Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 425 - Extras(3)

Playing piano before going to sleep every night was Su Wan’s habit.

But she didn’t know that there was another listener tonight.

What she didn’t know even more was that there would be a guest entering her room at night.

Although his perception was limited, Su Rui could accurately find Su Wan’s bedroom. IT was hard to change a person’s habits. Su Wan and Su Rui had lived together for too long, to the point he could still find her room with his eyes closed.

Su Wan was deep asleep, wearing her black silk pajamas. She was clearly a beautiful young lady but whether her clothes or the arrangements in the bedroom, were all cold and reserved.

Even after she fell asleep, her face was bunched up and she didn’t look comfortable in the least bit.

Su Rui lifted his head and held onto her hands softly, feeling bad. He transferred his gentle internal energy into her body slowly by slowly.

The girl in her dream seemed to feel the warm energy flowing through her body and her expression slowly turned relaxed. Her tightly pursed lips also gradually tilted into a smile.

“Sleep, wife. Good night.”

Su Rui bent over and carefully kissed Su Wan’s forehead. Up until morning almost came, did Su Rui leave Su Wan’s room reluctantly, returning to the guest room Su You prepared for him.

The next morning.

Su Wan opened her eyes early in the morning. She didn’t know why but she had a great sleep last night.

She looked at her alarm clock and then got out of her bed to rinse and dress herself. She changed into her uniform and then walked downstairs to see Su You sitting with someone else at the dining table.

Wasn’t that…

Su Wan widened her eyes when she saw the man’s appearance. Wasn’t, wasn’t he the pervert from yesterday?

“Su You!”

Su Wan looked coldly at Su You.

“Xiao Wan, you’re awake. Come and eat! Su Rui made breakfast today. He knows how to cook good food.”

Su You praised Su Rui’s breakfast but the latter looked at his wife quietly.

He specially made today’s breakfast for his wife. He was trying to capture her heart through her stomach like he did in the past!

“I have no appetite when I see you guys.”

Su Wan peered at Su You and Su Rui. “Su You, this is my house. Please don’t bring in random people in the future.”

Saying this, Su Wan took her backpack from Aunt Zhang’s hands coldly and walked out of the villa quickly.

“Xiao Wan!”

Su You bit her lips, feeling Su Wan’s cold and arrogant attitude. Then she turned to subconsciously explain to Su Rui. “Su Rui, don’t mind her. Xiao Wan, she...uh, where did he go?”

Su You was shocked at the empty chair. Did she see a ghost? How did he disappear in the blink of an eye?

“Get out of my car.”

In the Jaguar, Su Wan was hugging her backpack in alarm as she watched the man suddenly getting in her car.

“I just wanted a ride.”

Su Rui smiled at Su Wan. “Don’t be so nervous. I’ll stay away from you and I won’t touch you, okay?”

Su Wan looked suspiciously at him. “Where are you going?”

“I’ll go wherever you go.”

Su Rui sat up straight and responded seriously.

She didn’t know what this pervert was up to now. Su Wan narrowed her eyes and then sat on the other side of the car. Then she placed the backpack in between the two of them. “Uncle Lin, drive us to school.”

“Yes, young miss.”

Uncle Lin heard Su Wan’s words and immediately started the car skillfully, driving off.

Traffic was alright as they drove on the morning streets. There wasn’t much of a traffic jam and the car quickly arrived at Su Wan’s private highschool.

“I’m here. Get out of the car.”

Su Wan left with her backpack on her shoulders and she kept on looking at Su Rui in alarm.

She was still an inexperienced sixteen years old girl. Seeing her acting like a hedgehog, Su Rui smiled and got out of the car. Seeing the dazzling school door, Su Rui was surprised. So luxurious, this school.

“Uncle Lin, you don’t need to pick me up. I’m going out to play with Xing Yi later.”

Su Wan ordered Uncle Lin before entering the school.

Su Rui also walked in confidently, following Su Wan.


Seeing an unfamiliar face, the guard at the door immediately stopped Su Rui. “It’s class time right now. Unless you’re a staff member of the school, you’re forbidden to enter. Please cooperate.”

“Oh? Really?”

Su Rui smiled. “I’m actually here to accept a job offer.”

Job offer?

The guard froze. The school wasn’t lacking any teachers and he didn’t see any posters with job offers around school.

“Mister, did you get something wrong? We’re Shengming Private High School and we’re not lacking any teachers.”

He was worthy of being a well-trained guard of the school. He maintained a smile and a respectable attitude the entire time.


Su Rui’s gaze flickered and he saw a man wearing a suit coming out of the car holding teaching materials.

“He’s a teacher in your school right?”

Su Rui pointed at the man.

“Right, that’s Teacher Yu. He teaches math.”


Su Rui smiled and walked to Teacher Yu. “Teacher Yu?”


Teacher Yu heard Su Rui’s voice and looked around confused. Seeing the man with an elegant and noble temperament, he thought he was a student’s parent. He revealed a professional smile and said, “Hi, I’m Yu Zheng. You are…?”

“Teacher Yu, thank you for your hard work. You need to rest well.”

Su Rui walked forward and patted his shoulders.

“Um, I…”

Before he could say anything, he fell unconscious.


People immediately surrounded him. “Teacher Yu, Teacher Yu, what happened to you?”

“He overdid himself and needs to rest.”

Su Rui smiled and walked to the guard. “Look, you guys need a math teacher now. I promise you Teacher Yu needs three to five months before he could recover. So, can I see the principal now? I’m really here for a job.”

A certain guard was speechless.

The guard returned to his room and reported the bizarre event to his boss. The boss then asked the principal. Just like this, Su Rui appeared in the principal’s office fifteen minutes later.

Half an hour later, Su Rui successfully became a math teacher within Shengming Private High School. He was in charge of Su Wan’s class, sophomore year class 6.

General Su thought that violence was the answer whenever.

Wife, don’t worry. I’m coming for you now.



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