Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 428 - Extras(6)

“You like me? Or being the son-in-law of the Su Family?”

Noticing the loneliness in Su Wan’s eyes, Su Rui’s heart felt a pang of pain. He, without thinking, rushed to Su Wan and lowered his head, kissing her.

Su Wan, don’t be so upset and lonely. I love you, only you.

In my eyes, you’re better than any other woman in the world.


Su Wan froze in place as she was suddenly kissed by Su Rui. She was actually being forcibly kissed! This was also her first kiss!

Maybe due to distrust of relationships, Su Wan had always been a clean sheet of paper towards love.

She and Xing Yi had been together for so long and their most intimate interaction was just a hug.

Right now, being kissed domineeringly by Su Rui and feeling his strong aura on her, Su Wan snapped out of her trance and started struggling firmly.

“Don’t move. If you keep moving, I’ you.”

Su Rui felt Su Wan’s body trembling and he immediately held her tightly. “Xiao Wan, don’t move around. Listen to me.”

Su Wan glared at him but knew that she couldn’t escape from his hug so she stopped struggling. “I won’t let you go.”

“Good girl.”

Su Rui rubbed his chin against her forehead as he watched her wife act like an angered little lion. “Didn’t you want to know whether I like you or Su Family’s money? Come and follow me. I’ll take you to do something huge.”

Saying this, Su Rui pulled Su Wan’s hands as they walked out.

Su Wan bit her lips. Seeing that she couldn’t escape from his grasp, she followed him. She really wanted to see what this madman was going to take her to do.

Su Rui brought Su Wan out of the school door and they took a taxi to the technology city, grabbing a laptop with high performance.

“I’m paying by card.” General Su smiled and waved at Su Wan. “Let me borrow your credit card.”


Su Wan was still angry and hmphed , but she still took out her credit card slowly.

The cashier by the counter was originally admiring General Su’s handsome face but seeing that he was making a girl pay for the bill, she started looking at him strangely.

Such a handsome man was actually a pretty face. Tch.

Maybe the girl’s gaze was too intense and he felt the disdain in her gaze, Su Rui smiled and held onto Su Wan’s shoulders, exclaiming, “Wife, I’m really hungry. Why don’t we go and eat? And then we’ll do something huge. Mn, how much money do you have in your card now?”

Su Wan was speechless.

She subconsciously dodged his touch. Seeing the girl’s flabbergasted look, Su Wan suddenly felt relaxed.

“I have a lot of money. What do you want to eat? I’ll treat you. Let’s go.”

Su Wan waved her card and indicated Su Rui to follow along, bringing his laptop.

The two chose to eat in a private restaurant and asked for a quiet private room. “Order whatever you want. I still have go to somewhere tonight.”

Saying this, she messaged Xing Yi.

Seeing her calm expression, Su Rui laughed.

That’s his Su Wan. No matter the situation or person she encountered, she could remain calm.

If it was another woman, who knows what might’ve happened.

“We can just order two dishes.”

After dismissing the waiter, Su Rui took out his new laptop and inserted a network adapter card into it. Then he quickly typed along and asked, “Xiao Wan, are you going to speculate in stocks now?”


Su Wan looked at him with a gloomy gaze. “You know that I speculate in stocks? It seems like you’re more mysterious than I’ve thought.”

Just who was this man who called her “wife” at their first meeting?

Why must he pester her?

“I’m actually not mysterious.”

Su Rui looked into Su Wan’s eyes. “I’m from another plane. You, me, and our child are all from there. Our family...I’m your man. Of course, that’s in the future.”

Saying this, Su Rui spun his laptop over and showed Su Wan the screen. It was a foreign bank account which contained seven-digit savings.

“I just...cough...collected the funds. Tomorrow, it will turn over a hundred folds. Do you believe me or not?”

“You’re a hacker?”

Su Wan stared at the account on Su Rui’s screen, interested.

Wife, why are you paying attention to this?

“To be more accurate, I have control over advanced computing and technologies from the future. Of course, you can treat me as a hacker, a hacker from the future.”

Su Rui winked at Su Wan.


Su Wan remained silent. “You said you’re from the future? Then tell me how I am in the future. How was the future Su Family? Why would I be with you?”

“The future you was naturally lovable and cute just like you now. As for Su Family, cough...why do you care?”

Su Rui’s gaze was fixated on Su Wan. “I know you’re unhappy living in the original Su Family. Your fiance is also a shameless scumbag. Mn. And there’s another person. Xu Ce. He’s worse. Xiao Wan, you have to stay far away from them.”

Xu Ce?

Su Wan blinked her eyes, feeling emotionally moved.

He even knew about Teacher Xu!

Could he...really be from the future?

Screw you. Trying to lie to me huh?

Su Wan smiled. “Okay, I’ll remember this. Yes. Since you said we’ll be together in the future and since it’s fated, you don’t need to be so anxious for this moment to come right now right? I really have plans today. Eat well. I’m going to pay the bill now.”

Before Su Rui could react, Su Wan stood up and quickly left.

General Su was speechless.

He was worried, having such a crafty wife.

Su Rui sighed and placed his laptop away. He was really a bit hungry.


Knocking came outside the door. Then the door was pushed open.

“You can put the dishes down and leave.”

Su Rui said faintly. But in the next second, a slender figure sat in front of him. “Teacher Su, how do you feel?”

Hearing the familiar voice, Su Rui looked up to see Xu Ce’s gentle smile.


“Xu Ce, you finally showed yourself.” Su Rui smiled.

“I’ve been watching you, you guys.”

Xu Ce smiled and poured a cup of water for Su Rui.

Xu Ce had rebuilt this world. He could arrange Su Rui’s “birth location” and even pick the time for him to enter the world.

Right now, it was Su Wan’s second semester as sophomore and quite an important time period in her life.

During this summer, Su Wan witnessed Xing Yi’s betrayal.

Although he knew that the world was virtual and that the world would just disappear when they leave, this was such a realistic dream. Whether it was Su Wan or this world, it was just a dream in the end. Even though he knew it was a dream, Su Rui still followed Su Wan.

Xu Ce quite benefitted from Su Rui’s constant pestering.

He learned that he could pursue people like this too.

As it turned out, the cold-blooded Su Rui could be so shameless too?

Xu Ce felt like he had opened the door to a new world.

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