Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 44.2: He is my wife!!!

This chapter contains English in the original Chinese raws. It has been bolded for easy differentiation.

Chapter 44 Part 2

Zhufeng-zhenren wiped the blood off and said, “This time, there’s a monster disturbing Chang’an. It’s magic power is profoundly deep. This poor daoist wants to calculate its existence, and it is as difficult as ascending the heavens. The mysteries of the heavens cannot be revealed, this poor daoist could only figure out that it should be from the Mausoleum and don’t know who it is. It actually has such a frightening power, and maybe it is a malicious ghost general that has killed a great number of armies.”

Xi Jia said, “I was in contact with Ziying before I came here. He said that there’s nothing going on in the Mausoleum lately.”

Zhufeng-zhenren, “Young Daoist Xi, please!”

When an old man who is endlessly coughing up blood asks you three more times to do something, Xi Jia honestly felt that it was bad to refuse. He extended his hand and showed the mark that Ziying left on his palm. Zhufeng-zhenren glanced at a certain young Celestial Master. That Celestial Master immediately faced the other Celestial Masters and said, “Form the Four Waters Harmonious Skies Array.”

Thirty young Celestial Masters started to recite simultaneously.

“Imperial Heaven overlooks the imperial orders and does not halt, the Ministry of Water pursues and startles the Dragon God. The six dragons burns the Ghost God, extinguishing the rainbows and demonic energy. Urgently, by order of law!”1

The thirty Celestial masters suddenly opened their eyes and pointed at Xi Jia’s palm with their right finger. Blue rays of light flowed out from their fingertips and converged in the air, becoming a small blue dragon.

At the same time, with Tianji School’s building as the center, a boundless and incorporeal force rushed through P City. In July, the scorching sun hung high in the sky, every passerby was hot and sweating profusely. Suddenly, a cool wind quickly swept through them, carrying refreshing water vapor and making them lightly sigh in comfort.

When this wave struck Phoenix Mountain located northwest of P City and Wutong Mountain located northeast of P City, a resonating phoenix cry sounded from the two mountains. The next moment, in the southern harbor of P City, a small vortex started to swirl at the sea’s surface. With a speed visible to the naked eye, a water dragon up to 50 meters started to whirl in the middle of the sea and charged straight into the sky.

Many fishermen saw this scene from afar. One after another, they gasped in surprise and were deeply moved.

Tianji School HQ, Zhufeng-zhenren hit the little blue dragon towards Xi Jia’s palm, borrowing the entire P City’s Fengshui True Dragon Array. The Fengshui Dragon that was deep asleep in the P City Harbor roared as it broke through the skies.

Xi Jia suddenly sensed a slight chill that penetrated his heart. Like the comfort of water, suddenly being hit during summer, it made his whole heart cool down.

At this moment inside the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, Ziying had already been informed by Xi Jia. He saw a small blue dragon suddenly appear before himself. He moved to the side, letting the blue dragon wander within the Mausoleum. He followed behind the dragon and watched for the outcome.

Previously, Ziying could only go to the first three levels. This time after he had returned to the Mausoleum, he could already go down to the fourth level, but he still couldn’t go down to the last three levels. He stopped at the entrance to the fifth level, eyes following the small dragon fly in.

In Tianji School’s building, Xi Jia raised his right hand and watched Zhufeng-zhenren firmly staring at his palm with a slowly paling complexion. Suddenly! Zhufeng-zhenren vomited blood. Xi Jia leaned his head to the side and dodged. Zhufeng-zhenren fell backward.

P City Harbor, the waterspout suddenly disappeared just as strangely as it had appeared. The fishermen had just took out their phones and planned on taking pictures, but they could only regretfully sigh, “It has been only a minute, how come it’s suddenly gone?”

Inside Tianji School, Xi Jia got up from the floor and saw this group of young Celestial Masters feed Zhufeng-zhenren medicinal pills in one moment and pouring medicinal brew in another moment. After this and that, Zhufeng-zhenren suddenly woke up with a start and said in shock, “The blue dragon is already broken. The thing that escaped the Mausoleum is even more frightening than Qin San Shi!”

Xi Jia was stunned. In the Mausoleum, who else was stronger than Ziying?

Although Ziying was only an Emperor for 46 days and didn’t kill many people, he was still a ghost emperor. In the Mausoleum, as long as the other ghost generals and soldiers hadn’t reached the level of Bai Qi or Wang Jian, who else could compare to Ziying?

Zhufeng-zhenren had vomited a liter of blood in order to provide these words. Xi Jia had no choice but to contact Ziying.

Ziying stood at the entrance to Mausoleum’s fifth level and frowned, “That small dragon shattered? How can that be? Did Father Emperor see the fake dragon and casually exterminated it?”

Xi Jia said, “Zhufeng-zhenren said that the turmoil in Chang’an right now is caused by the Mausoleum. It shouldn’t be that simple.”

Ziying smiled, “Could it be that what you want to say is that everything is related to Father Emperor?”

Hearing this, Xi Jia also said jokingly, “Impossible. If it’s related to the First Emperor, could it be that the First Emperor is able to leave the Mausoleum?”

The two simultaneously started to laugh.

Ziying said, “Father Emperor is subjected to Ling Xiao’s restrictions. At that time, Xu Fu built the seven-layered Mausoleum and the Palace of Eternal Life of 10 li for Father Emperor, causing Father Emperor’s strength to be unfathomably deep and immeasurable. As long as Father Emperor takes a single step out, Ling Xiao would notice and send a divine lightning. Touching the yin energy outside, Father Emperor’s yin energy would also dissipate. So, how could Father Emperor be able to leave the Mausoleum?”

These words were truly too reasonable. Zhufeng-zhenren also never thought that the one to leave the Mausoleum would be the First Emperor himself.

Throughout the afternoon, Zhufeng-zhenren was still endlessly calculating with his fingers and divining, sometimes with help from Xi Jia’s and Ziying’s interactions. He wanted to figure out the situation inside the Mausoleum. The result was Zhufeng-zhenren coughing up mouthful after mouthful of blood. Forget about figuring out who had escaped from the Mausoleum, not even a bit of the situation inside the Mausoleum could be calculated.

Ziying was after all very kindhearted. After learning about the Xuanxue world’s circumstances, he said, “I will try my utmost to see if there is a general that left.”

Ziying wasn’t the First Emperor, but he was also an Emperor of Da Qin. With his command, the soldiers within the Mausoleum gathered in succession. Ziying used two shichens to carefully and seriously count them. In the end, he called for Xi Jia, “All the soldiers are here. Forgive me, I am unable to help.”

Xi Jia said, “Thank you very much, Ziying.”

Ziying’s voice was gentle, “No harm, it is only a small matter. The divination must have been wrong, and there is no trouble in the Mausoleum. I have just met with all of the soldiers, imperial harem, and servants. They are all mostly muddleheaded, and their mental states are not clear. They are all here. At the moment, the only one I have yet to see in the entire Mausoleum is Father Emperor.”

Xi Jia thought for a bit and spoke without much thought, “If the First Emperor really left, that would be interesting.”

Ziying mockingly said, “Actually, although I am unable to go to the Palace of Eternal Life to meet with Father Emperor, I have a method to make him come see me.”

Suddenly piquing Xi Jia’s curiosity, Ziying feigned mysteriousness and waited a moment before loudly saying, “I have an interesting question, Dad, can you solve it?”

Xi Jia, “……”

Sensing Xi Jia’s speechlessness, Ziying explained, “Father Emperor is very lacking in the aspect of English; however, he has already learned the greater part of elementary English. Nothing in the Mausoleum can escape Father Emperor’s eyes. If I provoke him like this, he will definitely show himself and reprimand me for only knowing how to study the minor arts. Then, after taking my question away, he would use several days to figure it out before coming back.”

Could your contact method of you father and son not be so weird!?

Xi Jia helplessly waited for a minute, and Ziying was still talking to him. The two of them talked and laughed, and they were very relaxed. Until five whole minutes had passed, there was still no movement……

Ziying, “……”

Xi Jia, “……”

Ziying loudly called, “Dad?”


“Father Emperor!”

The impatient voice echoed for a very long time within the large Mausoleum.

In the next second, Ziying anxiously said, “Xi Jia! Father Emperor has disappeared!!!”

Xi Jia, “……”

The First Emperor who had left home for ten entire days, “……”

After finding out that Qin Shi Huang was missing, Xi Jia immediately informed Zhufeng-zhenren and all the Celestial masters of Tianji School. He had just finished talking, and the entire Tianji School was quiet in a flash. Three seconds later, Zhufeng-zhenren quickly took out his phone, opened up some travel website, and bought over 50 plane tickets in one breath.

The other young Celestial Masters rushed out of the main door one by one and anxiously said, “Master/Sect Master-Martial Uncle, buying a plane ticket for tonight, I still have to pack my luggage!”

Nan Yi said, “Senior Zhufeng, what are you doing?”

Zhufeng-zhenren, “I’m sending a WeChat to my junior brother. He is at Chang’an right now, and I need him to hurry back to P City.”

Nan Yi still didn’t understand, “Why do you want Senior Zhuzhao to return to P City immediately?”

Zhufeng-zhenren said with conviction, “Qin Shi Huang has come out. If we don’t hurry and buy tickets to take refuge abroad, what else are we going to do? Fight with him? Our Tianji School can only tell fortunes and cannot ghost-hunt. Forget about catching Qin Shi Huang, we can’t even beat Qin San Shi!”

Nan Yi, “……Yes, Senior, mind your step. Then, this junior will first head to Chang’an.” Saying then, he turned to leave.

Brother Jia who was watching to the side was extremely moved.

The Xuanxue world still had reliable people, look at Nan Yi, neither bewildered nor afraid when facing death!

Zhufeng-zhenren really wasn’t kidding because Tianji School really didn’t have the strength to truss a chicken besides fortune-telling and divinations. Not mentioning attacking Qin Shi Huang, just attempting to calculate Qin Shi Huang’s location, the sect master of Tianji School, Zhufeng-zhenren, vomited several large jars of blood. If he had to face upfront, Zhufeng-zhenren would have to deliver this life of his.

However, Zhufeng-zhenren only sent the crowd of the younger generation away. He actually headed towards Chang’an. Because they’re going in the same direction, he took Xi Jia with him and flew towards Chang’an together. Along the way, he bitterly laughed, “If this daoist really left, Tianji School would get cursed to death by the fellow daoists of the Xuanxue world. If only Junior Brother Zhuzhao leaves, where there is life, there is hope. This daoist has already notified the higher-ups of ‘Ghosts Know’ about this matter. Right now, the nuke launcher is already aiming at Chang’an. If the First Emperor really becomes angry and is determined to face against the entire world, we can only accompany to the end.”

A minute later, “Ghosts Know” sent out an emergency message.

【 Ghosts Know: It is with great regret to inform all fellow daoists that Qin Shi Huang has already left the Mausoleum and is currently unaccounted for. Would all fellow daoists under 30 years old please leave Huaxia immediately. Please note that this is not a drill. This is not a drill. This is not a drill. Important things must be said three times! 】

Tian Gong Pavilion, Measurement was currently immersed in refining magic treasures when he suddenly heard his cell phone ring. He threw his phone to the side in agitation and continued to refine the treasure.

Great Wanshou Temple, Young Monk Muyu read the news on his phone and lightly sighed, “If I don’t go to Hell, then who will.”

Currently in C Province, Hu Die had just captured a certain first-tier male star who used a Kuman Thong to harm someone when he suddenly saw the message. His eyes brightened and didn’t even glance at the cops or Fang Moting beside him. He turned around to leave. Fang Moting asked, “Master, how about staying another day? I would like to invite master for a meal as thanks.”

Hu Die didn’t even look back as he waved his hand, “Eat? Is eating more important than points? Not eating!”

If Qin Shi Huang was caught, how many points would that be?

A hundred thousand? One million?

The ranks on the Modou Rankings were based on the younger generation’s points. The so-called younger generation were Celestial Masters younger than 30. Now, the young Celestial Masters had received the WeChat message and rushed to buy a plane ticket to leave Huaxia. However, the top 10 Celestial Masters on the Modou Rankings had a strong fighting spirit so they all hurried towards Chang’an without fear.

After Xi Jia arrived in Chang’an, he parted with Zhufeng-zhenren at the Mausoleum.

Translator’s Addition:
Zhufeng-zhenren: *coughs up some more blood* How much blood do I have left?
HP: 5000000/1000000000
Zhufeng-zhenren: I got more to spare. *vomits some more blood*

Translator’s Notes:
1 皇天忽敕不留停,水部奉行龙神惊。六龙驾火烧鬼神,斩灭虹霓绝妖气。- First half is an excerpt from the Stopping Rain Incantation 收雨咒. Second half from 天罡祈请咒 Tiangang Beseeching Incantation. As usual, translated quite literally.

There are several mountains in China called Phoenix Mountain, sadly there’s no wiki page for this one in Y Province.

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