End of World Businessman

Chapter 43.2: Base Concept [2]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: HeXie

Chapter 43.2: Base Concept [2]

Despite that, Wu Ye couldn’t bear the thought of giving up on the armored vehicle. But neither did he want to let the special guards claim it from them when they brought it back to the base. Just thinking about that made him feel as if there was a cat scratching at his heart. So, he looked towards Qin Wuhua with an imploring look in his peach blossoms eyes.

Being looked at by that pair of lovely eyes, Qin Wuhua’s heart was shaken and his throat felt tight with thirst. So, Qin Wuhua silently looked away from Wu Ye and whispered, “If there is no problem with the M-R41, we can hide it in Qingmin County. That way, it’ll be much safer compared to driving another modified vehicle when we have to drive in the county.”

At the very least, if the giant zombie was killed... they would have no problem running amok in the small Qingmin County with M-R41’s defensive and offensive prowess.

“Well, that’s the only way we have.” Wu Ye was a little unhappy and it showed from the way his head dropped. And the reason was obvious. After all, there was ‘luxurious’ transportation at hand, but he couldn’t drive it back in an above-board manner without it being coveted by others. How could he not be upset by that?

Qin Wuhua couldn’t resist his impulse when he saw Wu Ye like that. So, he rubbed Wu Ye’s head gently and asked with a low voice. “Ah Ye, have you ever thought of turning Qingmin County into our secret base?”

“What do you mean?” Wu Ye swatted Qin Wuhua’s hand away from his head. He didn’t like people touching his head. At all. In his mind, people only patted children on their heads. So, he extremely disliked being touched there and would fly in rage whenever someone tried.

After all, just because he had a baby face, didn’t mean that he was still a kid. Fortunately, his attention was diverted by the secret base Qin Wuhua mentioned, so he didn’t get angry with him.

Slightly embarrassed, Qin Wuhua withdrew his paw away as a trace of disappointment flitted across his eyes. However, he quickly turned serious as he began to explain. “If M-R41 is still usable, we can use it to drive to almost anywhere in Qingmin County. Of course, that is under the premise the road isn’t blocked. Furthermore, with repellant agents, we don’t have to worry about being blocked by the zombies. And with the vaccines in your hand, as long as there is no giant zombie, we can come and go freely in Qingmin County.”

Wu Ye’s eyes brightened at Qin Wuhua’s words. Everything that he had conceived was not a whimsical thought, but something that was achievable, especially with Wu Ye’s means. Furthermore, he had already revealed some of his secrets to his subordinates in this zombies infested county. So, Qin Wuhua’s idea wasn’t infeasible.

And since they had loyalty runes planted in their souls, he could reveal some more of his secrets and made it much easier to hunt zombies here rather than going to the outer hunting area. Not only that, there were bound to be a lot of goods that could be collected in the whole county. So, using these goods as a cover, he could bring more goods from his home world without catching a lot of attention. If things were mixed and sold together, he would be able to earn a sizable fortune!

“It’s a good idea.” Wu Ye nodded his head repeatedly before they proceeded to talk about some concrete idea. However, neither of them mentioned any words that were related to the system’s existence. And the reason was because they were afraid that there were some people who had a good hearing.

After they had discussed several points, Wu Ye brought forward one topic. “When we return to Lan Cheng Base, I intend to withdraw 20% of the shop’s turnover and use it as everyone’s minimum wage. I plan to transfer it to everyone’s account on a weekly basis according to their rank and contribution.

And the crystal nucleus they obtained doing tasks would be converted into transparent crystals of equal value. Using the ratio of 40/60, I will have the priority of 60, while the remaining 40% would be shared between the rest of the people according to the amount of contribution they made. In case they made special contributions during the task, there will be additional rewards given to them, and this reward will not be limited to money only.”

Listening to Wu Ye’s plan, Qin Wuhua frowned and raised one important point to him. “Won’t this distribution ratio be too high?”

If the small shop could operate stably, the weekly turnover rate should be at around 30W transparent crystals. 20% of it would be 6W transparent crystals. Even if it was evenly distributed to seventeen people, the daily income of each person would be around 500 transparent crystals, which was very high for survivors.

Furthermore, with their combat effectiveness and abundant ammunition, it was not difficult to hunt 3W transparent crystals every day, which added to the daily income as well. If they truly went with Wu Ye’s distribution ratio, each person could get around 700 transparent crystals daily. It was an enormous wealth, something that no common survivors could think of earning!

According to the general rules of zombie hunters, the leaders of the permanent team had to provide all the supplies necessary for the missions they undertook. In other words, as long as people went on a mission, then the average daily net income of people under Wu Ye at minimum could reach a few hundred transparent crystals. It could even reach one to two thousands transparent crystals if they were diligent and lucky.

And even if they couldn’t go on a mission and stayed in the base, they would still have a minimum wage of hundreds of transparent crystals every day. Qin Wuhua was afraid that even the devoted Zhong Ming under Ji Xiang, the spokesperson of Lan Cheng, was not paid as much as Wu Ye planned to pay his people.

The earnings the zombie hunters got came from selling most of the materials sold by the zombie hunter teams and the crystals nucleus they hunted from the zombies. And it was usually gathered together before its split between the leader and the team members according to the ratio they had decided before.

And on average, the daily income of the ordinary members of the team was around one or two hundred transparent crystals. Sometimes, even this amount couldn’t be consistently maintained. So, unless they managed to mix in with the leader of the team and prove themselves, the reward was not much better than working alone.
Wu Ye only waved his hand and said, “I’ve decided. After all, it’s not easy for everyone here.”

Wu Ye was very open-minded. Since he had made enough money from his position, there was no need for him to be stingy with his own people. Furthermore, he wanted to let them know that as long as they worked hard for him, they wouldn’t lack a bite of meat to eat nor would they have shortage of provisions.

With that, Qin Wuhua didn’t try to persuade him anymore. Anyway, Wu Ye’s character was like this from the beginning, and he knew it. Wu Ye didn’t love power nor was he greedy for money. As long as others treated him sincerely, he wouldn’t treat them unfairly. And Qin Wuhua felt that for him to be able to meet such a kind little guy in the apocalypse, it must come from his deceased family members and comrades in arms’ blessing.

At this moment, Qin Wuhua felt a faint intuition in his heart. If there was anyone who could really save this desperate world and restored the world’s order, that guy must be Wu Ye.

And he… really didn’t want Wu Ye to leave this world one day.

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