Restoration department, Su Rui!


The winning department— Restoration department!

Congratulations to the restoration department for winning once again!  


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