Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 426 - Extras(4)

Shengming Private High School opted for elite education so everyday, the students had to attend countless classes.

Like usual, Su Wan entered sophomore class 6’s classroom.

“Xiao Wan! You’re here.”

Several figures immediately huddled over. They had a pretty good relationship with Su Wan.

Mn. But that was it. The young misses from upper class society had received all sorts of education before and they were able to write [36 Ways to Make Connections with the Upper Society].

“Xiao Wan, I heard you got a few people to sort Su You out?”

The legitimate young misses naturally hated illegitimate daughters like Su You.

“Where did you hear this from?”

Su Wan looked up and stared coldly at the girl who just talked. “Shen Qi, you can’t spew nonsense.”


Shen Qi’s face darkened. “What? You won’t admit it? Could it be you’re afraid...that Xing Yi would come and blame you? Ah, who doesn’t know about Xing Yi and Su You…”


The slap cut off her words. She clutched her red and swollen face as she looked angrily at Su Wan. “Su Wan, you dare to hit me?”

“Why wouldn’t I dare? I already hit you. You’re just rank three within the Shen Family. Shen Qi, what makes you think you have the right to criticize me? Your Shen Family doesn’t have the right!”

Su Wan was the epitome of rampant within the school. Everyone knew that Su Family and Qin Family were one of the most powerful influential families within the Yun City. As Su Qi and Qin Shiyong’s daughter, no matter how much she didn’t get her wishes at home, people still needed to treat her with respect when she was outside.

Shen Qi clenched her teeth.

Su Wan, all you have is a good background, no?

Who doesn’t know about your family’s trivial matters?

You’re nothing once you leave the Su and Qin Family.

Despite how much she resented her, Shen Qi had no choice but to keep her grievances inside. That’s right. She was just the Shen Family’s third miss. She had no capital to go against Su Wan. But she wasn’t willing to just admit defeat.

Su Wan, just you wait!

You’ll get to cry once Xing Yi leaves you and Su You gets a steady position within the family.

“Ah, why is it so lively this morning? What did I miss?”

A clear voice suddenly rang from the door. A cute girl with short hair smiled and walked inside.

“Little Wanwan.”

The girl entered and went straight for Su Wan. “Su Wan, what are you guys doing?”

“Xue Hui is here!”

Seeing the short-hair girl, everyone all smiled and greeted her. They knew that Xue Hui has the best relationship with Su Wan. She came just in time, letting the page flip past.

As expected, Su Wan returned coldly to her seat. “Nothing. I just slapped a fly off.”

“Oh, there’s a fly in the classroom?!”

Xue Hui widened her eyes. “Where? Where is it? Let me see the corpse. I’m going to put it on the net.”

Everyone was speechless.

Sister, should you really be that innocent?

Su Wan chuckled at Xue Hui. “I already crushed the corpse into pieces so don’t think about it now.”

“Oh, no!”

Xue Hui placed her backpack down in front of Su Wan angrily. “Su Wan, you have such a ruthless heart! Such a cute and small could you have the heart to kill it? Please teach me!’

Su Wan: enough.

Xue Hui spat her tongue out at her before saying softly in Su Wan’s ears, “I just saw a great show when I just came. There’s a badass in our school.”


Su Wan looked at her round face. “What badass? The auntie from the cafeteria transformed into a handsome young man?”

“No, no, no. He’s a teacher! Did you know? He’s an adonis teacher! Ah, he’s incredibly handsome and domineering. In short, he’s amazing! Unfortunately, I think he replaced Teacher Yu. He teaches class 1. I’m so jealous of the girls in that class. Little Wanwan, why don’t we transfer classes?”


Su Wan pursed her lips. From Xue Hui’s adonis to the express delivery brother to the chief of the country. There were too many men.

“Do you need to transfer class if you like the adonis?”

Su Wan lifted her brows at Xue Hui. “Wait for me after school. I invited Xing Yi to celebrate Ouyang Mo’s birthday. You can come along.”

Ouyang Mo, Ouyang Mo!

He’s the school prince. He has long legs and he’s also handsome.

“Okay, okay.”

Xue Hui nodded. She felt so blessed, being with Little Wanwan. Not only could she see the handsome Master Mo everyday, she could also attend the school prince’s birthday party.

Those who said that Xing Yi had liked someone else were bullshitting. Our Little Wanwan was not only the top student but also the goddess. She could act cute at home and cool when she’s outside. Where would anyone get to find a girl like her?

If Xing Yi really didn’t like Little Wanwan but ended up liking Su You, that white lotus, then he was blind.

The two chatted for a while. Xue Hui was infatuated with Ouyang Mo. Meanwhile, Su Wan kept her eyes down on her phone as well as the message Xing Yi just sent. “Ouyang Mo also invited Su You. Hold yourself tonight and don’t put everyone in a bad situation.”

Su You.

Su You again.

Su Wan didn’t understand. Whether it was Xing Yi or Ouyang Mo, why did they like Su You?

They liked her because of her kindness? Cuteness? Delicateness?

If a woman was too weak and gentle, then they’d only be bullied by others. Su Wan didn’t like weak people at all.

Sometimes, she didn’t get it. How did the weak and innocent Su You who had been wandering outside this entire time survive until now?

Could there really be so many people who enjoyed helping others but didn’t want any favors in return?

Since I made a sacrifice, I want something in return.

Born in a business family, Su Wan believed this firmly.

Since I made a little sacrifice, you should reciprocate the favor back or even more.

How could there be a fool in the world that kept on making sacrificing but didn’t ask for anything in return?

People like that didn’t exist.

Su Wan silently deleted Xing Yi’s message.

Xing Yi, you were the one that provoked me first. You wanted a connection through marriage with the Su Family.

Since you provoked me, you needed to take responsibility until the end.

Don’t think I don’t know about your feelings for Su You. You wanted to abandon me to pursue Su You?

Unless I died.

Hearing the bell, Su Wan placed her phone away and took out her textbooks from her backpack.

The first class just so happens to be math class.


Su Wan thought of Xue Hui’s words for some reason. A new math teacher huh?

While she was in a daze, she heard whispers in the classroom.


Su Wan looked up to see Su Rui’s gentle smile.

“So handsome!”

“I’m going to faint!”

“Adonis, please go out with me!”

Su Wan widened her eyes through the whispers.


Are you sure he’s an adonis not a mental patient?

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