I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 43 (Part 3)

Mingxi returned to the hotel room after being lectured.

Because there were a total of seven girls, in the end she was assigned to her own room.

She didn't find the washing machine in the hotel room, so she turned on the faucet, put her school bag in the bathtub and squatted down to clean it by herself.

The hotel was very deserted. The gray marble floor tiles were icy and the lights were not so bright, only the lamp beside the bed glowed yellow. There were unturned magazines on the coffee table and the curtains were pulled tightly shut. The atmosphere was very desolate.

Mingxi's sleeves were folded to the elbows. Because there was no washing powder, she squeezed a little shower gel and vigorously scrubbed the oil stains on the school bag.

She watched as little blobs of yellow oil floated to the surface of the water in the bathtub.

Her face was reflected in the water. A few strands of hair were scattered around her cheeks.

At this moment.

A very strong thought came to Mingxi's mind.

It would be great if Fu Yangxi is here.

The tall Fu Yangxi, with short red hair and looked like a morning sun.

She suddenly.

Really missed Fu Yangxi.

She wanted to send a message to Fu Yangxi and ask him where he is now.

She wanted to ask why he hadn't appeared for seven days.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Adding that Saturday night, it was a little more than seven days.

Today was Mingxi’s birthday. However, not many people knew it, not even Aunt Dong and the others.

In the past, Mingxi was adopted by her grandmother. Because she was adopted, she didn't know her exact birthday. At that time, her grandmother gave her a random date. It wasn’t until after she had returned to the Zhao family two years ago did she know that her date of birth was October 24th.

But even if she knew it, it wasn't on her ID card. The Zhao family changed the date on her ID card to October 14th, the same as Zhao Yuan.

Mingxi didn't care if she had a birthday party or not. She had no accurate concept of this nor was she a person with a sense of ritual.

She just—

Missed Fu Yangxi.

Mingxi suddenly turned on the faucet and flushed down the foam in her hand. Then, she picked up her phone.

She clicked on the dialog with Fu Yangxi and strongly wanted to send him something. Her mood now seemed to be back to the moment when she first sent Fu Yangxi WeChat messages and stared at the potted young seedlings, not knowing what to send. The only difference was that now she wasn’t even looking at her flower pot.

She didn't know since when did her reason for getting close to him changed from simply trying to freeload on his luck to getting warmth.

Or maybe, she likes him.

When the word ‘like’ appeared in her mind, Mingxi's heart began to pound and her blood rushed to her limbs, making her brain feel hot. She felt so impulsive that she wanted to send a message in the next second. However, in the next second, all the negative and timid emotions poured in.

Mingxi has never experienced this kind of feeling before.

She used to think she liked Shen Liyao, and she also worked hard to understand Shen Liyao's preferences.

But Mingxi found that when she used to like Shen Liyao, she didn't miss him, she didn't feel like crying when she was protected, and she didn't feel so relieved when she was supported. She never had insomnia nor had she ever been nervous because Shen Liyao ignored her.

Mingxi thought, if my emotions towards Shen Liyao was a crush, then what is this emotion of intense desire?

Or, at that time, what I had for Shen Liyao was only admiration and a need to please.

Mingxi entered on WeChat: “I miss you so much.” Delete.

"Are you okay?" Delete.

"Where are you now?" Delete.

Before she could type out a whole sentence, she deleted them.

She didn't know what to send.

Mingxi thought for a long time. Finally, she rubbed her head, threw her phone aside in frustration and continued to squat down to wash her school bag.

Just then, she heard several screams in the next room.

It seemed like Pu Shuang’s voice. “Who threw away my luggage?????!”

The soundproofing of the hotel room was not very good.

Several girls screamed, “My shoes were also thrown away. When I came up just now, I saw that the shoes in the ditch looked like mine. I thought they weren’t mine, but now they’re all gone!”

“Is it Zhao Mingxi?”

"Zhao Mingxi came back after us."

"I'm so annoyed. Go and check the surveillance! I don’t even have one shred of clothing in this cold weather."

Then, a few girls rushed to the front desk of the hotel.

Mingxi was dumbfounded. She stood up immediately. For some reason, she suspected that Fu Yangxi was behind this.

For such an arrogant act of revenge, who could it be besides Fu Yangxi?

She stood there for a while. Suddenly, she heard movement outside the door.

Mingxi walked toward the door immediately— Did he come?

Mingxi didn't even bother to look through the peephole, she rushed over and opened the door happily.

However, standing outside the door was Shen Liyao.

Mingxi's expression faltered for a moment. She was a little surprised. Shen Liyao was holding a small butter cake, and on the other hand he was holding a bag. It looked like a gift.

After two years of acquaintance, they could be considered as childhood sweethearts. Thus, Shen Liyao knew her real birthday.

When Mingxi saw that it was him, the secret hope in her heart suddenly dimmed.

Shen Liyao also noticed the change in her expression. He frowned slightly and said, "Don't take what happened today to heart. Those girls have been scolded by Mr. Jiang anyway. Your mind should still be focused on studying. If these things happen again, just tell the teacher or me— Let’s go, I’ll take you out for your birthday.”

With just such a sentence, Mingxi knew that she and Shen Liyao were not compatible.

Don't take it to heart.

But for her, there were some things that were impossible not to take to heart.

Shen Liyao was a person with a good family background and did not lack anything in his life. He could never imagine how much she wanted to be loved by the Zhao family nor how much she wanted Shen Liyao's appreciation.

Mingxi's excitement was dimmed. She opened her mouth and was just about to refuse when suddenly, she caught a glimpse of a familiar figure at the corner of the stairs.

Although it was only a flash, Mingxi’s heart skipped a beat and she chased after the figure instantly.

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