Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 427 - Extras (5)

“Hello, I’m your new math teacher, Su Rui.”

Su Rui smiled and wrote his name down on the blackboard.

“Woah! He’s so handsome!”

“He has nice calligraphy.”

Praises rang within the classroom in succession, especially Xue Hui who sat in front of Su Wan. The girl’s eyes were glued to him. What handsome young man? What school prince, Ouyang Mo? Stand to the side! Teacher Su, Teacher Su, look here quickly. The girl here is really cute!

He sure knows how to act cool.

Su Wan pursed her lips and spun the pen in her hands, bored. She didn’t doubt that this man was extremely handsome but it wasn’t like being handsome would do anything for him.

She believed in practicality, never imagination.

Therefore, Su Wan, not only didn’t you have a childhood, you didn't even act like a child…

Because this was his first time teaching, Su Rui smiled and called out everyone’s names before preparing to open his textbook and teach. It obviously wasn’t hard to teach highschoolers as he had been a Ph.D. several times.

Since he started teaching, Su Wan focused on taking notes. Though she already learned the lessons from her family tutor, as an outstanding top student, her performance in class was perfect.

The other students appeared to be more undisciplined and unorganized. Some were secretly reading comics while others were playing on their phones and chatting on forums. There was a group of female students in a daze staring at Teacher Su’s face…

He’s incredibly handsome. Just looking at him made them feel blessed

“Little Wanwan, isn’t he so handsome?”

Xue Hui stared at Su Rui while passing notes to Su Wna.


“Even if he is handsome, he’s a handsome mental patient.”

Xue Hui froze. “Xiao Wan, you know him?”

Needless to say, although Xue Hui was slow sometimes, her instinct could be terrifyingly right.

“I do.”

Su Wan hesitated before answering in a low voice.


Xue Hui let out a gasp.

Su Wan, you’re such a bad friend! You actually knew such a handsome adonis in secret and you’ve hidden that from me for so long?

“Xue Hui!”

Xue Hui’s gasp appeared to be really abrupt within the classroom. Su Rui had to stop his explanation to look at the cute girl next to Su Wan.

“Uh, teacher, I…”

“You look quite lively.”

Su Rui smiled at Xue Hui and the cute girl was immediately dazzled by General Su’s smile. She nodded along for some reason.

“If that’s the case, come up and solve this question.”


Xue Hui walked to the blackboard while still in a daze. By the time she picked up the chalk and saw the question, she snapped out of her trance.

What the heck is this? I don’t know how to solve this!

“Teacher, I-I don’t know how to do this.”

Xue Hui turned and looked pitifully at Su Rui. Teacher, look at how cute I am. Don’t yell at me, okay?

“Don’t know how to do this?”

Su Rui smiled and patted Xue Hui’s shoulders. “If you don’t know, then go outside and think about it.”


Teacher is being so gentle! While walking, she thought this. Then she snapped out of her trance and realized that she was being punished to stand outside of the classroom!

The classroom became quiet again. Su Rui’s gaze flickered and landed unintentionally on Su Wan. “Su Wan, you seemed to be chatting happily with Xue Hui so come on up and solve this question.”


Su Wan placed her pen down and quickly walked to the platform. She grabbed a chalk and started solving the question without hesitation.

Within a minute, she solved the question and got the right answer.

I know my wife is the best.

General Su nodded. “Su Wan, I know you’re the top student for a reason. Then, be my teaching assistant from now on. Hope we have a good time.”

Su Rui extended his hand at Su Wan.

His slender and clean hand appeared in front of her.

Su Wan tilted her head and placed her hand in Su Rui’s palm before removing her hand quickly. “Thank you for giving me a chance.”

Saying that, she turned indifferently and left.


Su Rui laughed. “Alright. Let’s look at this question now…”

The classes went by quickly. Normally, Su Wan would go to class 4 to wait for Xing Yi but today, Su Rui specially ordered her to collect the math worksheets from the classrooms after school and to bring them to his office. Therefore, Su Wan handed her backpack to Xue Hui and told her to wait by Xing Yi’s classroom first. As for Su Wan, she brought a pile of worksheets to the math teacher’s office.

The other teachers had gotten off work and left. When Su Wan entered, she saw Su Rui sitting in front of his desk. With his sleeves rolled up, he was checking over the homeworks.

“Teacher Su.”

Su Wan knocked and then quickly walked in.

“You’re here.”

Su Rui saw Su Wan and smiled. “Place the worksheets here. I’m about to get off work as well. Let’s go. I’ll invite you to eat.”

Saying this, Su Rui stood up and grabbed his jacket he placed on the chair. His past experiences told him that he needed to pester his wife endlessly and be shameless.

Our Xiao Wan is amenable to coaxing, not coercion. She had a cold appearance but a warm heart.

“I already have plans, with my fiance.”

Su Wan specially added.

In Shengming, people weren’t against teacher-student relationships. After all, the students within the school were Yun City’s well-known young masters and misses. The teachers were also really outstanding. If two people were actually in love with each other and had similar backgrounds, they were allowed to be together.

However, Su Wan didn’t believe in those fairytales.

Saints were people without desires and selfish motives.

Saints didn’t exist in this world.

“Your fiance?”

Su Rui smiled faintly. He knew that Su Wan was tactfully rejecting him.

“You guys haven’t gotten married, right? I still have the ability to pursue you, no?”

Su Rui wore his jacket and winked at Su Wan. “I’m really sincere.”


“You like me? Or you like being the son-in-law of the Su Family?”

Su Wan looked deeply at Su Rui. As a child, there were countless guys around her and almost everyone was interested in Su Family’s wealth and status.

No one, no one wanted her for her.

So many people were jealous of Su Wan’s status and background but no one understood her loneliness.

Two years ago, Xing Yi barged into her life. As the eldest master of the Xing Family, he didn’t need to sacrifice his wedding but he took a fancy to Su Wan.

People just started to understand love during his age. It was also the first time Su Wan truly felt that someone was pampering and adoring her.

He liked her. But was that love?

She didn’t understand nor was she sure. However, she longed for this feeling and the man’s gentleness. She told herself to hold onto this relationship tightly. This was the best gift she received in her life.

Up until a few months ago when Su You returned to the Su Family.

Xing Yi lost his self-control when he saw Su You the first time.

At that time, the smart Su Wan figured out that he knew Su You already.

For the past two years, he might’ve been gentle and nice to her all because he treated her as someone else.

A substitute.

As it turned out, she was Su You’s substitute.

She knew but she was unwilling to admit defeat.

Her parents never loved and cared about her so she understood that no one would give her what she wanted. She must fight for what she wanted.

Love was like this too.

Since she held on, she didn’t want to let go. She wanted to fight for it. Even if she had to die, she wanted to die a clear death.


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