Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 44.1: He is my wife!!!

Chapter 44 Part 1

Because of the urgent situation, that night, Xi Jia followed Nan Yi and drove towards Tianji School.

When Xi Jia first heard of the sect called Tianji School, he subconsciously thought that this sect was definitely located in the capital. This was very understandable. Since the ancient times, fengshui masters were all bestowed the title of State Preceptors to serve the monarchs and became imperial fengshui masters. None of the Celestial Masters of Tianji School was good at ghost-hunting. They were good at telling fortunes, and they would of course serve the country at any time. The so-called convenience of being close to influential people so it’s only natural for Tianji School to be in the capital.

However, after leaving C Province, the two headed south under Nan Yi’s guidance.

Xi Jia asked in surprise, “Tianji School isn’t in the capital?”

Nan Yi, “Fellow Daoist Xi, why do you think Tianji School is in the capital?”

Xi Jia explained his conjecture.

Nan Yi said, “Fellow Daoist Xi’s conjecture is not without reason. Tianji School had been in the capital for more than 600 years and had been in good relations with the ruling classes of the past dynasties. However 50 years ago, Tianji School moved south under orders. Senior Zhuzhao led 80% of Tianji School’s elite disciples and arrived in Y Province. They spent eight years laying down a Fengshui Dragon King Array in P City. Since then, P City has had the protection of a true dragon. With P City as the center, it radiates all around. Tianji School has never gone back again.”

“Senior Zhuzhao? Is it Zhuzhao-zhenren?”

Nan Yi nodded, “It is precisely Zhuzhao-zhenren. 50 years ago, Zhuzhao-zhenren’s innate talent was outstanding. He was bright and intelligent. At that time, he was one of the excellent figures of the younger generation.”

The scene of a white-bearded old man who had used a dagger to open a hole in his front door and later feeble-mindedly compensated it with a million yuan appeared in Xi Jia’s mind.

……This was outstanding innate talent and intelligence?!

Nan Yi didn’t know that Zhuzhao-zhenren had done stupid things before. He respectfully praised Zhuzhao-zhenren. Xi Jia was at the side doubting life and doubted the entire trip. The two of them officially entered downtown P City. As Xi Jia slowed down and wanted to go to the outskirts, Nan Yi said, “Tianji School is in downtown P City.”

Xi Jia was stunned and quickly turned around.

The car drove into the most prosperous commercial street in P City. Xi Jia continuously asked three times if they went the wrong way, and Nan Yi expressed with great certainty that Tianji School was just ahead. Not long after, Xi Jia turned into the underground parking garage of a skyscraper under Nan Yi’s directions and parked the car. He parked the car and asked, “Master Nan, do you plan on using a spell to take me to Tianji School?”

As Nan Yi pressed the elevator button, he said after listening, “Fellow Daoist Xi, we have already arrived at Tianji School.”

Xi Jia nodded, “So Tianji School is actually hiding in this kind of bustling business district. Where is it?”

Nan Yi said, “It is here.”

Xi Jia, “Where?”

Nan Yi, “Here.”

Xi Jia, “……I’m sorry, Master Nan, I’m probably not understanding your words. Tianji School is where?”

“Ding dong——”

The elevator steadily stopped on the basement second floor and opened. Xi Jia suddenly widened his eyes and read the words printed on the elevator’s wall in disbelief——

『Tianji Group welcomes you!』

Xi Jia, “……”

Nan Yi’s expression was serious, “Fellow Daoist Xi, let’s go up, we are here.”

Xi Jia, “@$%@#[email protected]!#$!!!”

Taking the elevator up, Nan Yi pressed the button for the 52nd floor. Xi Jia stood in the elevator with a weird expression, and he quickly discovered that this elevator was actually an extravagant sightseeing elevator! There was a panoramic view of P City’s most bustling city center of the business district. Countless skyscrapers and shopping malls, each building underneath the sunshine was a reflection of the RMB’s radiance.

Brother Jia was nearly blinded by the radiance.

At this time, Brother Jia suddenly recalled the line that Film Emperor Fang had once said.

『Finding a genuine master to tell one’s fortune, one word costs 500,000』

One word was 500,000……

One word was 500,000!

This simply wasn’t scientific, ah!

Suppose that finding the most ordinary disciple of Tianji School to tell your fortune and the cost was 100,000 per word, this was cheap enough. How would you know how many words there would be for fortune-telling one time? With one fortune, the master might say to you, “Everything will go well,” but the master might also say to you, “Recently, your health is pretty good, and your career lately has also been good. Lately, your luck with the ladies is also not bad. Your mother’s health is good lately, and your mother’s work is not bad recently……”

If it continued like this, they could completely talk about your third paternal aunt and eighth maternal aunt. How many words would that be?

Xi Jia suddenly somewhat understood why Tianji School could be in the district with the most expensive housing costs in P City and built a skyscraper like this. He also suddenly felt that Zhuzhao-zhenren was a fool when he had paid him one million at that time, but he was actually the fool. One million in Zhuzhao-zhenren’s eyes was just one phrase, “Everything will go well,” and once done, you might even happily slip him one million and foolishly say, “Thank you, master!”

Thinking to here, Xi Jia finally couldn’t hold it back anymore and took out his phone to send Master Ye a WeChat.

At this moment, Ye Jingzhi was at the top of the Bell Tower, basking in the large sun of July and participating in an impromptu Xuanxue World Celestial Masters Representative Assembly. The topic of discussion was “How to settle Chang’an Bell Tower’s Hundred Ghost Parade.” Master Ye was the youngest Celestial Master present. Master Ye didn’t talk and only listened to the side. Now, he had received wife’s WeChat. Master Ye immediately took out his cell phone and openly slacked off.

【 Xi Jia: Master Ye, do you think I have talent to learn fortune-telling? To reach the Tianji School’s level? My requirement isn’t high, one word for 100,000 is okay……】

Ye Jingzhi looked at his phone and read it three times before he determined that he didn’t misread. Thinking for a bit, he somewhat didn’t have the heart to hurt his family’s wife so he vaguely replied: 【 The Xuanxue world Celestial Masters all know how to tell fortune, but in order to enter Tianji School, you must formally take a master before 3 years old. Tianji School requires every disciple’s skulls to be completely open. After 3 years old, everyone’s skulls would fuse. But before 3 years old, only those with outstanding innate talent, skulls open, and be able to connect to the heaven and earth, they will have the talent to calculate with their fingers in the future. 】

Xi Jia, “……”

Xi Jia completely gave up on the thought of telling fortune to earn money.

Ye Jingzhi waited for a long time, but he didn’t get Xi Jia’s reply. He didn’t notice Master Buxing’s horrified expression at the side since he was earnestly sending a message with a lowered head:【 What’s the matter? 】

【 Xi Jia: Master Ye, I now feel like the 1 million that Zhuzhao-zhenren gave at that time was a bit too little…… 】

【 Ye Jingzhi: ??? 】

【 Xi Jia: The Celestial Masters of Tianji School can really make money ah……】

Ye Jingzhi read this message and thought for a long time, but he was unable to understand Xi Jia’s meaning. He turned to look at Master Buxing, “Senior Buxing, can the fellow daoists of Tianji School really make a lot of money?”

Just as Master Buxing was unable to free himself from the scary thought of “Young Daoist Ye has actually gone AWOL,” he suddenly returned to his senses after hearing this and subconsciously asked a question in return, “Who else in the Xuanxue world can make money better than you?”

Ye Jingzhi shook his head in confusion.

Not counting an integrated organization like “Ghosts Know,” the sects in the Xuanxue world that made the most money were Tian Gong Pavilion and Shennong Valley. The former monopolized the Xuanxue world’s second-hand market and 80% of the magic treasures. All of the business transactions had to be done through Tian Gong Pavilion’s online shop. The latter refined medicinal pills and spiritual medicines and completely dominated the Xuanxue world’s medical industry.

The two sects were established long ago. No one knew whether it was Tian Gong Pavilion or Shennong Valley that had the most money, but the person who made the most money in the Xuanxue world was definitely Ye Jingzhi.

Not mentioning Ye Jingzhi’s abilities of ghost-hunting and selling magic treasures, just the Poyang Ghost Market that was held twice a year made the entire Xuanxue world extremely jealous. For two hundred years, there’s a saying that has always been widely circulated in inside Tian Gong Pavilion and Shennong Valley, “Exterminate Wu Xiang Mountain, reward is 100 million points!”

Of course, this sentence was just talk. Each generation of Wu Xiang Mountain could tie up the entire Xuanxue world and beat it up, making each major sect envious beyond recognition.

This couldn’t be blamed on Ye Jingzhi, and Master Buxing didn’t think Xi Jia was talking about RMB. In the Xuanxue world where one point could purchase a Benz, however much RMB you want, you could get it. Points were the stronger currency. One point could buy a Benz, but a Benz might not be sold for one point. Most Celestial Masters wouldn’t use points to buy such a “useless” thing.

On this side, Master Ye was in the middle of sinking into confusion for a long time, and he began to think about how to make even more money because it seemed like wife was really short on money. On that side, Xi Jia had already set aside his mentality of hating the rich and followed Nan Yi into this sumptuous building.

After entering a conference room that appeared to be very high-end, Xi Jia entered through another two doors. The third hadn’t even opened yet, and sounds of muttering could be heard from the other side of the door.

“Master has vomited three cups of blood today, right?”

“If Sect Master-Martial Uncle continues to vomit like this, should we call the ambulance?”

“We should find a fellow daoist of Shennong Valley instead. Should we call Shennong Valley’s emergency hotline? I’ve heard Shennong Valley has opened up an online consultation recently……”

“Ah! Master vomited blood again!”

Xi Jia, “……”

Without further delay, the two of them directly entered. Xi Jia had just went in, and more than 30 people uniformly turned their heads to look at him. In this room, there were plenty of sofas and chairs, but this group of Celestial Masters all just had to sit on the floor. Now, with the exception of Zhufeng-zhenren who was still throwing up blood, all the others were looking at Xi Jia in pleasant surprise.

A young Celestial Master ran over in a hurry, “Fellow Daoist Xi? You are finally here! Come come come, Sect Master-Martial Uncle, Fellow Daoist Xi is here, you don’t have to vomit blood anymore!”

Once he heard these words, Zhufeng-zhenren vomited a mouthful of blood again.

The situation in Chang’an required immediate action. Once Xi Jia arrived at Tianji School, he was pulled into the center of the room by this group of Celestial Masters. Brother Jia really wanted to sit on the sofa, but they pulled him to sit on the floor instead and surrounded him. Zhufeng-zhenren wiped the blood at the side of his mouth and said weakly, “Y-young daoist Xi, is……is it possible for you to reveal Qin San Shi’s thought transmission?”

Seeing Zhufeng-zhenren’s miserable complexion, Xi Jia couldn’t help but mention, “Master, is your body really okay?”

Zhufeng-zhenren, “I-it’s fine, cough cough……” Saying this, he coughed up another mouthful of blood.

Xi Jia, “……”

Translator’s Addition:
Zhufeng-zhenren: *vomits 3 liters of blood yesterday*
Disciple: Ah Master! You have vomited 3 cups of blood today!
Zhufeng-zhenren: That’s not enough *coughs up blood three more times*

Translator’s Notes: I don’t think there is any.

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