Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 43.1: Hundred Ghost Parade~

Chapter 43 Part 1

Completely different from Huaxia’s ghosts, this imported Kuman Thong from Thailand was made from the convergence of yin and evil energies.

A moment after Huaxia’s lonely souls and wild ghosts die, yin and yang would reverse, yin energy would flourish, and the baleful energy would enter the body. Henceforth, there would no longer be any vitality but also no evil energy. There’s a saying in Huainanzi, “A noble person has righteous energy, a vile person has nefarious energy.” Placed on a ghost, it could have yin energy or baleful energy, but it could not have nefarious energy.

Yin energy and baleful energy were part of the natural changes in the Five Elements of the world.

For instance, Xi Jia had a Body of Extreme Yin, and Hell King Ye had a Body of Three Fiends. When “Ghosts Know” reported about their special physiques, the Xuanxue world’s Celestial Masters were all envious. No one felt that they were evil spirits or monsters.

In Huaxia, even if it was some malicious ghosts that had killed people, their bodies would be infected by the vicious aura from killing but not evil energy. Because there were some malicious ghosts that suffered a tremendous injustice while alive, and after death, their resentment energy was very strong. The people they killed were the people that harmed them. In that case, they killed frankly and justly. They did not go against their conscience. Then, even if they were punished by Ling Xiao and have their souls scattered, they would die a worthy and upright death.

However, Kuman Thong was a thing of nefarious energy.

The Kuman Thongs that the Thai enshrined were babies that had died as a fetus in the womb. The best Kuman Thongs were the ones that were aborted during the eighth or ninth month of pregnancy. Using Thailand’s witchcraft, the dying fetuses were sealed into a vessel that gathered the Five Poisons and yin energy.1 After nine nines or 81 days, they would become the most frightening Kuman Thongs.

If the Kuman Thong was taken care of well, it would seize other people’s luck, and the owner would rapidly go up in the world, get promoted, and gain wealth. If it wasn’t taken good care of and something happened, the owner might get killed by the Kuman Thong instead.

This was Xi Jia’s first time catching a foreign ghost. The room was congested with the rich black yin energy. He couldn’t see anything. Only the clammy ice-cold tactile sensation in his hands reminded him that this foreign ghost might be very disgusting.

Ye Jingzhi stood in the second position and was the closest to Xi Jia. After Xi Jia captured the Kuman Thong, he quickly went over and took out a talisman with a flip of his hand. He silently recited a spell and pasted it onto the Kuman Thong’s body.

Golden light erupted from the talisman, and the yin energy in the room vanished at a rate visible to the naked eye.

After Xi Jia clearly saw the thing in his hands, he quickly shook off the thing in disgust and looked at his hands. They were completely clean. The yin and evil energies wouldn’t stick to his hands, but just the feeling was repulsive enough.

Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi looked down at the Kuman Thong.

This was an infant with yin energy winding all around its body. The size was no different from a newborn baby, but the body was a ghastly blue-purple color. The deep purple permeated out from inside the little ghost’s body. It’s body had many small and concentrated cyan spots as if it was a corpse that had been dead for ten days. It’s entire body was riddled with swollen livor mortis.

The yin energy in the room completely dissipated, and the lights lit up. The child ghost fiercely glared at Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi, madly snarling and shouting. The deep purple face started to become bumpy and undulated, and the veins rose like branches criss-crossing.

Ye Jingzhi looked at these blue marks and said in a cold voice, “This should be the location of the Kuman Thong’s evil energy. A baby that died in the womb never had touched the outside world, and the innate yin energy was all from the mother. Using the Five Poisons to soak the baby’s body, it would seal the evil energy within the body. Ultimately, it would become a real Kuman Thong.”

Xi Jia was now thoroughly disgusted and thought that the Kuman Thong was even more disgusting than those malicious ghosts with broken heads, hands, or feet that he had caught before. However, the top priority should be treating the wounded person first.

Ye Jingzhi conducted a spell and extracted a golden small bottle from one of Wu Xiang Qing Li’s surfaces. He opened the bottle and faced it towards the Kuman Thong. The Kuman Thong painfully howled, and very quickly, it was sucked into the bottle.

Xi Jia opened the door in a relaxed manner.

Most of the crew had already left, and only the director and some others were left. Suddenly seeing Xi Jia, the director and the screenwriter were simultaneously sunned. Once they saw Fang Moting being carried out by the manager, they rushed over and drove Film Emperor Fang to the hospital.

After entering the hospital, Fang Moting entered the operating room to stitch his wound and get a blood transfusion. It was nothing too serious. How could the manager tell the director that it was a child ghost haunting. Tonight, he had been scared to the point of pissing his pants. It was very difficult for him to stop his trembling legs. He had to inform the doctor and then tell it again to the director, “There was a vase in the break room that broke, and Brother Fang accidentally got cut by it. It’s not a big deal.”

The most important thing was that the person was fine. The director didn’t investigate further. After leaving the hospital, he said to Vice Director Chen, “Tomorrow, find two Buddhist monks to come to the set and examine. This is too unusual. There had been two accidents in ten days which resulted in entering the hospital both times. Did our crew provoke something unclean? You go find a master to come and take a look.”

Vice Director Chen immediately complied.

For the time being, the director was fooled. At midnight, Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi drove to the hospital. Master Ye took out a medicinal pellet from his Qiankun bag, and Fang Moting ate one. Immediately, he felt refreshed. Then, an ointment was applied on the wound. After a burst of scorching pain, the scar faded away, and it recovered to like how it was before.

The manager was watching to the side, flabbergasted and speechless.

Fang Moting was now fully recovered. It was only because he had lost too much blood beforehand that his body was still a bit weak. He was lying on the hospital bed. He calmly looked at Xi Jia and then Ye Jingzhi before saying seriously, “Thank you for the help, masters. Xi Jia, if it weren’t for your help this time, I would have definitely died in the hands of that Kuman Thong.”

Xi Jia said, “Actually, you should thank Master Ye. I completely didn’t know how to find the Kuman Thong. Also, your wound is cured by Master Ye’s medicine.”

Fang Moting looked at Ye Jingzhi, “Thank you, Master Ye.”

Ye Jingzhi nodded as an answer.

The Kuman Thong had been caught. But, the underlying cause of this matter still needed to be asked thoroughly.

Fang Moting sat on the hospital bed and carefully recalled his memories for a moment. He coldly said, “I can probably guess just who is raising that Kuman Thong. Master Ye just said that the Kuman Thong must have someone raising it in order to survive. Three months ago when I went to Thailand for an advertisement, there was also another person who went with me. I have been having bad luck in recent months. After thinking carefully, it could only be that person.”

The manager also clearly thought of who the other party was and angrily said, “Isn’t it just winning against him while competing for the endorsement? Actually using such a despicable method and wanting to threaten Brother Fang’s life. Really too despicable!”

Xi Jia was a newbie in the entertainment circle and a 18th-tier small star. He didn’t understand the twists and turns within this. But since Fang Moting already had an idea, he should be able to settle it himself.

The two asked about the accidents Fang Moting had suffered the last few months. Ye Jingzhi thought for a moment and said, “The Xuanxue world has agencies specialized in managing this kind of incidents. I will report this matter. After two days, someone may come here to investigate this specific circumstances for you.”

Fang Moting’s manager’s worldview had already been refreshed and was dumbstruck. Fang Moting was still calm and asked, “The Xuanxue world?”

Xi jia nodded, “En, Master Ye is a professional ghost hunting Celestial Master. The Xuanxue world……” After a pause, Xi Jia said as serious as possible, “The Xuanxue world is also quite reliable. You can rest assured. They should be able to help settle this matter.”

Fang Moting pensively nodded.

Actually, before coming to the hospital, Ye Jingzhi contacted the Xuanxue World Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The criminal cases among ordinary people would get reported to the police to settle. If Xuanxue world spells were used, the police wouldn’t be able to help, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would take action to resolve these abnormal incidents.

Xi Jia had bought some fruits at the hospital’s entrance. He gently set them on the table and planned to leave with Ye Jingzhi. Fang Moting raised his eyes and sent a meaningful glance to his manager. The manager immediately went up and shoved a bank card into Xi Jia’s hand.

Xi Jia turned his head and looked at Fang Moting in shock.

Film Emperor Fang smiled and said, “Although it’s my first time hearing about the Xuanxue world, I understand the rules. Xi Jia, Master Ye, thank you for your help.”

Brother Jia had killed so many evil ghosts, but it was still his first time receiving actual money. He felt a bit uneasy and gave the card back to the manager, saying, “No need. I only helped in passing. You don’t need to be so courteous.” He and Fang Moting weren’t considered as friends, but taking the money……he felt weird in general.

Fang Moting glanced at his manager, and the manager promptly shoved the bank card back to Xi Jia.

Xi Jia originally wanted to refuse, but Fang Moting earnestly looked at him and said in a serious voice, “I once heard from one of the seniors in the circle say, if you invite a genuine master to tell your fortune, one word costs at least 500,000. Xi Jia, you guys saved my life. To tell the truth, I’ve only treated you as my collaboration partner before, but now, please accept my gift as thanks. These are your rules. After completing this rule……” Fang Moting paused before he smiled, “Are we friends?”

Such a smooth person and with such a perfect response, Brother Jia with a communication barrier was left speechless. After thinking for a long time, Xi Jia still wanted to say something else, but Ye Jingzhi helped him put the card into his pocket.

Xi Jia looked at him in surprise. Master Ye’s gaze was pure, “Not owing karma, it’s indeed a rule.”

Thus, Xi Jia could only accept this card.

After leaving the hospital room, Xi Jia immediately checked the card’s balance using the ATM machine on the main floor. Looking at the number on the card, Xi Jia was dumbstruck. However, Ye Jingzhi slightly knitted his brows, “Not enough.”

Xi Jia pointed at the number on it in disbelief, “One million! This is still not enough?!”

Master Ye looked at him in confusion.

Brother Jia, “……”

Ah right, Master Ye had at least three million on one card so this really was not enough……

But one million wasn’t little at all, alright?!

Xi Jia had lately shot two films, and his total pay only broke six figures. Now, he had just torn up an imported ghost in passing and got one million! Suddenly, a part of Brother Jia didn’t want to shoot movies anymore. Specializing in ghost hunting was the great path to prosperity and fortune.

That is to say. After Xi Jia took back the card, he looked at it with a complex expression.

Ye Jingzhi didn’t understand what Xi Jia was looking at. He quietly stood to the side. After a long time, Xi Jia deeply sighed and helplessly smiled, “Master Ye, I finally understand just how could such a young person mingle in with the top of the entertainment circle and just how frightening those people are. With the two of us combined, perhaps we’re not even Film Emperor Fang’s match.”

Ye Jingzhi pursed his lips, “He wants to hurt you?” Saying this, he planned on going upstairs and asking clearly.

Xi Jia quickly stopped him.

Master Ye didn’t understand the ways of the world more than himself. This Film Emperor Fang really was a sophisticated person. They had parted for only a few hours, and the manager had prepared a bank card of one million for deposit. On the surface, it seemed like the Xuanxue world’s rule was completed. In reality, he had also made two Xuanxue world friends, Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi.

This was simply killing two birds with one stone.

The more he thought, the more Xi Jia felt that his family’s Master Ye was better. Master Ye was so great. His cooking was delicious, and his cleaning was excellent. He was considerate. His temperament was good, and his magic powers were high. Plus, he’s handsome. He felt at ease with Master Ye. At least, he would never get betrayed by Master Ye.

Xi Jia carefully thought. Actually, he could also understand some things about human interactions. But, he’s not good at this at all.

Might as well put these messy things to the side. The two of them returned to the hotel, and Ye Jingzhi released the Kuman Thong from the bottle.

Translator’s Addition:
C+: I should switch jobs.
Mirror: It’s not enough.

Translator’s Notes: Lol, there’s like 5 different qi’s in this chapter. Yin qi, Sha (baleful) qi, zheng (righteous) qi, xie (nefarious/evil) qi, and li (ruthless/vicious) qi.
1 Five Poisons – scorpions, centipedes, toads, snakes, and lizards.

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