End of World Businessman

Chapter 43.3: Base Concept [3]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: HeXie

Chapter 43.3: Base Concept [3]

“Alright, let’s stop talking about this. The first and foremost thing we should do right now is to find a chance to get rid of that fourth-level zombie.” Wu Ye said as he asked the system to show him the learning video on how to use the rocket launcher. After watching it twice, he thought he could fiddle with it since he had a basic grasp of the technology. So, with that realization, he carried the cannon and pushed open the door to the outer hall.

At first everyone, who saw Wu Ye coming out with a rocket, looked surprised. However, soon, their expression changed into one filled with elation.

Qian Xin, being the first to come to his senses, was the first to rush in front of Wu Ye. And he couldn’t hold himself back from feeling and touching the cannon’s exterior. He was so excited that his eyes flashed gold as he spoke. “Good boy. It’s a really good boy. If you have this thing, there’s no need for us to be afraid of that giant ball!”

Qin Wuhua came out at this moment with a thunderous look and glared at Qian Xin’s grubby paw. Then, he reprimanded Qian Xin with a calm demeanor. “What foul language are you using?! Have you forgotten the rules?!”

Although he often saw rude remarks coming from Wu Ye’s mouth, tht didn’t mean he would let him be corrupted by others that easily!

Hearing the icy calm tone Qin Wuhua used, Qian Xin’s whole body became agitated, and his conditioned reflex kicked in. He tucked in his abdomen and stood straighten up his chest, standing in standard military pose as he exclaimed loudly. “I’m sorry, chief, I was wrong! I’ll never dare to do it again!”

But that loud exclamation made Qin Wuhua’s face turned even darker in incense as he let out a low hiss. “Keep your voice down. Do you want to call over all the zombies outside to this place?!”

“Yes, chief!” Qian Xin responded as he quickly lowered his voice. Fortunately, the giant zombie was still happily playing its small game on the street which made a lot of loud crashing noise. Where could it hear the sound coming from a place that was 100 meters away from the ground?

In any case, Wu Ye planned to deal with the giant zombie now. However, although it was still on Cao Nan street, it had already gone quite a distance away to the lower section of the road. So, Wu Ye couldn’t aim at him at all from his current position.

Moreover, it was not enough to just kill the giant zombie. Wu Ye still had to get its crystal core unless he wanted it to be eaten by the other zombies. If that happened, then his efforts up until now would be futile as that zombie would just evolve to become a new fourth-level zombie. .

“Ji Yun, how far does the scope of the Craniotomy Robot manual operation reach?” Wu Ye asked as he turned his gaze towards Ji Yun.

“At the moment, the maximum distance it could cover is only around 300 meters. But if you give me a little time, I can adjust this distance to more than 1000 meters.” Ji Yun pledged as he stuck his chest out. After all, the original design concept and final design result of the craniotomy robot were all based on intelligence sequence and fully automatic. Manual control was only an initial auxiliary function that was added as an afterthought, and neither Ji Yun nor Professor Li had made great efforts on it. But since Wu Ye needed it, Ji Yun could modify it even in their current situation.

"How long will it take?" Wu asked.

“Give me half an hour.” Ji Yun stated while he began to take out the tools he needed to ‘dissect’ the craniotomy robot.


While Ji Yun was modifying the craniotomy robot, Wu Ye had everyone else collect the sheets and quilts from several houses on the top floor. He then told them to tear it to long strips and twisted it to make a strong make-shift rope, which he could use to release the craniotomy later on.

After arranging everyone’s tasks, he went to hide in one of the rooms and spent a long time communicating with the system through their linked ‘brain wave’. At the end of the ‘negotiation’, he spent 5000 points upfront while the remaining crystals nucleus was placed on credit to purchase a small intermediate isolation box.

This new isolation box could isolate the fluctuation of the crystals nucleus that was below level 6. And for this broken metal box, which was only slightly bigger than his fist, Wu Ye had to owe the system more than 50 orange crystals!

And because Second Young Master Wu was already heavily in debt, he didn’t mind having to bear more. Besides, he was used to owing the system now. Meanwhile, the system happily thought to itself that the more its stupid host owed it now, the more money it would earn in the future.

Then, he went to Ji Yun and asked him to put this intermediate isolation box in the body of craniotomy. At the same time, he also strictly instructed Ji Yun that after obtaining the giant zombie’s crystal nuclei, he must immediately put it into this box.

Ji Yun himself had seen the magic of the primary isolation box, so he knew that the box that Wu Ye gave him was a more advanced version of it. And though he was curious about the metal it was made from, he reigned in his curiosity and asked Yang Li Na to help fix the intermediate isolation box into the craniotomy robot’s body.

Soon, everything was ready. At Wu Ye’s gesture, Yang Li Na immediately used her ability to remove the metal that was blocking the window’s gap. Meanwhile, as soon as she was done, everyone else opened the window and sent the craniotomy robot to the bottom of the building using the large rope they made before.

Due to the open window, the smell of the ability users spread out, carried by the wind. The giant zombie, smelling the scent, was momentarily flabbergasted. It then roared loudly to disperse the zombies in the street and strode towards Wu Ye and his group’s location. With each step it took, it heavily impacted the street. Not only that, the steps also caused the shops by the road to tremble, looking like it would crumble at any moment.

800 meters.

500 meters.

300 meters.

150 meters.

In the blink of an eye, the giant zombie practically soared towards the building they were in. But Wu Ye was already ready. He focused his aim and fired the rocket. Mid-way, the front shell of the strange silver metal shell peeled off with a ‘whew’ sound and six metal claws extended out of it. All of which attached itself firmly on the fourth-level zombie’s face.

And when the fourth-level zombie was about to reach for it, a red light flashed at the bottom of the shell. With only that as a sign, the rocket exploded with a loud bang, taking out the fourth-level zombie’s head with it. Amongst the crushed pieces of its head, a yellow crystal nucleus around the size of an ordinary Tangyuan candy drew a beautiful arc in the air, falling gracefully.

And as the giant zombie’s body, which was as high as a four meters building, fell… all the zombies in the county roared at the same time, agitated at the scent of the crystals.

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