In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 43 - The Worst Kind of Situation


Ryou’s mouth stayed open.

The sight in front of Ryou and what Takumi had told them caused his mouth to hang open.

“It’s true. Jun and Kazuma are dead. I knocked Sayo out because she had gone mad from the shock. The first supply procurement team is annihilated.”

Blood spilled from Sayo’s finger.

The blood traced her arm and fell down on the floor.

Yuuki didn’t say anything.

“D-dead you say… This joke isn’t…”

“It’s the truth. This is the food left behind by team one. It was placed here.”

“Wait a sec! Did you confirm that they were dead!?”

“I couldn’t feel their pulse.”

“Then we’ll give them aid right now!”

“Shut up!!!”

Ryou gathered himself together at the abrupt roar.

“...Shut up.”

Takumi said and returned to defend outside the bus.

Ryou didn’t have anything to say back.

Or rather, his thoughts were still not in order.

And, he frequently glanced at Sayo who was passed out on a seat.

It was only a few minutes after that everyone had returned to the bus after hearing the gunshots.

The passed out Sayo and her body being drenched in blood.

And the missing people told them everything.

“...Team one is annihilated. Only the supplies were collected.”

Tooru muttered.

He understood that this state was no good.

It was bad enough for the community to break up because of this.

Members had died.

“Well, isn’t it good! We got the supplies?”

A sudden lighthearted voice.

It was Shinji.

Everyone was taken aback.

“The supplies will multiply. The number of consumers will decrease. There is nothing better than this.”


Seiji grabbed Shinji.

“Is there a problem?”

“Problem you say? Don’t fuck around! People have died!”


“What do you think of people, of people’s lives!”

“The one fucking around is you! Now we have fewer people and abundant of supplies to survive. Even a slow-witted person like you should understand this.”

“You, are you even a human?”

“And you, how long are you planning on being a human?”

“Son of a bitch.”

Seiji punched Shinji with all his power.


Yuuki lent Shinji her hand.

(This is bad!)

When Tooru had come to his senses and was about to mediate, he heard Takumi’s voice.

“Zombies are coming!”


Tooru went out to the roof of the bus.

“...It’s the worst.”

The scene that was reflected in Tooru’s eyes.

That was what Tooru had been the most afraid of, it was the scene indicating their deaths.

It stretched from east to west.

From both sides, large herds of zombies advanced toward them.

Zombies had gathered from the gunshots and the arguing and had found the bus.

At a glance, the number exceeded 300.

Without the protection of the speakers, there was no cover.

There was no way to fight them.

Even if they put something that made a sound and hid in the bus, they would be exposed because of their breathing.

Even if they tried to force their way through with the bus, with this number, the wheels would get stuck in pieces of meat and stop moving.

Meaning it was the end.

“...Senior Takumi. Come inside.”


After Takumi entered the bus, Tooru returned inside as well.

“...This means that there’s nothing we can do?”


Rei was dizzy.

Would he die?

At this place?

Was it already no good?

Would everything end here?

Think, Rei Shimaura.

You even defeated that monster.

There had to be a breakthrough.

“We’re waiting for a moment, I’ll think of a good idea.”

Right, like Jisa’s signature phrase.


However, the zombies wouldn’t wait.

Soon, the zombies started hitting the middle part of the bus.

There were hard sounds of hitting metal like “Bang bang”.

“...I will go up and decrease the amount of zombies.”

In the end, he couldn’t think of anything.

Rei took the metal bat in one hand and went out on the roof of the bus.

The view was overwhelming.

Like the audience for a live concert of an idol, the zombies reached out for him.

He couldn’t see the road.

“Haha… Where’s the security…”

He couldn’t do anything other than laugh.


A zombie came and reached out its hands to him.

He slammed the zombie’s head with the metal bat.

However, at that time, hands from left and right were already stretching out toward him.


He dodged a nail with a hair’s breadth.

Since he would become infected even if he was scratched by a nail, he couldn’t be touched.

“This asshole!”

He swung the bat like he would swing a golf club, and knocked down the zombie.

“How’s that!”

At that moment, innumerable hands entered his vision.

And those hands gripped the bat, then pulled.


Everything happened in an instant.

Rei was thrown down to the ground.

He knocked his waist into the hard ground and was unable to move.


The herd of zombies filled his entire vision.

The bodies of the zombies covered his vision.

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