Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 432 - Extras (10)

Su Wan went to school like usual but felt that the atmosphere in the classroom was a bit strange today.

“Xiao Wan, your breakfast.”

Xue Hui had come to school earlier than Su Wan today, which was strange. She pointed at the warm breakfast on her table. “My adonis sent it over. Did he personally make this for you?”


Su Wan just noticed that lunchbox on her table which was still steaming. It smelled really nice.

“He...brought this over?”

No wonder the atmosphere was really strange today.

Su Wan sat down as Xue Hui smiled, moving closer. “Xiao Wan, Little Wanwan, you and my adonis, uh, I meant you and Teacher Su…”

Xue Hui smiled and made a pair gesture. “Are you guys dating?”


Su Wan froze. How did it feel to be dating someone?

Her and Xing Yi’s relationship had been really neutral and indifferent for the past two years. Su Wan was satisfied knowing that Xing Yi could be lenient and cared about her.

But now…

Su Wan looked down and smiled. “Xue Hui, what is this nonsense? I have a boyfriend!”

“You’re talking about Xing Yi?”

Xue Hui pursed her lips. “I left early yesterday but I’m not blind. Anyone could tell he and Su You were flirting. They liked each other. You should dump that playboy. Look at our Teacher Su. He’s good in all aspects and he can even cook. He’s a decathlon, good husband! Ah, I’m so jealous of you!”


Su Wan looked at the girls whispering not far from her. Were they also jealous of her?

Su Wan was in a happier mood thinking of this. She finished everything Su Rui brought over. Speaking of, it tasted really good, exactly the type of food she enjoyed.

Therefore, like he said, he knew her better than anyone else. He understood her. He was her…

Seeing Su Wan smiling foolishly at her seat, Xue Hui moved closer again. “Little Wanwan, are you touched by him? You must be, right? I knew Xing Yi wasn’t a good man for you! Ah, I have such sharp eyes!”

Xing Yi…

Su Wan’s smile froze. “Xue Hui, do you remember the injured person we encountered when we went to B City’s outskirts to play three years ago?”

“Three years ago?”

Xue Hui furrowed her brows and thought about it before asking, “The person covered in blood at the foot of the mountain?”

Even thinking about this now was quite scary.

“So you still remember too.”

Su Wan sneered.

Xing Yi, I didn’t think we met each other three years ago.

You always thought Su You saved you?

But you didn’t know that I treated you and called the ambulance.

“Xiao Wan, why are you suddenly asking about this?”

Xue Hui was still confused. She had known Su Wan for a really long time. Three years ago, the two went to B City to hike but then they encountered a person covered in blood at the foot of the mountain.

Thinking of this, Xue Hui admired Su Wan’s courage. That person looked extremely scary yet Su Wan had the courage to go over and treat his injury. In the end, she even stopped the blood for him.

She also called the ambulance and confirmed that person wasn’t in danger anymore before they left.

Xue Hui found this to be unworthy. Little Wanwan did so much to save a stranger but they didn’t even thank her.

She acted aloof saving a person. She was her Little Wanwan for sure…

Sigh. In short, we’re unable to understand our goddess and top student’s world.

Many people said that Su Wan was unruly and acted like a young miss but Xue Hui got the chance to see the kind and reliable Su Wan.

Therefore, my kind Little Wanwan is the perfect match for the perfect Adonis Su.

As for Xing Yi, that scumbag, who cares about him?...

School life was originally boring to Su Wan but ever since Su Rui appeared in class, Su Wan felt that class was much more interesting.

This was a magical feeling. This was the first time she experienced the feeling called: longing.

After school, like yesterday, Su Wan went to Su Rui’s office with the worksheets. This time, Su Rui had finished his work. He stood by the door, waiting for Su Wan after he wore his jacket. “I lost my laptop from yesterday. I have to go buy another one. Mn, you’re coming with me. This time, I’ll pay”!

Su Rui waved the new credit card he just got.

“So people from different time-spaces could cross through time-spaces and set up a credit card? Let me see your ID.”

While saying this, Su Wan smiled and lifted her chin, waving her hand in front of Su Rui.

General Su was speechless.

Right! How should he explain this? Say that Xu Ce helped him set up an ID?

Cough. “This isn’t mine. It’s my friend’s. They helped me get one.”

Su Rui didn’t want to lie to Su Wan but he had to come up with a vague explanation now.

“You have a friend? I didn’t know. Who?”

Su Wan looked at Su Rui, her gaze slowly turning suspicious.

“It’s Xu Ce. The Xu Ce I told you about before.”

Seeing his wife’s expression turning bad, General Su whow as a slave to his wife immediately surrendered. “Xu Ce is actually my colleague, my future colleague. In the future, we would all be working in the same place. But...he…”


Su Wan recalled what Su Rui said last time and immediately probed.

“No, no. How could he like you?” Su Rui immediately denied.

He hated love rivals and whatnot.

“Oh, he doesn’t like me so does he like you?”

Su Wan narrowed her eyes, looking mischievously at Su Rui.

Su Rui was speechless.

“Fine, he likes you but how could you possibly like him?”

“No, I think Teacher Xu is really nice. He’s handsome and outgoing. Most importantly, he treats people gently.”

Su Wan recalled Xu Ce from her memory. He looked really noble and gentle.

Listening to Su Wan praise Xu Ce, Su Rui was a bit afraid. He reached over to pull Su Wan into his arms. “Wife, I can be really gentle too. Um, don’t you think I’m more handsome than Xu Ce?”

Seeing that he was anxiously trying to show off, Su Wan couldn’t help but smile. This person was quite interesting.

Did he feel ill at ease because of her words?

Was this love?

Su Wan placed her thoughts away and struggled out from Su Rui’s arms. “You’re handsome. You’re the most handsome, okay? I made plans with Xing Yi today. Go and buy your laptop on your own today.”

“You made plans with him?”

Su Rui froze. Just how stubborn was his wife? She had already been hurt by that scumbag so badly.

It seemed like he needed to hurry up and kill Xing Yi.

After all, the world wouldn’t disappear if he died anyway.

Su Wan’s gaze flickered and then she shoved the worksheets in his arms. “Wait for me at that restaurant after you finish buying the laptop. I’ll come and look for you eat together.”

Saying this, Su Wan quickly left.

She did make plans with Xing Yi to confront him.

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