Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 43 - Confession

Chapter 43 - Confession

The dog tail grass that seemed to reach the sky swayed in the wind like a fluffy green jade wave. As one fell, another rises, it looked absolutely beautiful.

His hand was abruptly clenched tightly, and before Su Yu could react, His Majesty the Emperor dragged him down the hill with quick steps, and then suddenly lay down in the place where the grass was most lush.

“Ah!” Su Yu uttered a cry of surprise as he was pulled by the Emperor to slide down on the grass.

He quickly kicked his legs to stop and then scrambled to pull the Emperor.

“Hahaha…” The Emperor avoided Su Yu’s pull and rolled on the grass, easily steading his body, and then not yet enjoying himself to his fullest, he rolled around again. Lying on the grass, he looked at Su Yu and laughed.

Su Yu was stunned and he couldn’t help laughing. Unexpectedly, His Majesty had such a naughty side.

When he was about to say something, a gust of wind blew, and the green dog tail grass began to shake tremblingly, An Hongche slapped it and knocked down a large area, but another one started to sway again, he reached out and slammed on to the other piece.

Covering this one and not the other, finally, all patience was lost, he rubbed a handful of dog tail grass with his hands and threw them aside, taking advantage of the opportunity to roll on it.

Su Yu stared blankly for a moment, just as he looked at the amber color in the Emperor’s eyes, a strange feeling came to his mind once more… He climbed up and walked toward the Emperor, silently looking at him.

His Majesty the Emperor, who was rolling around happily, suddenly came back to his senses when he heard the footsteps behind him. He stiffened for a moment, then sat up and tilted his head to look at Su Yu.

The handsome and incomparable beauty was shining in the bright sunshine. The delicate hair crown was still in place, but the hair on his temples was a little messy.

Two broken strands of grass hung alone on the top of his head, making His Majesty, who usually looked cold and stern, look fluffy.

Su Yu looked into his crystal-clear bright eyes, both filled with a little confusion and innocence and suddenly felt that his heart was stabbed by a red arrow.

His previous fear and tension disappeared in a flash, he couldn’t help squatting down, then slowly reaching out and picking off the two furry grass heads.

His heart was throbbing, that was probably how he felt.

An Hongche sat quietly, letting Su Yu approach him, watching him reach out and touch his head boldly, without scolding or evading. He let him take the grass off his head and moved as Su Yu approached.

Su Yu was absorbed in looking at the grass and didn’t notice the Emperor’s approach. When he came back to his senses, The Emperor was already almost pasted to his face, and gently sniffed at his lips.

“The smell of pike crab.” The voice as clear as a cold spring was softer than ever.

Su Yu felt that his heart was beating a little fast, so he couldn’t help shrinking back. Unexpectedly, those pale thin lips also followed and quickly landed on his slightly parted lips.

A slightly cold touch, with a hint of the fragrance of grass. After a brief touch, they separated.

Su Yu was left foolishly holding two dog tail strands in his hands, frozen in place.

What just happened now? A kiss… He couldn’t react for a moment, and his mind was still floating.

He was an honest and good cook in the 21st century, then he inexplicably somehow transmigrated to this ghost place and confusingly married the Emperor.

Today, he was sadly ensnared by the beauty of the Emperor, and before he had time to save himself, he got a sincere and sweet kiss… What’s worse, he actually felt, that the taste was not bad at all…

“Your, Your Majesty, do you know what you were doing just now?” Su Yu stuttured a bit.

He was not ready to confess his love to the Emperor and now he kissed him, should he say something?

“Stupid thing.” An Hongche chuckled.

Holding the stunned Su Yu in his arms, he found those soft lips and kissed them again. This time, it was no longer a light kiss, crushing and grinding, sucking and nibbling, he found the sweetest spot with great familiarity as if it had been done many times before.

“Um…” With a kiss with the scent of green grass, from shallow to deep, Su Yu felt like a fish out of water.

His lips were bitten by a cat and there was no resistance. He could only let him taste it and his body involuntarily warmed up.

Just when Su Yu felt that he was almost out of breath, His Majesty finally let him go.

Rubbing his lips, he said: “Of course, Zhen knows what he is doing. Seeing that you like Zhen so much, Zhen will graciously satisfy you.”

Su Yu looked at the smug Emperor not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“Who said I like you?”

An Hongche’s smile froze in an instant. A hand pinched Su Yu’s chin, just now, he clearly saw love in Su Yu’s eyes, so he couldn’t help kissing him regardless of being daytime.

“How can you not like Zhen? Zhen, Zhen likes you so much…”

Suddenly realizing what he said, His Majesty immediately stopped talking and pushed Su Yu away. His ears gradually became agate red.

Damn it! How could he say such shameful words!

“Pfft…” Su Yu couldn’t help laughing.

“You are not allowed to laugh!” An Hongche raised his head and glared at him, pushing Su Yu into the grass angrily.

“Meow---” Su Yu felt something soft pressing against him and was startled. He hurriedly turned to the side and saw a chubby kitten struggling out from under his sleeve and the underbrush.

His yellow and white fur was in a mess, and he pitifully held his crushed tail and shrunk into a ball.

His Majesty’s face darkened even more.

“Huh? A kitten!” Su Yu looked at the little chubby ball and all of a sudden his eyes lit up, then he reached out to touch it.

An Hongche grabbed the kitten in his hand and held it high in the air.

“Don’t touch him.”

“What’s the matter?” Su Yu looked at the Emperor puzzled.

His Majesty felt stifled, glancing at the chubby ball of fur, who was looking innocently at him in the palm of his hand. He then remembered that he was there to look for his younger brother.

After leaving Xianmantang, the Shadow Guard told him that his stupid younger brother had an accident in the hunting ground and suddenly disappeared. He guessed that he just couldn’t change back and was waiting for his older brother to save him.

“It looks like it just ate a mouse, and it’s very dirty.” His Majesty threw his younger brother aside and refused to allow Su Yu to touch him.

His Royal Highness King Zhao immediately exploded into a ball and scratched his older brother’s paw.

“Look, it’s so dishonest.” An Hongche poked his younger brother’s furry head.

Su Yu couldn’t help laughing. This man was so friendly to small animals, but he deliberately puts on a fierce face. He was really…so cute.

Because of the understanding of his own heart, he found the squirming and awkward Emperor pleasing to the eyes no matter how he looked at him.

Just as he was about to say something, An Hongche suddenly saw something. He rushed at Su Yu, hugging him and rolling on the ground.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!” Three short arrows were fired in succession at their position just now, and they dank deeply into the soft grass.

The surrounding dog tail grass instantly turned black, it was obviously highly poisonous.

In such an open area, the only way to hide his figure was to hide in the forest in front of him. An Hongche picked up his younger brother and put him in his arms.

He leaped with Su Yu in his arms and soared into the sky like a bird, then suddenly jumped to the top of the slope.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh---” Several poisonous arrows came flying one after another, almost in a row.

An Honghce turned over slightly in the air and rolled down the hillside.

Several figures in green sprang out from all directions, rushing straight toward An Hongche. They thought that the assassins were hiding in the woods a few zhangs away, but unexpectedly there were also some hidden in the grass!

“Ding, ding, ding” The sound from a short clash of arms came just in time, and the shadow guards showed themselves, accurately stopping the assassins' swords.

“Are you hurt?” An Hongche stood up with Su Yu in his arms and looked him over.

Su Yu shook his head, just now he was firmly protected in his arms, he didn’t even have a scratch.

“Did Your Majesty get hurt?” The moment when they landed, An Hongche flipped him to the top and landed on his back, he didn’t know if he got hurt.

“These small thieves aren’t enough to hurt Zhen.” An Hongche sneered and turned to watch the fight.

The number of shadow guards was not only the two Su Yu saw before, but six people.

They firmly protected the Emperor in a circle, and although the assassins were bold and fierce, they couldn’t get close to An Hongche at all.

In order to hide, these assassins were covered with dog tail grass. Now that they were fighting, dog tail grass was flying all over the sky.

His Majesty grabbed one and shook it in his hand. The chubby furball in his arms popped out immediately and stretched out his short paw, making great efforts to scratch it.

“Whoosh--” An arrow pierced through the air and went straight toward the crown of Su Yu’s head. The arrow was emitting an abnormal black gas, it was very dreadful.

The dog tail grass in his hand took off from his hand and cleaved the raven black gold arrow with a “crackle”.

An Hongche quickly looked at the place where it came from, there was a distorted shadow hidden in the woods behind them!

Meanwhile, the shadow guards killed all the assassins. An Hongche threw Su Yu and his younger brother to the dark guards, then turned around and jumped into the woods.

“Your Majesty!” Su Yu stumbled when he was pushed.

A shadow guard immediately gave him a hand and glanced at the little chubby cat squatting on the palm of another shadow guard with an aggrieved look in his eyes.

An Hongche leaped into the woods, a short knife slipping from his sleeve to the palm of his hand, then he jumped onto the top of a tree, rushing straight into the dense canopy.

A shrill inhuman scream came from the woods, Su Yu shivered and hastened the shadow guards around him. “You’re still not going to protect His Majesty!”

The words had not yet fallen when An Hongche returned. He shook the short knife in his hand, his eyes full of anger.

“Your Majesty, none of the assassins survived, the ones in the woods have also been taken care of.” The shadow guard reported the results of the battle truthfully.

The Emperor nodded slightly. “Go and bring the carriage.”

He took out a bright yellow handkerchief and wiped his weapon. He did not hold accountable the shadow guards for not leaving anyone alive.

In a time of crisis, it was necessary to kill the assassins. The loss outweighs the gains if they gave the assassins a chance to hurt Su Yu in order to capture them alive.

A wonderful date was forced to be interrupted because of the sudden emergence of furballs and assassins.

It was not suitable for them to stay there for long, the shadow guards came to the scene with a carriage and horses, and the two men and a cat left the hunting grounds in a hurry.

When he returned to the palace, the Emperor went to deal with the matter of the assassins, and let Su Yu return to Yexiao Palace by himself.

Looking at the furry head sticking out of the Emperor’s lapel, Su Yu opened his mouth but didn’t have the guts to ask for it.

He watched as the Emperor went to the imperial study with a small chubby cat in his arms to take care of business.

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