End of World Businessman

Chapter 43.1: Base Concept [1]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: HeXie

Chapter 43.1: Base Concept [1]  

Wu Ye certainly thought that the system idea was a bad one. But at the same time, he was also really moved by it.

This time, if Wu Ye really blew up the fourth-level zombies like he planned to do, he would really make a big loss. The fourth-level zombie was only worth 500 points and 1 yellow crystal, which was equivalent to 50 orange crystals. It was practically worthless compared to the costs he paid to destroy the fourth-level zombie.

Because the amount he spent to deal with the fourth-level zombie was bigger than expected. More than 15,000 points and 76 orange crystals were spent on repellant agents and rocket launchers alone. The costs of this operation were almost enough for Wu Ye to exchange Gene Repair Solution for Ah Li!

It was an absolutely unprofitable venture for Wu Ye because even if he killed the fourth-level zombie out there and got its yellow crystal smoothly… he would only get 14 orange crystals left after returning the other 36 orange crystals that were borrowed from the system. But what else could he do?

There were too few third-level zombies in the hunting area. And on a bad day, one could hardly find a few of them there. If it went on like this, when could he earn enough to buy medicine for Ah Li and protective clothing for Wuhua?

Originally, he had come to this county to hunt for as many orange crystals as possible, but the course of events had derailed his plan. However, he might be able to salvage it. After all, at this moment, they had occupied this elevator apartment. So, as long as they managed to kill that fourth-level zombie and used the repellent carefully, it should pose no problem for them to stay in this city for a while to hunt.

Wu Ye whispered his train of thoughts to Qin Wuhua and he fell silent. Then, after a little thought, Qin Wuhua nodded his head and said, “This is good. We may also be able to find a chance to carry some goods from Cao Nan Street back.”

As a matter of fact, when they first entered Cao Nan Street, the amount of the zombies loitering in it were not as many as they had expected. So, when they managed to kill the giant zombie, the zombie tide should have dispersed as well. Under the premise of having abundant vaccines and ammunition, it should be possible to empty one or two shops with the remaining group members.

“It’s a pity that our truck is rendered into scrapped metal now. Well, nothing to it now. We should search for our new transportation. I wondered… can that armored vehicle from before still be used?” Wu Ye only caught a glimpse of it when that giant zombie hit Zhou Sheng’s truck with the armored vehicle. He saw nothing more than that. So, he was unsure of its state, whether that armored vehicle was smashed to smithereens or not.

But if it still worked, it would be a far better transportation than the modified truck they had before. In the whole of Lan Cheng Base, only special guards have armored vehicles. And every time they came out, everyone else could only stare enviously, but that was all.

Qin Wuhua had been in the army for more than a decade, so he was very knowledgeable about various aspects of the military. There was no need to ask about his knowledge about the performance of each type of military armored vehicles. That was something which he knew like the back of his hands. Much less this particular type.

“M-R41 military armored vehicle is the latest type of infantry combat vehicle. It had excellent defense and offense, one that is even comparable to tanks. Furthermore, the various equipment in it is the best in the whole nation, and even in the world. So, it should not be so easily damaged, even with the giant zombie’s formidable strength. If I’m right, this M-R41 was probably sent to rescue the researchers, but it was trapped in Qingmin County for some reason.”

Second Young Master Wu gulped his saliva as he directed his peach blossoms eyes at Qin Wuhua, looking exceptionally bright. “Is this M-R41 better than the armored vehicles belonging to Lan Cheng Base special guards?”

Qin Wuhua’s usually unyielding handsome face loosened at Wu Ye’s bright gaze directed at him. And he even had a slight smile at the corner of his mouth when he said, “Of course. Those armored vehicles belonging to the special guards in Lan Cheng Base are obsolete products from the last generation.”

Lan Cheng Base was just a medium-sized survivor base. Furthermore, it also had no important personage in the whole base. How could the military headquarters in the capital allocate a top-notch armored vehicle like M-R41 to them? The special guards were not deployed to the Lan Cheng Base for the sake of the survivors’ life and safety. It was for the sake of the 200,000 mu plantation that produced a good harvest all year round.

Based on his understanding of the military upper-echelons, he was afraid that it was too early for the five forces in Lan Cheng Base to celebrate.

At that answer, Wu Ye felt a little tangled inside. “If the M-R41 is that good, will the special guards back in Lan Cheng try to forcefully requisite it from us?” Wu Ye recalled the rules in the base, and remembered that the special guards had a right to forcibly requisite what they wanted from the survivors. At that time, the survivors had no choice but to abide with their wishes.

And how could they not be jealous of such a good armored vehicle in their possession?

In spite of Wu Ye’s concern, Qin Wuhua’s voice as he spoke was calm, “Yes, they will.”

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