Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 424 - Extras (2)

Su Qiqiao and Qin Shiyong weren’t at home when Su Wan returned to the Su Villa.

The empty villa was cold as usual.

“Eldest miss, you’re back.”

The servant maid in the villa, Aunt Zhang, immediately smiled and walked to the door. She took Su Wan’s purse over and said, “Eldest miss, Young Master Li hired a new German teacher for you. The two are in the study right now.”

“Li Fei is here?”

Su Wan’s eyes brightened.

Li Family and Qin Family were friends. Li Fei and Su Wan had grown up together as well. In the upper circle of Yun City, Li Fei was known for being a gentle and noble young master. Not only was he handsome, he was also really elegant and a gentleman.

Su Wan and Li Fei were childhood sweethearts. He was also one of her few friends.

“I’m going upstairs to change my clothes and then I’ll go look for him in the study.”

Su Wan went upstairs to change into a loose dress. When she looked at the mirror, she noticed that there were some dry blood stains on her lips. Su Wan froze and suddenly thought of the strange man and the finger that brushed past her lips.


Su Wan hurriedly washed her face. As expected, there wasn’t a single person by Su You’s side.

Su Wan dressed herself up. When she got to the second stairs where the study was, she heard faint laughing inside.


It was rare seeing Li Fei being that happy. It seemed like the German teacher she had never seen was to his taste.

“I’m back.”

Su Wan pushed the study door open and the two men that were laughing inside stopped talking and turned their heads at the same time.

“You’re back.”

Li Fei smiled faintly at Su Wan. “Here. This is the new teacher I hired for you. He’s Xu Ce.”

Xu Ce?

Su Wan froze and was a bit shocked seeing the man next to Li Fei.

If Lei Fei was an elegant man then Teacher Xu was like an immortal coming out of a watercolor painting.

Su Wan was a bit surprised to see his appearance and indifferent expression.

“Teacher Xu.”

She snapped out of her trance and smiled at Xu Ce. He must be a gentleman if he was able to have a good conversation as Li Fei.


Xu Ce stared at the young Su Wan and he couldn’t help but smile.

This was the first time he encountered her.

She was a cannon fodder full of hatred while he was a mission enforcer that came to save the plot.

In that life, Xu Ce used Li Fei’s identity. He knew everything about Li Fei, from his hobbies to his habits. He also used this knowledge this time to quickly become friends with him. Even more, he successfully came to the Su Family.

Su Wan just turned eighteen.

Su You just arrived at the Su Family too.

Nothing had started and there was still time…

The two had a happy encounter. Because Li Fei was also there, Xu Ce didn’t plan on teaching Su Wan. The three chatted in the study for a while. When dinner came, Li Fei and Xu Ce both stayed to eat with Su Wan.

Su Wan revealed a rare smile on her face seeing that there were people sitting on the long dining table.

She had suppressed what happened in the morning with Su You and Xing Yi in the bottom of her heart.

“Hey, don’t walk that quickly. Wait for me!”

Su You hurriedly chased after Su Rui on the street full of splendid lights.

General Su couldn’t take this anymore and stopped. He turned to look at the familiar face. “Do you need something?”


Su You hesitated before looking seriously at Su Rui. “I want to, I want to thank you! Thank you for getting me out of that situation!”

Screw you. You chased me this entire afternoon to say this to me? Are you fine?

If I knew I was Su Wan’s sister, I would’ve killed you in the first moment.

Su Rui looked indifferently at Su You. “Are you done? If you’re done, you can go.”

Su You’s gaze flickered when she saw him treating her unwell. “Are you angry at Xiao Wan? Did you know her in the past too? She’s my sister. She’s unruly and domineering but she’s a good child. If you…”


Su Rui cut her words off and exclaimed, “I know her better than anyone. It’s getting late. I need to find a place to stay, do you understand?”


Su You blinked confusedly and replied, “But it’s the suburban district ahead. There are no motels.”

Motels my butt!

General Su had no money right now. He was mentally exhausted and didn’t want to look for Xu Ce. Therefore, he wanted to get by the night.

After all, he had internal energy. He could just meditate and cultivate through the night.

“I have no money so I can’t afford to live in motels.”

Su Rui turned to elave.

When she heard the words, Su You, out of pity, held onto his sleeves and exclaimed, “Don’t go. family isn’t far from here. There are lots of empty rooms in the villa. Why don’t you go and stay there for the night?”

Who wants to go to your home?

You don’t even know the man’s name and you want to take them home? Girl, just how brain dead are you?


Wait no.

Wasn’t Su You’s home Su Wan’s home?

Su Rui turned and looked at Su You, his gaze sparkling.

“Um...Xiao Wan will be there too but don’t worry, she won’t drive you away. Really. She’s actually really kind.”

Thinking that Su Rui was worried he might be driven away by Su Wan, she hurriedly explained.

“Then, I’ll reluctantly stay there for the night.”

Su Rui revealed a helpless expression but he was actually happy inside.

Miss Su, you’ve done an amazing job. Since you’re helping me, I won’t kill you for now.

If Su You knew what was going on in General Su’s mind, who knows what she’d do.

Speaking of, Xu Ce wasn’t too excessive. He helped set Su Rui’s “birthplace” not too far from the Su Villa. Su Wan also needed to pass by the place in order to get home.

“Right. I still don’t know your name.”

Seeing that they were able to reach the door, Su You finally remembered that she didn’t know his name.

“I’m Su Rui.”

Su Rui responded coldly.

“Your surname is also Su?” Su You seemed to be really happy. “What a coincidence. My surname is also Su. I’m Su You.”

“I know.”

Su You was speechless.

She looked carefully at the man. Seeing his icy expression, Su You decided to keep quiet.

This person was a bit strange.

It was already 7pm by the time they returned to the villa. There was soft melodious piano music playing from the music room.

Su Rui couldn’t resist the urge to listen attentively.

“Sister is practicing piano. She’s the genius of our Su Family.”

An envious glint flickered past Su You’s eyes. Su Wan knew everything and did everything well too. Compared to her, she was lacking.

Su Family’s genius girl.

Su Rui smiled, a bit bitter.

It was a tragedy set in place.

The fates have already been determined.

So what if she was a genius?

Xiao Wan, I don’t know what you experienced in this life but even if this was a virtual world, I will still save you.

I won’t let you cry.

Or let anyone make you cry.

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