Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 43.3: Skittish B*tch Imported Ghost~

Chapter 42 Part 3

Xi Jia smiled as he spoke. The two of them walked towards the set’s entrance. They had only walked halfway when Vice Director Chen called out for Xi Jia to come back, saying that the director had something to say to him. After they met, Old Li smiled, “Youngster, your acting is making progress. Not bad, not bad. You’ll be done tomorrow. It’s like this, how about adding two more scenes in the afternoon? The script has been changed last minute.”

If it was anyone else, they would certainly be ecstatic suddenly having extra scenes. On the contrary, Xi Jia didn’t feel anything about it. In any case, his pay wouldn’t increase.

Since he received the other’s money, then he would get the job done well. Xi Jia patiently listened to Old Li explain tomorrow’s scenes. As he listened, an hour had passed. The people in the crew had pretty much all left already.

After 10:30, Xi Jia bid farewell to Old Li and found Ye Jingzhi. He told Ye Jingzhi about his added scenes. Master Ye nodded, and Xi Jia helplessly said, “If they could increase my pay a bit, that would be great.”

Ye Jingzhi stated matter of factly, “I have a lot of money.”

Xi Jia lightly laughed, “En, a point can get you a Benz. The people of the Xuanxue world truly doesn’t lack money. But, Master Ye, you also have to save some. Although……cough, although, you really earn too much, you can’t be too extravagant.”

Ye Jingzhi hesitated for a moment before he said shyly, “Master said that after marriage, the wallet should be given to wife. Only after marriage…….” En, after marriage……

Hearing the word “marriage,” Xi Jia felt a stab in his heart and was a bit uncomfortable. He wrinkled his brows and wanted to change the topic. He hadn’t even spoken when he suddenly widened his eyes and looked at a room not far away. Ye Jingzhi’s face also became cold as he turned to look at the closed door.

Ye Jingzhi’s nose slightly moved. His voice was calm, “The smell of blood, very strong yin energy.”

Xi Jia calmly said, “I remember that that’s Fang Moting’s break room. He seems to have just gone in with his manager.”

They looked at each other and went forward.

Xi Jia didn’t meddle with the Kuman Thong that saw at the hospital because it should be something that Fang Moting was raising. He also didn’t know if Fang Moting’s two prior accidents were related to this Kuman Thong. But now, there was such a strong yin energy and smell of blood. With someone getting hurt right in front of him, Xi Jia wouldn’t sit idly by.

Brother Jia never liked to meddle in other people’s business, wouldn’t take the initiative to exterminate demons and hunt ghosts, and maintain world peace. However, if things were sent to his door, Brother Jia generally wouldn’t turn a blind eye.

They walked to the front of the door, and Xi Jia calmly knocked on the door. There was no answer from inside the room.

At this point, most of the crew were already gone. No one was paying attention to them.

Xi Jia knocked again, but there was still no response. He turned around and saw that only Old Li and a few screenwriters were left on set. Thinking, he said to Ye Jingzhi, “The yin energy in this room is too strong. I’m worried about dragging Old Li and the others into this. They are ordinary people and can’t handle yin energy like this. Master Ye, can you help lay down an array to prevent the thing inside from escaping?”

Ye Jingzhi raised his hand to lay down an enchantment.

Xi Jia pressed his hand against the door handle and pushed hard. Strangely, the door handle didn’t budge. A trace of black yin energy seeped out from the gaps of the door and keyhole, wrapping around Xi Jia’s hand.

Ye Jingzhi’s pupils trembled, staring at the yin energy. In a flash, the yin energy dissipated.

The thing inside had actually started to attack Xi Jia already. Ye Jingzhi placed his hand on top of Xi Jia’s hand with an ice-cold expression. Xi Jia looked at him, and he nodded. Faint golden light suddenly lit between his fingers, and he grasped Xi Jia’s hand. Pressing on the door handle once more, the door slowly opened.


Powerful yin energy suddenly rushed out from within. Xi Jia subconsciously turned his head to dodge. Ye Jingzhi extended his fingers to stop this mass of yin energy.

Ye Jingzhi didn’t have a Body of Extreme Yin. Such strong yin energy would attack his body. But when the yin energy wanted to pierce his skin, the little black mole in Master Ye’s right eye slowly reddened. A chilling baleful aura swelled up in his palm. In an instant, that mass of yin energy was wiped clean.

The door was already open, but inside was a blanket of darkness. Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi glanced at each other before entering the room.

The moment after they entered the room, bang! The door closed behind them.

The room was pitch-black. Ye Jingzhi flipped his hand and took out Wu Xiang Qing Li. He gently tapped, and then Wu Xiang Qing Li emitted golden rays of light. Yet, the light didn’t illuminate the room. The whole room was full of strong yin energy. It was so dark that you couldn’t see your hand in front of you.

Since it was impossible to light up the room, Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi simply gave up and immediately used Yin Yang Eyes to see.

After a moment, Xi Jia seriously said, “Master Ye, I can’t see any malicious ghosts.”

Ye Jingzhi also said, “There are no malicious ghosts here. If I’m not wrong, it’s that Kuman Thong.”

Xi Jia pursed his lips: As expected, that Kuman Thong is related to Fang Moting!

The two of them started searching the room.

From the outside, this room was very small. Xi Jia remembered that this room was only about ten square meters, and it was Fang Moting’s personal break room. But now, he and Ye Jingzhi had walked for three minutes and unexpectedly hadn’t finished walking through the room.

Ye Jingzhi said, “My knowledge is insufficient. I have only seen one-third of all the spell books that Master has left behind. I only know a little about Thai witchcraft, and I’m not entirely clear. But this really isn’t a pure ghost labyrinth.”

What he really meant: He also didn’t know what was going on right now.

Xi Jia thought for a bit, “Would Pei Yu know? I can ask him.”

Ye Jingzhi said, “Zi Wei Xing Hall has done some study on Thai witchcraft. Fellow Daoist Nan Yi might know. I’ll ask him.” Saying this, Ye Jingzhi took out his phone. He hadn’t even tapped opened WeChat when he became silent.

Xi Jia said blankly, “Master Ye?” He currently couldn’t even see Ye Jingzhi because the yin energy in this room was too heavy. They were in fact holding hands all along in order to avoid getting separated.

Half a minute later, something ice-cold was shoved into his hand. His body tensed, but he hadn’t had the time to feel nervous when he noticed, “……Eh? Cell phone?”

Ye Jingzhi’s low voice sounded next to him, “Jia Jia, can you try……reading the words on the screen?”

Xi Jia didn’t understand why. He took the phone and pressed the power button.

After pressing, Xi Jia, “……”

After continuously pressing a couple more times, Xi Jia asked, “Master Ye, your phone is broken?”

Ye Jingzhi, “……Place the phone in front of your eyes and see.”

One of Xi Jia’s hands held onto Ye Jingzhi’s hand as he held up the phone to his eyes in confusion. When he placed the phone about a centimeter away from his eyes, the corners of his eyes suddenly twitched. He speechlessly put the phone that was about to nearly blind him aside.

Xi Jia, “……I can read it, it’s not broken.”

Ye Jingzhi, “En……”

Xi Jia, “Master Ye, giving it back to you.”

Ye Jingzhi, “Okay.”

The phone’s broken? Of course not!

However, words simply couldn’t be read on the phone, how could they send a text?

The option of requesting for outside help was directly blocked. Xi Jia could only start searching around in the room with Ye Jingzhi.

For them both, it was their first time encountering this kind of situation. This was an imported ghost, and it was different from Huaxian ghosts. Unlike Huaxian ghosts that were so pure and unpretentious and would fight directly with the Celestial Masters, they would never hide from the beginning to the end, appearing and disappearing. This ghost from Thailand was a skittish b*tch. Yin energy was everywhere, and they simply couldn’t find where it was.

Xi Jia walked for another minute. At this moment, a weak voice sounded not far away, “H-help……Help……Help……”

Xi Jia’s expression became stern. They walked towards the source of the sound while holding hands.

After walking for an unknown amount of time, Xi Jia was suddenly hindered by something. A person let out a low whimper. He gasped as he said, “Help, help me……”

Xi Jia calmed down and asked, “Fang Moting?”

The person’s voice was hoarse, “I’m Brother Fang’s manager. Brother Fang……Something weird pierced through Brother Fang’s shoulder, and he has lost a lot of blood. I didn’t clearly see what it was. We have been here for a long time, it’s so strange. We’re clearly still just inside the break room when the lights suddenly went dark. As the lights went out, I saw a black thing pierce through Brother Fang’s shoulder. Help!”

Xi Jia immediately understood. The bloody smell that Master Ye had smelled was from Fang Moting. He asked, “Where is Fang Moting?”

The manager said, “Brother Fang is lying on my lap. I’m pressing on his wound, but the blood won’t stop. If this continues, Brother Fang definitely won’t make it!”

Xi Jia also didn’t know what should be done at this time.

Brother Jia was a simple and honest person. He never played tricks while fighting ghosts. He would merely tear them apart with his hands, simple and brutal, sending their souls onto a romantic flight. Master Ye was the only Celestial Master present. Furthermore, his magic power was profound. Right now, even Master Ye was incapable against this imported ghost, and he was also helpless.

The manager didn’t hear Xi Jia speak anymore, and he seemed to have noticed that Xi Jia didn’t have a way to bring them out. He desperately pressed on Fang Moting’s wound. At this time, a weak voice sounded, “You are……Xi Jia?”

Xi Jia never thought that Fang Moting could still rationally make out his voice under these circumstances. He nodded, “It’s me.”

Fang Moting coughed a mouthful of blood and said, “You know what is going on.”

Xi Jia was surprised that Fang Moting actually knew that he understood the current situation. He said it as an affirmative sentence instead of an interrogative sentence. Ye Jingzhi to the side calmly spoke, not letting Xi Jia and Fang Moting speak, “You are raising a Kuman Thong?”

Without waiting for Fang Moting to speak, his manager loudly said, “How can it be! Such an evil thing, how could Brother Fang raise it?”

This time it was Xi Jia’s turn to be shocked, “That Kuman Thong isn’t being raised by you?”

Fang Moting said with difficulty, “Not me, cough cough……I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The manager explained a bit. Only then did Xi Jia find out that Fang Moting went to shoot an advertisement in Thailand a few months ago. At that time, the spokesperson who was responsible for receiving them sent him a Kuman Thong.

The spokesperson didn’t send anything like fresh flowers or a figurine. It was a genuine corpse of a baby. How could a normal person want this kind of thing? Fang Moting firmly declined. The spokesperson also didn’t say much more. After finished shooting the advertisement, Fang Moting returned to Huaxia.

Fang Moting said, “I only heard about such a thing like Kuman Thong at that time.”

Things had become confusing.

However, the top priority wasn’t to find out who was raising the Kuman Thong. Right now, the most important thing was Fang Moting’s bleeding. If they didn’t find a way out, perhaps Fang Moting’s life would really be in danger. Since this was a human life after all and Fang Moting was generally a pretty good person, who would heartlessly watch him die here.

Xi Jia was anxiously thinking when he suddenly thought of using Shennong Valley’s medicinal pill to save Fang Moting. But Ye Jingzhi apologetically said, “Last Night, Song Song wanted to play with my Qiankun bag so I gave it to play for a while, but I forgot to get it back and left it at the hotel.” He paused before speaking again, “But I have a stomach-warming pill for you on me.”1

Desperate times calls for desperate measures, Ye Jingzhi gave Fang Moting’s manager the medicinal pill. The manager absolutely didn’t understand why Xi Jia and his assistant would give him a candy pill. Fang Moting decisively took the medicinal pill and swallowed it down.

Not long after, Fang Moting said, “I’m much better, thank you.”

Ye Jingzhi asked, “Is the blood still bleeding?”

The manager was crying anxiously, “It’s still bleeding, but it doesn’t seem that much anymore.”

Shennong Valley’s medicinal pills still had some effect.

Temporarily resolving Fang Moting’s wound, now they needed to continue thinking of a way to leave this place.

Ye Jingzhi muttered to himself for a moment before saying in a low voice, “The West has a ghost catching game, and it was introduced to Huaxia in the last century. When I was five, Master had once explained this game to me and also told me that you have to be vigilant and don’t underestimate anything related to ghosts even if it’s just a game. Now, we might be able to use this method to get the ghost to come out.”

Xi Jia asked, “What method?”

Ye Jingzhi clenched his hand as he said one phrase at a time, “The room has four corners. We now have a total of four people. Each person would stand in a corner. Following the border of the room, the first person would go counterclockwise until they get behind the second person and slap his hand. The person who got slapped would go forward and slap the next person’s hand.”

The manager had already realized that Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi weren’t ordinary people, but he didn’t understand what’s wrong with this game, “You can find the ghost like this?”

Xi Jia had already become aware. He turned his head to look at the darkness as if he could peer through the darkness and see Ye Jingzhi, “Master Ye, you stand in the second position, I’ll stand in the first position. Since I’m going to slap your hand, you’ll be the closest to me like this, and it’ll be easy to find me.”

Ye Jingzhi immediately said, “I’ll stand in the first position!”

Xi Jia shook his head, “Master Ye, you’re a Celestial Master after all. The Kuman Thong might fear you and won’t slap your hand. But, I’m an ordinary person. With the relic, it can’t sense my aura. Since it’s a dead baby, it should play this game with us. But if this fails, it would be on guard, and finding it again would be hard.”

Ye Jingzhi didn’t want Xi Jia to take any risks at all. Even if he saw Brother Jia tear apart a hundred ghosts with his own eyes, he needed to protect his wife.

However, what Xi Jia said wasn’t wrong. He was indeed the best person to stand in the first position because the person standing in the first position would get slapped by the ghost.

This game was very famous. In order to find ghosts, ordinary people would sometimes seek death playing this game.

One only needed to casually think for a moment and would understand the problem of this game. The first person would go and slap the second person, the second person would go and slap the third person, and the third person would go and slap the fourth person. At this time, the fourth person would go to a corner of the room, but he simply wouldn’t be able to slap anyone because that corner was empty.

Therefore, if Xi Jia stood in the first position, the one who would slap his hand in a while would be that Kuman Thong.

Ye Jingzhi was a Celestial Master. If by chance the Kuman Thong sensed the aura on his body, it wouldn’t participate in the game. On the other hand, Xi Jia’s yin energy was being blocked by the relic. Once the Kuman Thong slapped his hand, he could immediately grab the Kuman Thong, and everything would be settled.

The situation had been decided like this. Xi Jia stood in the northwest corner, followed by Ye Jingzhi, Fang Moting, and the manager in a counterclockwise order. The manager had realized this game by now. But when he thought that he was actually going to have to slap the ghost’s hand, he was too scared to move.

However, Fang Moting was an injured person and also the Kuman Thong’s target. He couldn’t stand in the last position. Ye Jingzhi had magic power fluctuations on his body, and it could be discovered by the Kuman Thong. The only one appropriate was the manager.

The four of them stood properly in their positions. After Ye Jingzhi checked again, he started making hand seals and recited with a calm voice, “Black Emperor of the North, God of Wind and Lightning of the South. Drifting through the dark skies, catch the supernatural without boundaries.2 Rise!”

When Xi Jia heard the last word, he immediately lifted his legs and calmly walked forward.

In the darkness, only his faint footsteps echoed. He walked step by step to a corner and groped around for Ye Jingzhi’s hand before lightly slapping it. Ye Jingzhi started to walk ahead and slapped Fang Moting’s hand. Fang Moting dragged his injured body and slapped his manager’s hand. The manager was so scared that tears and snot were flowing together. Step by step, he moved forward while choking with sobs.

After a long time, he said in surprise, “No one, I didn’t slap anybody!”

Xi Jia was slightly stunned, and Ye Jingzhi said with a cold voice, “It didn’t participate in the game, go again!”

The game started once again.

Xi Jia slapped Ye Jingzhi’s hand again and again. The manager also failed to hit again and again.

When they played for the 19th time, the manager moved forward with trembling legs. Suddenly, a crisp slapping sound rang in the darkness.

The manager fell to the ground with a thud and used his fingers to cover his mouth, not letting his frightened noises escape.

Goosebumps rose all over Xi Jia. He calmly stood in a corner and didn’t turn to look, quietly waiting for the thing to come slap his hand. A set of faint footsteps sounded from behind him. The sound got closer and closer, closer and closer……

Xi Jia’s fingers that he placed behind him started to tremble slightly. In the next second, an icy, wet, and tiny hand lightly slapped on his hand.

This was the moment!

Xi Jia grabbed a hold of this hand and used his left foot as a pivot, turning his body around. He used his right hand to grab its ice-cold arm. Using force in his wrist, he tossed the soaking wet thing to the floor.


The thing frantically bit Brother Jia’s wrist, but a trace of blood-red yin energy seeped out from Brother Jia’s skin and turned into a blood-colored membrane, covering his wrist. The Kuman Thong directly took a bite, and with a kacha sound, its teeth broke……

“Ahhhhhhh……” A sharp painful cry sounded in the room.

Taking advantage of this chance, Xi Jia held back his disgust and felt along the Kuman Thong’s wet skin in the darkness until he found its neck. With one hand pressing on its arm and the other clutching its neck, Brother Jia used his most familiar stance to press this imported ghost against the floor so it couldn’t budge.

Huaxia Ghost King VS Thailand Imported Ghost, Brother Jia Complete Victory.

The Author has something to say:
Kuman Thong: Crying with a wah sound! Mama, Huaxia is very scary, I want to go back to Thailand QAQ!!!

Translator’s Notes:
1 Stomach-warming 暖胃 – literal translation. But in TCM, foods/medicine that are stomach-warming prevents/avoids upset stomach, stomach pain, etc.
2 Black Emperor (Lord) of the North, God of Wind and Lightning of the South. Drifting through the dark skies, catch the supernatural without boundaries. 北方黑帝君,南方风雷神。荡荡周天暗,无边捉鬼神。- Translated half literally and half liberaly. Excerpt from the 召役天医咒 Shaoyi Heavenly Doctor Incantation (loosely and half translated since Shaoyi could be a name.)

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